• July 3rd, 2020

Top Trending: Miss Namibia 2019 national costume

 Aletta Shikololo

Our Top trending picture for this week is Miss Namibia 2019, Nadja Breytenbach’s national costume which was revealed on Wednesday. The costume which was designed by South African designer Mzukisi Mbane instilled mixed feelings within Namibians, especially on social media where most people expressed their disapproval while some questioned what inspired the design.

“It doesn’t reflect anything about Namibia and it’s people. Why didn’t they at least give a Namibian designer to design it? We have so many talented designers in the country,” said a concerned citizen on Twitter.

Among many comments, some believe the costume is more of an Asian design.
The beauty queen will participate in Miss Universe pageant in Atlanta, United States of America.

New Era Reporter
2019-11-22 09:29:25 | 7 months ago

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