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ONGWEDIVA -The Regional Commander of the Oshana Police, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa, has advised the public to be vigilant and on the lookout for felons out to rob people of their hard earned cash.

He says with the onset of the festive season gangs of criminals are out in full swing trying to rob people of cash and expensive accessories.

The commissioner reminded the public that during this time of the year everybody wants money, but there are those who specifically want what is legally not theirs.

“Everybody wants money, but there are those who want what is not theirs,” said Kashihakumwa.

Some of the common crimes committed during this time include car break-ins, house break-ins as well as bag snatching and pickpocketing.

So far, the north has seen an increase in cases of pickpocketing with many incidents of people reporting cases of wallets being stolen.

One of the victims said she did not feel her wallet being removed from her bag, but she was shocked to see that her wallet had disappeared when she returned home.

“One would think whoever took my wallet used some sort of muti or some machine because I did not feel anything,” the victim related her ordeal.

Bags are also regularly snatched and people are sweet-talked into losing their goods after unsolicited distractions.

Similarly, many people become victims of false stories – either being promised jobs or having won a lottery somewhere.

The police regional commander in Oshana Region also advised the public to refrain from travelling with big wads of cash in their car or in their possession.

“If you are to carry money on you ensure that it is not exposed to outsiders,” Kashihakumwa advised the public.

He advised the public to prepare their money for what they intend to buy before going into public places and exposing their money.

“Prepare a small amount for the item you want to buy. It’s your money and only you know when to buy and what,” stressed Kashihakumwa.

He further advised motorists to ensure their cars are properly locked before leaving.

“Double check and confirm with the handle, do things systematically. Don’t be in a rush,” he advised.

In addition, the regional commander advised the nation not to leave their house unattended when they go on holiday. He further advised people to know their surroundings so that they leave their houses in trusted people’s hands. “Prepare your departure secretly, and leave without anyone noticing your departure,” he said.

He said one can even inform the police, so that one’s house is checked during police patrols.

“I know we cannot guard each and every house, but if it is reported it will be included in the police patrol,” remarked Kashihakumwa.

By Nuusita Ashipala