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Wire and zinc toy cars a hit

2019-06-14  Staff Reporter

Wire and zinc toy cars a hit
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Selma Gumbo

OPUWO - A group of six out-of-school youths from Opuwo are making headlines by making different types of toy cars from wire and zinc which have become part of their daily survival. 

These toy cars are fitted with small bulbs that look like miniature indicators and headlights that can be seen from a distance when they are ‘driven’ at night, using a stiff wire that serves as a steering wheel. They sell them for prices ranging from N$200 to N$1 500.

Nguhamuine Muharukua, 22 years of age, organised other youth when he failed Grade 12 and showed them the concept of making small wire cars that have become a hit at Opuwo.

Little did they know this will boost their livelihood as customers started flocking to their workshop to buy wire cars for their children.  Muharukua is the founder of the project which even has a Facebook page.
The group is so inspired by its own self-belief they have now started working on a big car that they plan to fit with a real engine though, they said, they will need funds for this to become a reality. They will also need a set of tyres.

Nguhamuine had a dream since childhood of having his own brand of car that he will manufacture himself from scratch to a finished product, that is why he is not interested to go for any further studies unless he is offered a bursary to a vocational college where he could go and study the craft of car making.
*Selma Gumbo is an information officer in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) based in Opuwo. 

2019-06-14  Staff Reporter

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