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Traditional authority urges protection of medicinal plants

2022-09-15  Festus Hamalwa

Traditional authority urges protection of medicinal plants

EENHANA - The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority has called on the government to support its idea for a legal framework to protect indigenous plants and herbs.

This was presented by Efraim Weyulu, the traditional leader of the Eenhana District during the annual meeting of the Council of Traditional Leaders, recently held at Eenhana.

During his presentation, Weyulu highlighted the importance of plants and herbs with potential cures for various diseases.

Okadimeti is used in cooking meat contaminated by anthrax. Namudinga, nowadays known as Dingila, can cure a broad range of illnesses. Omuhanguti is used for tapeworm control in human and livestock and Omunghudi for the cure of flu and cold,”  he stressed.

He said during the Covid-19 pandemic, the herbs were widely used and perhaps saved lives, and people recovered.

“The indigenous plant task team focused more on plants with commercial potential in the cosmetics industry, targeting some plants like eemheke, manketi kernel, marula fruits, baobab fruits and kalahari melon seeds. These plants and others are listed as commercial plants with their products found in local and world markets,” Weyulu stated.

According to OTA, Namibia is rich in medicinal plants and herbal resources, which people have depended on for cure and treatment of various ailments.

He stated through the utilisation of these herbs, people have built vast indigenous technical knowledge over the years.

However, Weyulu mentioned that OTA is concerned with the current practice of the destruction of these plants through development activities and the absence of enforcement of the regulation that is meant to ensure equitable access benefit and sharing.

“Lack of investment in the value addition of these resources and overharvesting is leading to further depletion of species in our environment if no control measure is put in place,” he said.

Weyulu also added the increasing get-rich-quick mentality among the people is also concerning OTA.


2022-09-15  Festus Hamalwa

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