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Theft out of cars increases in windhoek …more than 700 break-ins reported since January

2023-09-28  Staff Reporter

Theft out of cars increases in windhoek …more than 700 break-ins reported since January

The Windhoek City Police yesterday stated it has with serious concern observed skyrocketing incidences of car break-ins. The escalating number of car thefts have been predominantly reported around the Central Business District (CBD) as well as other parts of the city. 

Two of the main factors attributed to these crimes are leaving valuable items in plain sight in the vehicle and parking vehicles in risky areas. 

“Parking in risky areas not only increases the chances of car break-ins but also undermines paid parking spaces designed to ensure security. Lately, with the roll out of paid parking lots in the CBD, some drivers have opted to avoid parking fees and in turn takes the risk to park their vehicles in isolated places,” a Windhoek City Police spokesperson explained.   

From January 2023 to date, the Windhoek City Police has recorded a total number of 713 cases of car break-ins whereby a high number (18%) of these incidences occurred in the CBD and surrounding areas. 

“It is worth noting that the majority of vehicles broken into contained electronics such as laptops, cellphones or cash and firearms which were amongst the many valuables removed from these vehicles. This information reveals that vehicle owners have thus far in one way or another created an opportunity or have placed their vehicles in a vulnerable state which led to their vehicles being broken into,” the spokesperson added. 

Meanwhile, the Windhoek City Police stated that it remains committed to securing the safety of all Windhoek residents and visitors alike. 

Here are some safety tips to consider as a way to assist vehicle owners protect their valuable assets and discourage car thieves.


Choose safe parking locations: Opt for well-lit and populated areas for parking, especially during the night. Park in authorised parking spaces that are monitored by security cameras and regularly patrolled.

Utilise designated parking facilities: Paid parking spaces are strategically designed to provide security. Utilise these facilities instead of parking in unattended or unregulated areas.

Avoid leaving valuables in sight: Remove all valuable items from your vehicle before parking. Leaving bags, electronics, or valuables in plain view invites car thieves to break in.

Lock all doors and windows: Ensure all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving your vehicle. Even a slightly open window can be an invitation for theft.


Mind your surroundings: Before exiting your vehicle, scan the surroundings for any suspicious individuals or activities. Trust your instincts and move to a safer area if necessary.


Educate others: Spread awareness about secure parking practices among friends, family, and colleagues. Encourage them to follow these guidelines to collectively reduce the risk of car break-ins.

By adopting these secure parking practices, vehicle owners can actively contribute to the safety of their belongings and the overall security of the community. The Windhoek City Police emphasises the importance of responsible parking behavior and hopes these guidelines will lead to a safer environment for all residents and visitors alike.

Report any suspicious persons and activities to Windhoek City Police on 061 302 302 or direct line 061 290 2239. 

2023-09-28  Staff Reporter

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