ACC referred 49 cases for prosecution, says //Hoebes

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Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Windhoek-The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) last week announced that it has submitted 49 cases to the Prosecutor-General with recommendations that criminal proceedings be instituted.

Motivating her office’s budget in the National Assembly (NA) last Thursday, Deputy Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Christine //Hoebes said the commission by mid-March 2017 had managed to deal with 400 cases, in 49 of which the investigation had been finalise and referred to the Prosecutor General.

//Hoebes said after preliminary investigations were conducted 18 cases were referred to other institutions for further handling, and noted that this was done in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Act 2003. //Hoebes said of the 400 cases mentioned, 333 were closed after investigations were conducted, as the allegations were either unfounded or could not be substantiated.

“The above cases were extensively investigated, inclusive of forensic analysis in most instances, before a decision was arrived at to either close or refer to other authorities, or make a recommendation to the Prosecutor-General,” she said.

She said referral to other institutions would include recommendations with regard to appropriate actions to be taken, among others, under the applicable legislation administered by the relevant institution.

She also announced that the commission was allocated N$48 million for the 2016/17 financial year to fulfil its mandate. She said the commission is expected to investigate complex cases. In this regard it is of utmost importance to from time to time acquire the latest technological tools and devices needed for forensic analysis.