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Uncommon sense - Embracing sexual energy for greatness and vitality

2024-04-19  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Embracing sexual energy for greatness and vitality

In the annals of human history, there exists a whispered secret, a hidden key to greatness and vitality that has resonated through the ages. From the revered pages of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to the heartfelt confessions of champions like Mike Tyson, this secret of the power of sexual energy has woven its way into the fabric of legendary tales.

Icons like Mahatma Gandhi, Nikola Tesla and the maestro Beethoven, each have bowed before their might. Yet, despite its ancient lineage and the
weight of its significance, the world often casts a sceptical eye upon its truth.

Sexual energy, a force as primal as creation itself, stands as a testament to the cosmic dance of life. It is a reservoir of boundless potential, a sacred flame bestowed upon humanity by the universe’s loving hand. Yet, in our ignorance or perhaps our fear, we treat it with indifference, even disdain. We scoff at its mention, dismissing it as mere folly or taboo.

But oh, if only we could see beyond the veil of our own prejudice, we would witness the profound truths that lie within. In the delicate flutter of a butterfly’s wings, in the passionate embrace of two lovers, the essence of this energy reveals itself as a force of unfathomable beauty and power.

Consider the plight of the humble drone bee, whose lifeblood is spent in a fleeting moment of ecstasy. The French, in their poetic wisdom, call it the petit mort after the little death. For with each casual release of seminal essence, a piece of the soul is lost, a spark of vitality extinguished. Those who squander this precious gift for trivial pleasures find themselves adrift in a sea of mediocrity, their bodies weakened, their spirits dimmed.

Yet, for those who wield this energy with reverence and purpose, miracles unfold. In the ancient chronicles of warriors who practised abstinence, we find tales of indomitable courage and boundless strength. Theirs was a power not born of brute force, but of inner harmony and balance.

And let us not forget the cunning leaders who wielded the allure of seduction as a weapon of war. With honeyed words and beguiling smiles, they lured their enemies into a web of desire, sapping their strength before the battle had even begun.

These stories, as old as time itself, speak to a truth that resonates deep within our souls.

They remind us that we are not mere vessels of flesh and bone, but vessels of divine energy, capable of great deeds and noble feats.

So, let us cast aside the shackles of ignorance and fear that bind us. Let us embrace the power within, unlocking the secrets of our own potential. For in the depths of our being lies a treasure beyond measure, a source of vitality, strength and boundless love.

*Karlos The Great

E-mail: Sense is published bi-weekly in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2024-04-19  Karlos Naimwhaka

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