• September 30th, 2020

Students refused testimonials at St Boniface College …. principal cites indiscipline

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - St Boniface College situated 30 kilometres east of the Kavango East regional capital, Rundu received backlash in the past week from parents and Grade 12 learners for refusing to give testimonials.
The school’s principal Mary Phillis Yesudasan revealed to New Era yesterday that indiscipline led to the school withholding the testimonials. “We have a discipline policy here at St Boniface of breaking rules. Learners were told not to break rules and the Grade 12 students defied this rule,” explained Yesudasan.
She said on 17 October, students brought an alarm clock to the dinner. 

“They are aware they were supposed to eat in silence but a group of leaners came in with an alarm clock and dinner became chaotic,” revealed Yesudasan.

She further said the situation deteriorated when some learners started hitting tables with their plates, which led her to get hold of law enforcement. “I spoke to the police commissioner in terms of safety and asked for two officers but received eight to contain the chaos,” she said.

“We have nothing against the students but discipline is discipline and that is all we are doing,” she said.
She further said the reason for students misbehaving was an obvious one, an attitude seen in some schools towards their final stretch. “They were acting like that because they had finished writing exams and were no more going to be part of the school,” Yesudasan said.

The school principal said those who behaved will get their testimonials as two teachers saw everything unfolding but those who defied the school’s rules will not get. 

Testimonials are important documents as they outline the students’ performance and accolades, which will be beneficial when seeking bursaries, scholarships or simply placements  at institutions of higher education.
When New Era contacted St Boniface’s school board chairperson on the board’s stance regarding the issue, he informed this media house he was not aware of any conflict that has persisted which led to the refusal of the school issuing the testimonials. “I am not aware of this matter right now, but the board will sit with the school next week,” said Katota.

Last year, results released by the education ministry showed St Boniface College, a Roman Catholic Church boarding school performed the best and scooped all the top 10 spots for best performers for the NSSC ordinary level examinations.

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