Amushelelo still waiting for Legal Aid

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Amushelelo still waiting for Legal Aid

Michael Amushelelo was successful in his application for Legal Aid, but he has to wait, as the lawyer instructed had to withdraw for scheduling differences. 

He now has to wait for another lawyer to be instructed – and Windhoek High Court Acting Judge Ramon Maasdorp, who will preside over the matter, has ordered Legal Aid to appoint a lawyer no later than 10 August. 

He also postponed the hearing to 31 August for a status hearing to decide on the validity of a statement Amushelelo made in court yesterday. 

The PG, through advocate Elize Angula, objected to the statement in terms of section 61 of the Criminal Procedures Act and said it is
not valid and should not be accepted by the

Amushelelo, on the other hand, decried this and maintains his “affidavit” – as he called it – was sufficient and that he will challenge the section 61 application brought by the PG.

Amushelelo is fighting against an application by the PG to attach his possessions as proceeds of organised crime. 

The prosecutor general is seeking a forfeiture order for various assets, bank accounts and properties belonging to Amushelelo and his business associate Gregory Cloete, as well as a vehicle belonging to his mother, Taimi Amushelelo. 

In the forfeiture application, the prosecution is stating there are reasonable grounds that the properties are proceeds of unlawful activities, such as fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and racketeering.