• October 25th, 2020

Tashia TRAVELS - Weekend getaways on the water

Summer is fast approaching and as it rolls in, it’s a good time to escape to somewhere wet. Read on to discover three of my favourite (and unconventional places) to visit. 

Tucked away in the Namib Desert is an impressive swimming spot that will leave you floating like you’re on a cloud. I am a super fan of this place because it’s such a unique experience. The feeling of floating effortlessly and weightlessness is a remarkable one. 

As soon as I stepped foot into this old mine and lifted my feet off the lake bed, the natural buoyancy took effect and I found myself bobbing around on my back. I stretched my arms out wide, slid my hands behind my head and laughed from the awesomeness of what I was experiencing. It really is an experience of a lifetime and will recommend special Namibian site every day and twice on Sunday. Drive there in a 4x4 if you can as the road is quite bumpy. Also, take as much freshwater with you as possible to rinse yourself off with after you’ve taken your dip. 

Von Bach Dam Resort 
Located on the outskirts of the Auas Mountains, Von Bach dam has the most bewitching scenery that invites you to take long relaxing strolls, or enjoy sundowners appreciating the magical setting. My son and I go kayaking here often, we are both water babies and love the fact that this special place is so close to Windhoek. We mostly go for day visits and spend our days soaking up the sun and splashing about. The most splendid thing about Von Bach Dam are the wildlife surprises that emerge from the bushes. From Giraffe to wild horses to Kudu, the variety of game is always refreshing. 

Lake Otjikoto 
When travelling to the north or Etosha National Park, one of my favourite places to stop at and a highlight not to be missed, is Lake Otjikoto. Located just a few kilometres outside Tsumeb, Otjikoto translated into English means deep hole...something I find to be wildly appropriate as the depth of the lake has been measured at a whopping 145 metres. Interestingly enough, the lake takes the form of an upside-down mushroom, the visible surface being the end of the stem and the “hat” with the greater volume, lies way beyond the surface. The lake bears a large quantity of arms and ammunition, left by German troops. I’ve always been fascinated with this lake and find it pretty cool that it is open to diving clubs. Qualified divers are permitted to take a dip and go explore the treasures that lie at the bottom of the lake but need to be careful as the treasure is live ammunition.

Tashia Kalondo
2020-10-14 08:49:01 | 11 days ago

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