Alleged boyfriend killer trial stalls

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Alleged boyfriend killer trial stalls

Maria Amakali

The trial of a woman accused of stabbing her 70-year-old boyfriend to death has hit a bump. 

Victoria Gorases (25) was informed yesterday that the legal aid directorate is considering appointing a new lawyer to her case. 

“This matter has some few issues that we have to sort out internally with the Directorate of Legal Aid. The accused is likely to get a new counsel,” said Tuna Nhinda who has been representing Gorases.

Katutura Magistrate Mehluli Nyazo postponed the matter to 22 February to allow legal aid to reach a decision on Gorases’ legal representation. 

The case was on the court roll for a hearing, in which Nhinda filed an application disputing the findings of a second psychiatric report which concluded that Gorases is mentally fit, capable of understanding court proceedings.

Gorases was firstly evaluated in June 2018, in which Dr Lahja Hamunyela, a psychiatrist at Windhoek Central Hospital, found that although Gorases suffers from bipolar type one disorder and is on medication, she is mentally fit to be tried for her alleged crime.

Hamunyela also indicated that Gorases was able to recount past events and did not show any signs of speech coherent or any signs of pathology. We did not even observe any abnormalities.

She is facing a charge of murder for the death of her boyfriend Sakava Nathame, who died on 25 February 2018 from multiple stab wounds inflicted all over his body.

Despite denying guilt, in her psychiatric sessions, she informed Hamunyela that on the date in question, she and the deceased had an argument. The deceased was allegedly accusing Gorases of being unfaithful in the relationship. The argument allegedly got heated and Gorases grabbed the knife and stabbed the deceased multiple times with it. 

Gorases allegedly recalled that their son found her on top of the deceased. She has been in custody since her arrest on that day.