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Taking a ride in the world of scoops with Frozen Hut

2020-02-21  Paheja Siririka

Taking a ride in the world of scoops with Frozen Hut

Everybody loves ice cream to some degree – even those who are lactose intolerant. There is a new captain in town, Frozen Hut, to satisfy your ice cream cravings. Owned by Linda Byarugaba (27) and her fiancé Munee Tjiueza, Frozen Hut provides ice cream and homemade frozen desserts like ice cream cakes and ice-cream sandwiches.

“I have always wanted to venture into food – this is just the beginning. If I wasn’t in the profession that I’m currently in now, which is being a dentist, I would do this full time. I also saw a gap in this sector and was looking for a fun and fresh way of having to provide everyone’s favourite dessert,” Byarugaba revealed to Entertainment Now!.

With the excessive and sometimes unbearable heat in the land of the brave, Byarugaba says ice-cream is not a bad idea. “The product is unique because, to some extent, ice cream brings people together; it is consumed by people of all ages: the young and old – it’s a special type of dessert that is widely loved and at any time of the day for that matter,” she explained.

Frozen Hut, which has been in existence for about a month now, has been a plan for the past two years. “Frozen Hut is officially a month old since opening its doors on 18 January 2020 but it has been in the pipelines for two years,” said Byarugaba.

Identity is important when it comes to setting up an enterprise, and branding plays a role; the couple did not find any difficulties in giving this venture a name. “We decided to name it Frozen Hut because all the things sold are icy and all the frozen treats are done under one roof, which is in a form or state of a hut,” explained Byarugaba.

She believes Frozen Hut is unique because it looks different from other ice cream vendors. “We are fun, fresh and mobile – something like your childhood ice cream truck from back in the day. We also have a variety of frozen desserts that are unique-looking and they change every time,” elaborated Byarugaba.

Soon, Frozen Hut foresees having multiple vans, scattered all over the city and country at large. “We want to have more vans in the capital: one at the coast and another in the north. We also hope to have an ice cream parlour in the city centre in the near future, with the most colourful ambience, something for the young and old,” concluded Byarugaba.

2020-02-21  Paheja Siririka

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