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WINDHOEK-The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) is calling all enthusiastic actors interested to audition for the film, Battered, written by local playwright and director, Donald Matthys.

The audition will take place on Saturday at the NTN Green Room, from ten o’clock in the morning (10h00) until three o’clock in the afternoon (15h00). The production of the film will take place on April 25-27 in the capital this year.  The film is about a young woman who receives severe beatings from life as a child but rebuilds herself after working as a sex worker alongside her transgender childhood friend, and newly found housemate. However, every door shut in her recovery journey is starting to open, mercilessly exposing her to everything she tries to run away from.

The cast of the film includes a young female as a main actress, known as Yvonne in her early 20s. She should be able to dance, attractive, confident, smart and articulate.  Another role is that of Robin, a transgender woman or homosexual male who must be able to dance, and be courageous to act as Yvonne’s best friend from childhood. The cast is expected to be overly dramatic, naive and loving.

Other characters include Pietrez in his mid-20s and early 30s must be very mature, responsible and caring. He must have a soft spot for Yvonne, kind and understanding. Tueripura, mid to late 20s is to act as a devoted mother, serious and goal-oriented and must be responsible. 

The last role of Mrs Shivute, a social worker, requires someone in his or her mid-30s. She must be strict, articulate, and soft spoken, resolute, mature and diligent. More information about the film is available via email: