Amakali triumphs in Winna Mariba

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Amakali triumphs in Winna Mariba

In an evening charged with anticipation and suspense, the eleventh episode of Trustco Winna Mariba Powered by NBC delivered high-stakes drama to viewers across Namibia. Presented by Trustco Group Holdings and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, the stage was set for a showdown as four new contestants stepped into the spotlight: Anna Kondjeke, Ndahangetate Kashihakumwa, Selma Amakali and Petrus Shivela.

Hosts Neville Basson and Mia de Klerk kicked off the show, building on an atmosphere of anticipation as the contestants geared up for the challenges ahead. 

Tension soared during the first game of the night, the ‘Wire Game’, as precision and agility were put to the test, with none of the contestants managing to surpass the N$750 mark. Unfortunately, Kondjeke’s journey came to an early end after only contributing N$500 to the prize pot in the longest time.

As the evening progressed, the spotlight shifted to the featured game, “Cups and Balls”, where contestants’ precision and skill were put to the ultimate test. 

Kashihakumwa’s journey came to an end after managing to get only one ball into a cup.

The stage was then set for a showdown between Selma and Petrus in the “Grab the Cash” finale. In this climax, Selma emerged victorious, claiming an impressive N$4 050 prize. However, as a loyal Legal Shield member since 2008, Selma’s winnings were doubled to an amazing N$8 100. 

Annette Brand, CEO of Trustco Insurance, extended her congratulations, stating, “Once again, we are delighted to reward one of our loyal Legal Shield members. 

We wish to extend our congratulations to Selma Amakali on this great achievement.”

In a heartfelt moment earlier in the evening, Selma expressed her intention to use any winnings towards her household’s studies. Through her victory in episode eleven, Selma’s dream has become a reality, and once again, Winna Mariba has proven to be a life-changing platform for Namibians.

With the final celebrity special edition approaching, anticipation builds for the conclusion of season one. Don’t miss the rebroadcast on NBC2 today at 18h00, or catch up on the latest episodes published on Winna Mariba’s social media pages every Friday.