• April 9th, 2020

Traffic chief praises steps to improve road safety

Martha Gabriel

WINDHOEK - Namibian police traffic chief Deputy Commissioner Amalia Gawanas said the conduct of road users during the festive season was somewhat satisfactory compared to the past years. The traffic department had increased visibility on national roads since 18 November last year with the aim of promoting road safety. According to Gawanas, most drivers demonstrated a positive attitude towards traffic laws across the country. She added that out of the 71 883 random alcohol tests on motorists, only a total of 1 409 drivers tested positive for alcohol as at 31 December 2019. According to Gawanas there were also a reduction of five percent in road crushes and three percent in injuries. However, the fatalities increased by one percent.  A total of 222 motorists were arrested for drunken driving, while 9 235 were issued with summons. According to the police, 119 were arrested for other traffic offences, while 424 vehicles were suspended. Gawanas said if road users continue to adhere to road traffic laws and regulations, the country would report zero accidents. The traffic chief further appealed to members of the society to refrain from taking accident scene pictures and sharing them on social media. “It is a disturbing issue and unethical,” she said.

Staff Reporter
2020-01-08 08:13:47 | 3 months ago

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