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Waka Kids Choice awards are back

2023-03-01  Correspondent

Waka Kids Choice awards are back

Pricilla Mukokobi


The Standard Bank Waka Kids Choice Awards officially launched its second edition billed for 26 August. 

These awards aim to prepare the Namibian child for leadership roles at a very young age, and when the time comes for them to take over leadership in their communities, industries, or government, they will have been adequately empowered with the necessary social and life skills that are highly desired in those leadership positions.

Founder of the awards Luis Munana, a Namibian model and entrepreneur, stated that the forthcoming edition will be bigger and better. 

Speaking at the awards’ launch ceremony yesterday, he added that the awards were inspired by his Waka Waka Moo TV show on the national broadcaster and cartoon series carried on Youth Corner pages, solely for children. 

He said they noticed that Namibia does not have an awards show that celebrates the Namibian children on a national level and they saw the need to create a platform that celebrates the Namibian children and what they love.   

“We are celebrating the young ones. More kids are talented and it is an honour to celebrate their talents and show the world what they can do,” Munana said.

He added that they are shaping young minds and it’s a process they are willing to see through. 

“The competitive advantage of this is that it encourages the Namibian child to rise up and start getting involved in social issues in their communities.”

The brand Waka Waka Moo is mostly focused on children who are in primary and secondary schools because they feel these age groups are often left out, so they need a platform that celebrates them and also celebrates the people that influence them. 

“We also want to celebrate individuals, organisations and industries that are helping groom the Namibian child,” he said.

The awards are broken down into two segments: one where the children select the top performers of their choice and the other where children reward their peers, teachers and schools. 

Nominations will be open soon and selection will be based on strict logical criteria.

Standard Bank senior copywriter Khadijah Mouton stated that the bank is honoured to be part of the Waka Kids Choice Awards as children are the future of tomorrow. 

“Our team is invested in sports, health and education. We are trying our best to help the multi-talented youth. We want to make sure their dreams come true,” she said.  

Mouton further said Standard Bank believes in achievers, as the youth are capable of achieving more in life. 

“We enjoy working with kids and the youth, we want to see them grow. Not everyone is good in school but we all have different talents. So, it is our responsibility to help the youth,” she said.

The first edition took place in 2020. 


2023-03-01  Correspondent

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