90,000 cases reported to police

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Maria Amakali

Windhoek-Over 90,000 cases have been opened with the Namibian police (Nampol) for 2016/17, against the backdrop of a national population of 2.36 million people.

Statistics show that Khomas Region topped the number of crimes reported with 37,635 cases.
“This constitutes 39.7% of the total cases reported countrywide for that period alone,” explained Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi.

The smallest region in the country, Oshana, recorded 9,217 cases followed by Otjozondjupa and Erongo regions, with records of 7,151 and 7,012 cases respectively. The rest of the regions in the country recorded below 600 cases reported during the same period.

The majority of crimes committed in Namibia fall in the category of minor crimes such as common assault, theft, robbery and others. Crimes such as housebreaking and gender-based violence follow in prevalence.
“Although there are serious cases which include armed robbery and robbery, they do not necessarily top the list of crimes committed across the country,” explained Kanguatjivi.

With the cases reported, men compared to women seem to be the ones suspected of committing heinous crimes. “This is evident in our correctional facilities that show the ratio of male juveniles is higher to that of female juveniles,” said Kanguatjivi.

According to Nampol out of the 94,716 cases reported, 24,000 cases were withdrawn by complainants.
Although the cases get withdrawn the police still continue with investigations just in case the complainant comes back at a later stage with an intent to re-open the case.

“Bear in mind that not all cases that are reported and investigated by the police get to appear before the judge or magistrate in the court of law,” said Kanguatjivi.

Kanguatjivi added that the number of investigative officers employed by Nampol is quite small compared to the number of cases assigned to them.

“The police are working tirelessly as most of the cases that have been reported nationwide have been resolved and the suspects have been apprehended.”