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Stripped woman demands compensation

2021-11-09  Loide Jason

Stripped woman demands compensation

Loide Jason

Aletta Shikololo


A young woman, who was on Saturday forced by her employer to strip off her uniform in full view of customers, is demanding compensation from her now former employer, saying she suffered humiliation. 

The 24-year-old Sandra Ruth George, who was employed at a fabric store in Windhoek’s China Town, said she was instructed to pay for the fabric she had cut for a client who did not show up to pay for it. 

When she told her employer that she does not have money to pay for it, he fired her on the spot and demanded she removes the uniform in full view of customers. “I need him to pay for what he did to me. I was forced to remove the uniform while everybody was looking. When the security guard came to my rescue, my employer said he must just let me go naked but then told me to wear boxes. That was inhumane,” George told New Era yesterday. 

She said some people recorded the incident on cell phones, and the footage is currently circulating on social media. 

“If it was not for my brave heart and the support from the public, I could have committed suicide,” she added. The accused Chinese national was arrested yesterday on an assault charge and is expected to appear in court today.




Affirmative Repositioning movement members shut down the shop yesterday.

“Even after the incident, they continued operating as if nothing happened. We, therefore, decided to close it down until we get to the bottom of this matter,” said AR activist Julius Natangwe.

Natangwe said the movement will continue to fight for the rights of Namibian employees.

“As if these people are already not being exploited, they are also getting harassed. Other employees from around the mall have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the working environments. We will not allow such things to happen in this country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Swapo Party Women’s Council and the party’s youth league have given government seven days to deport the Chinese businessman. 

Women’s council secretary Eunice Iipinge told journalists yesterday government should act immediately, and upon failure to do so, they will take unspecified action. 

“We strongly condemn the action and demand that the shop be closed, damages be paid to the woman, and the culprit be deported from Namibia and declared persona non grata, if not Namibian,” she said. 

Iipinge said the incident is highly regrettable as much as it is highly disturbing. She further urged the international relations ministry to report the employer to SADC and AU member states. 

“Failure to act, we the Swapo Women’s Council and youth league will take unspecified actions. We further call upon all the employers and investors to respect the Namibian constitution and adhere to all laws and policies of the country,” she indicated. -

2021-11-09  Loide Jason

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