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WINDHOEK- Since 2017 to date, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is investigating 455 cases of suspected corruption and maladministration.

ACC Director-General Paulus Noa when he addressed the anti-graft body staff members on Monday said 278 cases have been reported to the commission since April 2018 to date. 
Equally, he revealed that a total of 32 cases have been submitted to the Prosecutor-General to decide whether to prosecute or not. 

“Obviously, among the cases currently under investigation, a considerable number of them like in the past will be referred to relevant authorities with directives to take actions. Namibia is our only home, if we let the economy destroyed, we all become the victims, and there will be nothing left for the generations to come,” Noa remarked.

He therefore urged offices, ministries and agencies as well as private institutions to take their administrative responsibilities seriously, if everyone is keen to combat corruption and maladministration in Namibia. 
Noa said it is unacceptable that public funds continue to be lost due to wrongful or collusive decisions, yet some responsible authorities seem reluctant to take actions against the wrongdoers.  

According to him, these typical lootings engineered through administrative or policy decision-making, undermines the delivery of essential services to the public. 

Further, he said it is a mockery to the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Namibian Constitution, particularly respect for human dignity, when people cannot be provided with adequate basic services because public funds have been squandered. 

As he commended those doing great works, he also pointed out there are those whose performance has not been impressive. 

“These are officials who fall in the category of liabilities to tax-payers. Pull up your socks or else no reason to keep you in the ACC family,” he warned.  

He revealed the 2017/2018 annual report contains very impressive information on investigation activities conducted during that financial year and thanked his team for the work done. 

What is of significance in the report, he says, is not only the notable cases that were investigated and submitted to the Prosecutor-General, but also the list of cases that were ultimately referred to relevant authorities for either investigation or action. 

He reminded the investigators that investigation is an art, which must be mastered, otherwise suspects will not face prosecution.  

Where necessary, he advised executive directors must be summoned to explain and account for the conducts of the officials under their supervisions. 

He said the commission has also observed millions of dollars lost because of careless and negligent decisions. 
Further, he said where these matters are subject of investigation by ACC, without fear or favour, these decision-makers must be summoned to account for the decisions in which they were involved.

Noa directed that for 2019/2020, each staff member needs to ask oneself whether during the financial year ending their performance was up to the desired expectation or not.

“If you are an investigator, ask yourself whether the investigation work assigned to you was effectively carried out or you are one of those investigators with dockets collecting dust in your office. Similarly, if you are one of those officials entrusted with the noble responsibility of raising anti-corruption awareness and corruption prevention, ask yourself whether you have carried out this noble responsibility to the satisfaction of public members or perhaps you are just one of those who have become liabilities to taxpayers, collecting monthly salary which you do not deserve,” Noa said.