• July 5th, 2020

Trade ministry cautions of fake news

WINDHOEK - The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (MITSMED) has cautioned members of the public and especially entrepreneurs of an ongoing online fake press release that purports to have been issued by the ministry. 

The bogus press release is intended for “SMEs and business owners, where the Namibia Industrial Development Agency (NIDA) has allegedly partnered with MITSMED to share skills and knowledge, as well as equip entrepreneurs with financial capital, and to use these new skills in business to better enrich their lives through funding and mentorship. According to the press statement, this initiative targets both the formal and informal sector, and an investment of N$ 20 million has been made into the project, urging applicants to apply online. 

The press release furthers bears a picture of the Minister of Industriaisation, Trade and SME Development, Tjekero Tweya. 

“The Ministry strongly cautions the business community and the public not to act on this request or provide personal information, as this is a scam and a fraudulent activity, which is intended to solicit funds from the public in an illicit manner in exchange for the bogus promised grants,” reads the warning from the ministry’s spokesperson, Olavi Haikera.

Haikera continued: “The Ministry categorically states that the online press release is a false public notice, and the ministry distances itself from such fabricated social media notice as it is misleading and devoid of any truth. The promises contained in the press release are deceitful and just another dubious act by the perpetrator(s) to deceive the entrepreneurs. The parties involved are in no way in partnership to offer grants to SMEs and business owners and are currently not associated with any such programme”.

He, therefore, warned the public not to send any identification materials to the fraudsters, as they might use their personal information to commit identity theft. 

The public has, therefore, been firmly cautioned not to fall for such ill will, and to refrain from entertaining any communication exchange nor connect on the provided link in the press release. 
The Ministry encourages the public, particularly entrepreneurs interested in opportunities offered through the Equipment Aid Scheme and other related services, to monitor the official website (www.mti.gov.na) or directly contact the ministry at (+264) 61 283 7223 for any information and clarity.  

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2019-11-07 07:56:13 | 7 months ago

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