• September 25th, 2020

unWrap - Jealousy almost made me quit - Young T

Josephine Mbangula

Many might have mistaken, Tulina Ndafyaalako also known as, Young T as the bad boy of the Namibian music industry, especially after his public fall out with his former record label owner King Tee Dee. However, behind the ‘misunderstood’ personality only lies a man who wants nothing to do with the usual negativity but focus on his career.

Having evaded the media for some time to focus on his projects away from the limelight, Young T opened up to unwrap.online in a rather revealing interview, giving his view on why he contemplated quitting and his distaste of the cool club of the industry.
For Young T, music is a mission, not a competition, the competition pushed him to the edges and almost threw in the towel.
“The business side of music is what I somehow felt like leaving following a lot of instances where jealousy, unnecessary competition, fabricated criticism and intentional hatred was too much to handle. 

I always felt like I am not in any body’s way and maintained a lane outside the ‘cool club’ of musicians and everyone has seen. I still don’t want to be in the music industry but it’s in me,” he said.
The talented lyricist, who said his work is greatly influenced by Qonja is however back with a heartfelt single N.F.N.O, dubbed as the best song currently on social media. He said no matter what the challenges are around him, music is his daily bread and that it will take a lot for him to throw in the towel.

Riding on the wave of his new single’s video which has already topped 150 000 views on YouTube, Young T said he has a God-given talent and will not be taken by anyone.
The mixed-genre singer said his music is a portrayal of his life.
“It can take as little as 35 minutes to complete a song from scratch. I have a God-given gift of poetry which is a long process for other artists.” Young T explained.

While many thought his long hiatus was a sign of giving in, Young T said he was focused on finding the right formula.  
 “I have more than enough content to do an album but I have to wait for the energy to feel right from within me.” 
The outspoken artist added that the best advice that he was given before he came in the music industry was to
‘Watch out’ and he will be doing just that. 

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