• February 20th, 2020

Woman stabs boyfriend to death

Selma Ikela

WINDHOEK - A 32-year-old woman is expected to appear in Katutura Magistrate’s Court today after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a knife and killed him instantly. 
The deceased, Mathias Mukonda Ntjamba, 32, was supposed to start work yesterday as a security guard after spending about three months at home unemployed.
The incident happened at Okahandja Park informal settlement on Tuesday evening at their shack which they shared. 
The suspect used a kitchen knife to stab the man once in the chest, but she allegedly said she used a fork which she smeared with blood.
According to relatives, who resided in one yard with the couple, the two frequently fought and the woman always overpowered the boyfriend.
An uncle to the deceased, Lucas Ihemba, 40, said the woman had previously cut Ntjamba four times with a panga on various occasions.
New Era learnt the incident happened after Ntjamba returned home from escorting a visitor and an argument ensued. Ihemba who was already sleeping said his girlfriend woke him up around 22h00 when she heard the suspect and the deceased fighting in the shack adjacent to theirs. Initially, the uncle didn’t wake up because he thought the couple were fighting like they usually do.
However, Ihemba said he woke up when the suspect called him from their shack.  He went to the shack but the suspect had locked it from inside and didn’t want to open the door. Ihemba said he took an iron metal which he exercises with and hit the door open.
“It was dark inside; I took a cellphone to lit up the room. She (suspect) had blood on her legs and feet. The carpet had her bloody footprints. I asked where the deceased was. I called his name but he wasn’t answering. I asked whether she killed him. She replied ‘ja’’. But she told me to go and check if he is breathing. I went… he was dead. He had blood all over,” narrated the uncle who added he had a stab wound in the chest.
The uncle further said it looks like the suspect stabbed his nephew on the bed and pushed him down on the floor. The woman was arrested after the family alerted the police. Nampol spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the incident. He said the family had tried to separate the two who had a history of domestic violence. Kanguatjivi said the woman had moved out but she moved back to their dwelling.

Selma Ikela
2019-05-16 09:35:17 | 9 months ago

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