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Yango Namibia: Transforming lives, one ride at a time

2024-06-05  Staff Reporter

Yango Namibia: Transforming lives, one ride at a time

The streets of Windhoek are buzzing with more than traffic these days. They are filled with stories of transformation, of ordinary Namibians who have found a path to a better life through Yango, the ride-hailing app that’s more than just a ride.

Take Alexander Shindimba, for instance. A few months ago, he was unemployed and struggling to provide for his family. Today, he’s behind the wheel of his car, earning a steady income that allows him to take care of his loved ones. “I can make a steady income to provide for all my needs and take care of my family,” he shared with a smile. “It’s all about working hard.”

His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, and the opportunities Yango is creating in Namibia.

But Yango isn’t just about individual success stories; it’s about fuelling economic growth and empowering local businesses. Through targeted advertising, exclusive promotions  and increased visibility, Yango is helping small and medium-sized enterprises thrive in a competitive market.

Gotliep Lukas, another Yango partner, has seen his shuttle service, Lela Africa, flourish thanks to the platform’s
support. “Yango has positively impacted my family and life,” he said. “It’s helped me grow my business, and connect with more customers.”

The impact of Yango goes beyond just economic gains.
Lukas also credits the platform for boosting his confidence, and helping him break out of his shell. “I used to be an introvert,” he admitted. “But now, I interact with hundreds of people every week. It’s been amazing for my personal growth.”

Yango’s commitment to the community is evident in its dedication to individuals and businesses.

They’re not just building a ride-hailing app; they’re building a stronger, more prosperous Namibia. As Shindimba puts it, “Yango is more than just an app. It’s a chance to create a better future for yourself and your family.”


Miriam’s Story: Balancing family and financial goals

Miriam Valdivia, a working mother of four, discovered
financial flexibility and independence through Yango. The weekly payouts have allowed her to provide for her children and
celebrate birthdays individually, instead of having combined parties. She is also empowered to pursue personal projects like home renovations, and further her education.

“Yango is a game-changer,” Valdivia exclaimed. “It’s an opportunity for anyone to take control of their financial future.”


Yango Namibia: More than just a ride 

Yango is more than just a convenient way to get around
Windhoek. It’s a platform that empowers individuals,
supports local businesses, and drives economic growth. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, they reshape and
enhance leading cutting-edge technologies from around the
world into seamlessly-integrated daily services for diverse

The Yango mission is to bridge the gap between leading
world innovations and local communities, fostering connections, and enhancing everyday living experiences.

Yango’s app is available for free on Android and iOS. To learn more about Yango’s partnership opportunities or to take your first ride, contact Yango Namibia via email at

2024-06-05  Staff Reporter

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