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Zambezi gets private hospital

2021-05-17  Aron Mushaukwa

Zambezi gets private hospital

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula has reiterated calls for Namibians to make themselves available and get vaccinated against Covid-19. 

“At this pace, it will take us a long way to bring Covid-19 under control. I therefore urge everybody to get vaccinated in order for us to return back to normal life. 

To be able to shake hands, to be able to hug one another, and to revive the economy,” Shangula appealed last week at Katima Mulilo during the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Enkehaus Private Hospital. He added that his ministry will work hand-in-hand with the private hospital to promote
the health and wellbeing of residents. 

“This new private hospital adds to the basket of available healthcare services in this region, and indeed in our country as a whole. Moreover, it will go a long way to serve travellers and locals alike. 

“As a gateway to Namibia for the north-east, Katima Mulilo requires services such as those that the Enkehaus Private Hospital is offering,” said Shangula. The private hospital has a capacity of 14 beds, and other services include a maternity suit, a theatre, an intensive care unit, diagnostic imaging facilities, a computer tomography scan, a sonar, a mammography unit and ambulance services, as well as a staff complement of 33. 

“These services will contribute significantly to the package of health services available in this region. In this regard, cooperation between this hospital and the regional health authorities, including the Katima Mulilo state hospital, is critical,” he said. 

The hospital’s director Dr Ernest Kombo stated that the opening of the hospital was a joyful occasion, and that they will soon sign a memorandum of understanding with the Katima Mulilo state hospital to receive referrals in order to prevent patients from travelling long distances. 

As part of its social responsibility, Kombo revealed that the state hospital will be allowed to book free selected services for a period of 30 days, which will include 10 CT scans per week. 

“As we are waiting for the memorandum of understanding to be finalised and signed, we would like to offer free services to state patients,” he said. 

2021-05-17  Aron Mushaukwa

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