Accused fails to appear in court, bail forfeited

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Two of the six accused facing charges of impersonating a police officer had their bail forfeited to the State after they failed to appear in court last week

The six accused are Elias Shipindo, 28; Martin Mwafufiya, 25; Felix Mpahleni, 19; Samuel Newaka,26; Wilhemina Garises,46 and Reginald Gariseb, 25. They were arrested between August and September 2010 and are facing charges of theft by false pretences, impersonating a police officer and extortion.

The State alleges that on August 4 2010 they informed Raymond Lesley O’Malley that they were police officers and that he must pay bail in the amount of N$7 000.

Prosecutor Ivann Tjizu informed the court that Mwafufiya, Garises and Gariseb were out on bail. A warrant of arrest was issued for Garises and Gariseb for failing to appear in court on October 21, Tjizu said. Warrant of arrests had previously been issued against Shipindo and Mpahleni, who are at large. The warrants are still in effect.

Garises informed the court that she came late on October 21 as she had to see a doctor. “I brought my proof that day. I did not bring it today because I stay in Swakopmund, but I can bring it along next time.”

Gariseb said he had the dates confused, and Mwafufiya had told him to come to court on the Wednesday.
Magistrate Ilge Rheent informed the two accused that their bail had already been forfeited to the State on September 16. Garises was granted bail of N$6 000, while Gariseb was granted bail of N$1 000.

“The purpose of the bail is to secure your attendance at court. This is an old matter and has been unnecessarily delayed too many times,” Rheent added.