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Young artist expresses herself through art

2020-09-04  Aletta Shikololo

Young artist expresses herself through art
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Budding artist and blogger, Esther Eino (22) commonly known, as Selff is keen to make a name for herself in the visual art industry with her exquisite artwork.
Born and bred in Walvis Bay, Selff discovered her passion during the lockdown and never looked back.
“I didn’t know about my artistic skills until the lockdown forced me to try something out of my box,” she said.
“Growing up, my brother used to sketch and I always found it so cool, so I started painting (just to see if I can do it) and it turned out to be something, I was shaken, considering the fact that I can’t even draw a straight line,” narrated Selff, adding that she is crafting a lifelong dream of being a visual artist.
The artist enjoys expressing herself through a mix of ink and watercolour.

Selff  has a variety of paintings that are inspired by her imagination, nature, life experiences, and Pinterest, however, most of her artworks are of nudity.
Asked what inspired her nude portraits, she said, “Well, I like nudity! I love it as a form of art and I think I have a huge amount of respect for it. It’s personal, it’s soft, it’s confident and I absolutely love it.”

According to Selff, there was a point in her life when she wanted to be a nudist, which greatly inspired her work.
“Being in the art scene, I’m still very much learning as I go,” she said, adding that as time goes, she will learn a wide range of painting techniques.
She has also adopted collage and sculpture into her collection of paintings which she displays on Twitter, and mainly on Instagram.
The multi-skilled artist is presently on a blogging hiatus to realign and rebrand.
She promises to revive her blog soon.

2020-09-04  Aletta Shikololo

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