The Adventurous BMW S1000 XR

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The all-new BMW S1000XR bike has an adventure model sporting a superbike-derived engine, top-shelf suspension and braking components. Cutting edge electronics are also packaged into this awesome bike which is available at Danric Auto in Windhoek.
A sophisticated electronics package harnesses the XR’s engine power, as well as integrates actions from the traction control, braking and suspension.

The XR proved itself a beast even with its claws retracted. Ample torque churns out across the power band. The Beemer can crawl along at low rpm no problem, with a potent mid-range getting things moving fast, so there isn’t much need to keep it revving high.
The XR’s chassis follows the lead of its S1000R sibling, with some important deviations. A revised steering head angle and longer swing arm stretches the wheelbase to 61 inches, 4.3 inches more than the R model.

The aluminium frame’s rear segment has also been strengthened, to support increased load capacity and fulfil the XR’s touring pretentions. The R and XR suspensions share similar hardware (46mm inverted fork and rear shock), but the XR adds 1.2 inches of travel to the front (5.9 inches) and 0.8 inches to the rear (5.5 inches).

BMW also offers an optional Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) for the S1000XR. The D-ESA system modulates suspension damping based off inputs from sensors measuring acceleration, deceleration and banking angle, with electrically-actuated control valves automatically adjusting the damping rate in real-time.

The ABS Pro is most impressive feature on this bike. When you panic brake and the ABS keeps you from losing traction by obvious interventions that manifest in noticeable pulses at the lever/pedal.

The bike claims a 502-pound curb weight. It’s a neutral handling bike with an upright riding position and a tall, wide handlebar that provides good leverage.

The S1000XR is an exciting new offering from BMW. The S1000RR Superbike has helped transform the marque from its stodgy, pipes-and-slippers trope to a more robust, high-performance bike brand, and the S1000XR builds on this momentum.
The BMW S1000 XR comes at a cost of N$ 219 000. The bike also comes with a warranty of 2 years.