• March 29th, 2020

Thirst for land: Desperate youth flock to Rocky Crest

Maihapa Ndjavera

Scores of prospective landowners assembled at Rocky Crest’s Extension 4 when the City of Windhoek conducted an information session regarding the availability of 274-serviced erven on site yesterday. 

By 10h00 the new extension was swamped by hopeful homeowners after the city had notified the public through the media about the upcoming invitation for bids (IFB) for the sale of single and general residential erven at the new development. 

The sheer number of interested individuals once again underlines the thirst for land by desperate young Namibians, who are longing for a place to call home.
Windhoek and many other towns are currently experiencing a devastating demand for serviced land and housing. 

Yesterday’s session was held mainly to inform the public as to what will transpire at the new extension. 
According to Dina Shilongo from DNC Property Shop, the municipality is set to auction 231 single residential erven, 22 for business, 19 for general residential and two for institutional purposes. 
Registration for the auction will take place between 10-21 February at the municipal headquarters. 

Shilongo said N$2 500 is required for registration, including a bank pre-approval. 
“If you fail to provide pre-approval, then you need to provide a bank guarantee showing that you have the necessary amount,” Shilongo explained. 

“The auction will consist of three tickets for voting and a registration number for the bidding process which will be provided after completion of necessary payments.” 

 Only 46 residential erven are reserved for young people of ages between 16-35, with an upset price starting from N$240 800.

However, estate agents see this as relatively cheap. Shilongo continued that bids would be in separate categories where 20% is reserved for the youth, another 20% for City of Windhoek staff while the remaining 60% would be open.  The first bid submission is scheduled for 24 February, which is strictly for staff.

The second bid submission on 25 February is reserved for the youth, while other bids would be entertained on 27 February. 

Shilongo added that she was impressed by the huge attendance, saying it demonstrated the desperation and need for housing.

“I think is very important for people to take part in this bid as we have not seen such a cheap upset price. The bank has valuated the land a little bit, but people should be smarter not to bid over the upset prices as this will drive up the overall cost of the serviced land,” Shilongo said. 

Meanwhile, youth at the information session preferring anonymity said it is a welcome opportunity to acquire land and encouraged fellow young people to bid for land.

Julius Julius from Imperial Property said he was looking forward to the bidding process.
“This does not require a lot of money so the youth should stand up since now it is a bit cheaper,” he said. 
– mndjavera@nepc.com.na

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