• September 20th, 2020

Teachers’ houses ransacked at Ombudu

OMUTHIYAGWIIPUNDI – Teachers of Ombudu Combined School on Sunday had a rude awakening upon return from weekend when they discovered that unscrupulous suspects have ransacked their houses.

A number of items that includes food, shoes, bags and clothes are reportedly stolen from two houses, according to a teacher at the school Fabian Alex. This is the  second time that thieves broke into
staff houses at Ombudu. The first incident happened last month, when teachers left for the weekend,
upon return, they discovered that one house was broken into in which shoes, clothing and food
were also stolen.

“This is becoming serious now, we can’t feel safe anymore when our properties are being broken
into. The last time we called the police, but nothing tangible was found, although no case was opened then,” stated Alex. The houses are vulnerable because they are built with corrugated iron sheets. Lack
of decent housing for teachers is widely common across the country.

“All this happens when it’s a pay weekend because they know none is on the school ground. We
cant be safe like this, one cannot be carrying their belonging at each weekend they go out because its
cumbersome,” he added. Furthermore, he said the school does not have a security guard, it’s only during holidays that there is a security personnel. Alex said no big properties were stolen apart from small items including school properties.

“Even though they are taking small items, we feel this might worsen, hence we would like to request for the police presence in the area as well to come and provide awareness to the community before it gets out of
hand,” reasoned the teacher.  Ombudu combined is situated in Onankali circuit, some 30 kilometres northwest of Omuthiya.

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2019-10-22 06:52:37 | 10 months ago

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