• February 24th, 2020

Venaani congratulates new British PM

WINDHOEK - Leader of the official opposition Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) McHenry Venaani yesterday congratulated Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for winning the premiership contest with 66.4 percent of the vote in the Conservative Party leadership contest. 

“The new prime minister takes over during a very difficult time in his time and I would like to wish him God speed on the road ahead,” stated Venaani who is also the chair of Democrat Union of Africa (DUA).
“The Popular Democratic Movement also want to refer to the cordial and historical ties that has been cemented between Namibia and Britain over the years and we express hope that with Johnson in charge, these ties will be strengthen even more, especially with the eminent departure of Britain from the European Union,” said Venaani. 

“Johnson, has promised to lead the Britain parliament to vote on the exit of the European Union (EU) with or without a deal by the end of October. This creates a host of opportunities for the relation between Britain and the Land of the Brave. We firmly call on his leadership to undescore firm and righteous stand on free and fairer trade with African nations and respectable conduct on human values of all races of the world,” stated the Namibian opposition leader. 

“Our trade and diplomacy is informed by a greater human value and even when wrong and insults are thrown, we should all embrace them to teach that humanity is born within all of us.”

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2019-07-25 09:18:41 | 6 months ago

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