63 years for double murderer

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Maria Amakali

Windhoek-A 48-year-old Okahandja resident was sentenced to 68 years for the murder of his girlfriend of seven years and her mother in June 2009 at Farm Okatuo in Okahandja District.

Julius Dausab was sentenced to 38 years for murder with direct intent, 25 years for murder without direct intent, two years for illegal possession of a firearm and two more years for for illegal possession of ammunition.

Judge Alfred Siboleka informed the court that the sentences for count three and four would run concurrently with count one and two, giving Dausab a total of 63 years behind bars. “These crimes were premediated, heinous and brutal,” Judge Siboleka remarked. He further described the killings as gruesome and inhumane.

Dausab, a father of seven, was found guilty by the court earlier this year of directly shooting and killing the mother of his children, 28-year-old Paulina Kenamune and indirectly killing her mother 44-year-old Elfriede Kenamune, in the process. He was further found guilty of possession of a firearm without a licence and illegal possession of ammunition.

Siboleka explained that on June 3, 2009 Dausab went to visit his girlfriend in Okatuo, as he usually did but this time ended up shooting her while they were in a car. Kenamune was pronounced dead at the scene.

Some shots went through the shack where the deceased mother, Kenamune, was sleeping with the children, also killing in the process.

The court ruled out Dausab’s version that the two women were killed by a trespasser in a white sedan, of which no tracks were found at the scene of the crime.

Furthermore Dausab was found in possession of 308 hunting rifle he had apparently borrowed from his friend on two separate occasions to kill a stray donkey, but there was a donkey at the scene to be shot.

The same riffle was identified as the one that was used in the shooting. Before Dausab was escorted to prison yesterday, the judge informed the court that the .308 hunting rifle should be returned to its rightful owner.

Dausab, who represented by Adv Bradley Basson, claimed he did not hear any gunshots, because he was in deep sleep, as he was tired from drawing water all day.