• September 28th, 2020

Youthful authors pen motivational book

RUNDU – Young author Musongo Mittag Immanuel with his co-author Naphtali Karapo, both from Rundu, are preparing to launch their motivational book that is jam-packed with 14 chapters full of nothing but motivational topics.

The book is titled ‘Winning Season: The power of small wins and how to awaken your inner champion.’
According to Immanuel, the book is basically a cook book with recipes for success, and talks about how to develop necessary traits for success, set goals as well as how to use these traits to push and reach for one’s goals.

Immanuel said: “Contents of the book starts off with the usual suspects; acknowledgement, preface, dedication and there’s also an ‘about author’ section just at the beginning where I briefly talked about myself, things that motivated me to write this book and so on. The book is specifically dedicated to my late sister (Musongo Namupafita Loide) who passed away in December 2011. Also to my parents (Hausiku Regina and Musongo Henok) for setting the foundations on which this book is based.” 

The introduction of the book talks about winning and how human beings developed the sense of winning. “In this section I took us back to the Stone Age days, how our ancestors defied the odds and survived through overcoming setbacks. Then from there I kicked in with the basics, with chapter 1 being about building a positive attitude. In here I talk about the importance of attitude when you aim for that win,” Immanuel added.

The authors also talk about interpersonal skills, how building positive friendships with people you meet can help you aim for that win, about self-esteem and image. “I went on about the mental setbacks that stop most people from going for that win. In this book you can read about the subconscious mind and habits, about the benefit of feeding the mind with positive thoughts as we go for that win,» he continued.

Apart from talking about the importance of motivation, different types of motivation and how most people react to being motivated, the book also talks about success and winning strategies. 

“I talk about how our societies define success and how to get that winning edge in all you do as you aim for that win and on goal settings; about how to create goals in life and the importance of working against a deadline. 

“The book also covers the challenges we face in today’s world, about how fear of failure is stopping many of us from reaching for our goals. I described the different types of setbacks we come through in life and how to overcome them and also talk about the inner critic and the importance of awakening that inner best in you as you seek success. There are interesting topics for those that want motivation in their daily striving to success,” he said. 

John Muyamba
2019-10-16 06:35:56 | 11 months ago

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