Bank Windhoek Holdings transforms into Capricorn Group

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Bank Windhoek Holdings Limited (BWH) took on its new name and brand at a stakeholder event on September 22, following the approval of shareholders at the end of August 2016 to officially change the name. BWH is now known as Capricorn Investment Group (Capricorn Group), which is a diversified financial services entity listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange with interests in banking, insurance, wealth and asset management.

”Capricorn Group wants to be the most trusted and inspiring connector of positive change in Namibia and beyond. As our identity, ethos is closely linked to the well-being of our country, we share the responsibility to bring positive change, thereby creating an environment of empowerment and prosperity. It means positive change for our people, our government, our shareholders and positive change for the people of Namibia. We will differentiate ourselves through our unique service offering and our ability to create sustainable opportunities for Namibians. Our customers are the reason we exist. Our customer-centric strategy and culture are underpinned by our unrelenting drive to provide customer experiences that are meaningful. Capricorn Group will continue to achieve our goals responsibly and we believe that sustainability comes from a firm focus on not only profit, but also our people and the planet.

We want to continue delivering relevant solutions, convenient products with a responsive network of people and channels that enables these opportunities to be created. We recognize the value of a positive reputation and strong brands and will continue to invest in the powerful brands in our group, with Bank Windhoek as the flagship brand and Capricorn Asset Management as a leader in wealth and asset management,” said, Thinus Prinsloo, Capricorn Group’s Managing Director at the launch of the new brand.

“Our approach has always been the same: An organisational culture that encourages exceptional performance; a strong sense of responsible behaviour and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Always innovating, always looking for new ways to grow our business.

This is a tough task, especially in the financial world. Tough, but not impossible, as we have proven in the past. Our Group’s values have been revised to speak to our essence. They reflect our purpose and informs our organisational behaviours: Dedicated (how we think); Open (how we behave); and Inspiring (how we feel),” said Prinsloo.

“I thank the board of directors for their undivided commitment to the cause of our group. I thank the government and society at large for providing a receptive environment in which we as a group can continue to create value for our country and its citizens. I thank our shareholders for putting their trust in us. I thank our employees, each and every one stretched across our great country. I would like to thank our customers, who continue to amaze me with their positivity, loyalty and patriotism and the same entrepreneurial spirit that guides our group,” he continued.

At the same event, Capricorn Group also launched its first Integrated Annual Report for the period ending June 30, 2016. “The Integrated Annual Report complies with international best practice standards and contains valuable information for our shareholders and other key stakeholders on not only the solid financial performance and operational activities of the Group of the past financial year, but also the economic, social and environmental aspects of Capricorn Group’s activities. The new name and brand of the Group are also on the cover of the integrated report,” said Prinsloo.

“The report sets out how Capricorn Group and its subsidiaries create value for shareholders over the short, medium and long term. This is achieved by reporting on the Group’s performance for 2016, articulating our response to the external environment through strategy, governance and risk management, and measuring our social and environmental impact.”

“We have been privileged to experience a year with many highlights and achievements for our Group. I am particularly proud of how Capricorn Group continues to deliver on our commitment to shareholders to deliver long-term sustainable value in a responsible manner. We do however expect the more challenging economic conditions to persist in the near term but with our respected brands, good relationships, a prudent approach to credit and a strong capital adequacy position, we will remain focused on meeting the banking and financial services needs of Namibians,” Prinsloo added.