Bank Windhoek inaugurates Oshifo branch

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Bank Windhoek officially inaugurated its branch in Oshifo in the Omusati Region last Thursday, making the bank the first to open a full service branch in this remote northern town.

“Bank Windhoek, a proudly Namibian bank with a strong heritage and track record of making banking more accessible in remote areas of Namibia is proud to officially inaugurate our newest branch. The Oshifo branch gives Bank Windhoek the biggest branch network and footprint of all banks in Namibia, as this is the 55th branch that we have opened countrywide,” said Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director Designate, Baronice Hans, at the opening.

The region, and Oshifo in particular, has the potential to become a hub of economic activity with the proposed corridor that will run past it and that will link Walvis Bay harbour to Namibia’s northern neighbours.

Thus, with the opening of the branch, Bank Windhoek shows its confidence in, and commitment to, the economic development of the area, she said.

“Great tourism potential also lies in the Omusati Region and plans to develop the area around the waterfall into an attractive tourist destination with campsites and lodges offer unique opportunities, not only to Bank Windhoek but to the residents of the area as well. The boost in tourist arrivals expected at Ruacana will be beneficial to the community as it will create jobs and improve the sale of cultural products,” said Hans.

“This is a clear indication that we made the right choice to open a branch here in this area and Bank Windhoek is proud to be the first bank to offer full financial services to the community,” she said.

She added: “Bank Windhoek is a 100% Namibian bank and therefore understands Namibians the best. That is why the bank ensured that capable and well-qualified staff are employed at the branch in Oshifo to service our clients.

“A bank is dependent on people if it wants to grow. However, people are dependent on banks if they want to grow financially. Significantly then, we need each other to grow and prosper. Bank Windhoek is here to assist the community of Oshifo to grow and prosper, and through the growth of the community, our branch here in Oshifo will grow.”

“This mutually beneficial relationship is what Bank Windhoek strives for as we truly believe that together we can do better. We are not in communities for short-term gain, but we build our business on long-term relationships.” Hans said. The Governor of the Omusati Region, Erginus Endjala, said: “The provision of banking facilities through the Bank Windhoek Oshifo branch further enhances the economic development of the town. I am indeed very enthusiastic to hear of Bank Windhoek’s provision of services to more remote parts of our country.” “We need more proactive companies like Bank Windhoek that are willing to satisfy the needs of all Namibian citizens. I would like to congratulate Bank Windhoek for a job well done in expanding their branch network to all corners of the country,” he said.

“I believe that the residents in the Omusati Region fully support the growth of the banking industry. I trust that Bank Windhoek will continue to embark on new avenues in the banking industry in the region that will benefit, in the end, the entire Namibia. It is, therefore essential for us to empower our communities, particularly those in rural areas, through access to banking facilities for the sake of socio-economic development,” Endjala added.