• February 25th, 2020

ZZI Kids Hair Studio a place where children’s minds are stimulated while doing hair

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – ZZI (short for Zoe and Zera Ikosa) Kids Hair Studio has partnered with Namibian children author Helvi Itenge to promote a reading culture among children while doing their hair.

The masterminds behind the hair studio are also calling on other local authors to donate books in order to promote local content.

 ZZI Kids Hair Studio became fully operational on  March 30. 
 “The aim is to celebrate children and educate children while doing their hair,” said Morna Ikosa one of the managing members of the hair studio.  

ZZI Kids Hair Studio offers various services including art corners, where children are given the freedom to express themselves artistically through storytelling. 

A book club is also in place where children are taught to read in order to stimulate a reading culture and there are also princess hair packages for sale. 

“At ZZI Kids Hair Studio we don’t just believe in doing hair, we believe that the children who come to the studio should receive VIP treatment because they are special, unique and have supernatural inborn talents and gifts that need to be harnessed, nurtured, and be given a platform to express themselves, ” said Ikosa. 

The studio’s tagline is ‘An oasis for children’s self-assurance and character building’. “It is a place where bravery is nurtured, confidence is encouraged, intelligence is stimulated, courtesy is esteemed above and beyond any superpower,” added Ikosa. 
Furthermore, the studio is fitted with UV steriliser, where combs, brushes and other items are placed in order to ensure exceptional hygiene – “all the equipment in the studio cater especially to the needs of the child, from hairdryer to booster seats and other items,” Ikosa explained.

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