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Walvis' ill drug suspect rushed to Windhoek

2018-11-14  Eveline de Klerk

Walvis' ill drug suspect rushed to Windhoek
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WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay businessman Louis Nasilowski who was arrested on Friday afternoon for being in possession of the illegal stimulant amphetamine, which he allegedly sold over the counter at his video shop, was rushed to Windhoek on Saturday after he fell ill while in police custody.

Nasilowski, who is said to be a sufferer of a chronic illness, was expected to appear in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court after his shop was raided on Friday by the Namibian police drug squad along with the Narraville neighbourhood watch.
He is allegedly currently being treated at a Windhoek private hospital.
His case was heard in his absentia and postponed to a later date.

Amphetamines are stimulants that can cause effects such as strokes, heart attacks, aneurysm, rupture.
The drug is also known as speed, uppers billy, and wiz or party poppers among its users, specifically teenagers.
It enhances focus, causes erratic behaviour and keeps users awake for several hours. Effects of the drug can last up to six hours. An overdose of the drug can also lead to death.

Information availed to New Era over the weekend indicates that Nasilowski, who has been in business for years, was allegedly arrested with the illegal stimulant estimated to be valued at about N$18 700.
The synthetic drugs confiscated consisted of 98 sachets of a drug called “smoke” and 70 sachets of “wiz” which Nasilowski allegedly sold for about N$100 each

Nampol was allegedly tipped off by concerned parents after they saw video clips and online reports of how dangerous the synthetic drugs are, which also resulted in the death and hospitalisation of schoolchildren in Pretoria, South Africa recently.
Police then bought and tested the drugs which allegedly contained the stimulant amphetamine. 
The drug can be found in powder, crystal or tablet form and can even be injected. It is pinkish grey in colour.

2018-11-14  Eveline de Klerk

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