• September 27th, 2020

Stars legendary defender Tjituaiza now a flourishing farmer

ORUSUUO – Former African Stars Football Club and Central Invitational Eleven’s hard as nails defender-cum-communal farmer Gabriel “Kierie” Tjituaiza, who claim to have lost a large number of livestock during the last drought and also due to insistent stock theft, says there is an urgent need to move away from the traditional ways of farming.

During a recent site visit at Orusuuo, a plot situated a few kilometres on the outskirts of Okondjatu settlement in the Okakarara constituency, where Tjituaiza farms with cattle and small livestock, the 68-year old retired versatile defender narrated the difficulties experienced by communal farmers and stressed the need for farmers to adopt modern ways of farming and to try their hands at other agricultural initiatives such as crop farming and chicken farming.

Along with cattle and small livestock breeding, Tjituaiza has now adopted new ways and is trying his hand at crop farming and plans to further expand his operations to growing vegetables and fruits, which he plans to supply to all neighbouring villages and the entire Okondjatu locality in the near future.

Tjituaiza says producing animal feed for re-sale is also on the cards and these efforts are aimed at inspiring other farmers to think outside the box and become more creative with their vast agricultural lands. Not only that, but the ageing footballer says the new ventures will also go a long in supplementing his monthly old-age pension grant.

“The world is evolving in the face of global climate change and new technologies, and we as farmers need to adjust accordingly and change our somewhat outdated traditional ways of farming if we are to move with the times otherwise we are going to be left far behind. It should be noted that food production is becoming an essential component of our livelihood and if one looks at our northern counterparts, they have been long self-dependent through the production of homemade maize (Omahangu) and other foods. Such initiatives minimise the unnecessary purchase of basic food supply. That money can be used for more important needs such as school fees and other life-sustaining commodities,” said Tjituaiza. Tjituaiza represented boyhood team African Stars with distinction and formed the backbone of the invincible Reds’ side that defeated Black Africa in the Dave’s Furnishers Cup final at the packed to rafters Katutura stadium in 1974. 

He was an integral part of the all-conquering Reds’ side that stylishly claimed a well-deserved cup double in the dawn of multi-racial football in apartheid South West Africa in 1977. He also regularly represented the star-studded Central Invitational Eleven against strong visiting South African professional teams, such as Soweto giants Orlando Pirates, Moroka Swallows, Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi.   

Carlos Kambaekwa
2020-06-01 08:29:03 | 3 months ago

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