• October 22nd, 2020

‘We are tired’, Theofelus on violence

WALVIS BAY – Deputy minister of information Emma Theofelus says sexual gender-based violence has gone out of control in the country. Theofelus was addressing protesters, including family members of Shannon Wasserfall, at Walvis Bay shortly before the start of a planned peaceful protest against femicide. 

Joining the protest, Theofelus said Wasserfall did not deserve to die and that every woman and child affected by SGBV deserves justice. 

The protest kicked off from the last place Wasserfall was allegedly seen alive until the Kuisebmond police station. 
Remains, suspected to be that of Wasserfall, were discovered last week Tuesday at a shallow grave close to the Dunes Mall after her father received two text messages revealing the exact location of her remains. 

“All of us are tired of the killing of our young women and our children. GBV has gone out of control in this country. Shannon did not deserve to die; thus, we are demanding justice for her and every other woman,” she said to cheering protesters. 
Meanwhile, Wasserfall’s family is urging Namibians once again not to resort to violence when protesting. Wasserfall’s uncle Dennis Wasserfall, who also took part in the protest, said violence can never be stopped with violence. 

“The nation and the family are hurting already. The violent protest should not continue anymore, as we do not want to lose another loved one. We should demand for justice in an orderly manner,” he said.
- edeklerk@nepc.com.na 

Eveline de Klerk
2020-10-13 07:58:09 | 9 days ago

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