50 houses for less fortunate at Oranjemund

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ORANJEMUND – Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said when people do things in coordination and harmony, the outcome will always be successful.

She reasoned as such when encouraging beneficiaries during an official handing over of building equipment taking place in the ‘diamond town’ last Friday. 

“In terms of Vision 2030, Namibia as a country should not only prosper, but also be developed by its own people,” she informed the members of the Shack Dwellers Federation. 
The group was handed over 680 bags of cement, two concrete mixers and two brick making machines in order to produce bricks for building their houses 

“Government has the responsibility to mobilise citizens to be in charge of acquiring their own houses and furthermore install a sense of pride in them, knowing they brought this achievement to themselves instead of being handed over houses,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said. 
She also expressed her appreciation towards the beneficiaries for doing a great job with assistance provided and urged them to appreciate this kind of gesture since such opportunities cannot be afforded to all.

The prime minister then informed the group that government will always be there to assist those who have confidence in uplifting themselves. 
“I believe when this project is completed and you become homeowners, you will protect your houses with tooth and nail as it was a struggle to get them,” said Amadhila.

She also appreciated the observance that this time, men are also involved in the project where women were predominantly involved before. 
“Through this initiative, we want to see young women and men working together to bring about common good for all,” the politician urged the group.
Speaking at the same occasion, Oranjemund mayor, Henry Coetzee explained the construction of the 50 houses for the town’s less fortunate residents by the Shack Dwellers Federation as a game-changer in terms of low cost housing. 
“Council started this project having understood the needs of community and we are going to finish the project in terms of housing and services,” he promised.

The mayor went on that, through the Flexible Land Tenure System, the land would be made available cheaply in order to make it possible for people to have land registered in their names accordingly. 
He also said that implementing this project was not an easy task, but that the support from key stakeholders demonstrated true determination with the aim to work towards one common goal.

“I would like to make a commitment on behalf of council to the Shack Dwellers Federation that we will avail 50 plots or more erven, depending on the funding of the federation for more beneficiaries in Oranjemund,” said Coetzee. 
He continued that council will furthermore exempt low income groups, including the vulnerable and pensioners from paying unit costs of meters for the installation of electricity and pre-paid water systems to their houses. 

The mayor also calls on all stakeholders to continue working together for the upliftment of residents’ living conditions. 
Elsie Van Neel, on behalf of the beneficiaries, expressed their profound gratitude and appreciation towards the stakeholders for assisting them in their long awaited dream of becoming homeowners. 

“Very soon we will no longer pay expensive prices for renting shacks in other people’s backyards,” she added. 
Van Neel then gave the assurance that once their houses are completed, they will assist the next group to build their houses.
A similar handover ceremony took place in Rosh Pinah last Sunday.