Call for speedy marking of war veterans’ graves

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Oshikuku Constituency Councillor Modestus Amutse, who is also the chairperson of Omusati Regional Council, has appealed to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs to speed up the process of marking the graves of war veterans.
He says there are many unmarked graves scattered around and if the process is not sped up they could remain forever unmarked, because those in the know are aging and some might be dead by the time the authorisation is made.
“Some of these veterans’ remains can be transferred to Omugulugombashe, where other war veterans are laid to rest,” said Amutse.
Amutse noted that the regional council is in the process of tarring the road to Omugulugombashe to improve access to the heritage site. Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs Hilma Nicanor said the programme to mark all unmarked graves of war veterans is up and running.
Speaking at the handover of a veteran’s house at Oshikuku on Friday Amutse also appealed to the ministry to speed up the process of approving the veterans’ project funds. Amutse says there are too many unemployed war veterans living in deplorable conditions, who if granted project funding on time could create jobs for themselves, as well as the rest of the community.
Amutse also appealed to the line ministry to monitor veterans’ projects and to oversee that their monthly allowances are put to good use.
“There are war veterans who are deprived from enjoying such benefits, because there are people who receive the funds on behalf of the veterans, hence the funds do not get to the intended person,” said Amutse.
Nicanor said while there is a need to speed up the process, the ministry has repeatedly explained that its programmes are sometimes hampered by the lack of funds.
However, the deputy minister gave assurances that a business process re-engineering programme has been put in place to address the shortcomings the ministry has been facing and to make improvements.
“The process has been completed. What is to be done is to implement it, but I’m confident that there will be room for improvement to ensure that we deliver the desired services to our people,” said Nicanor.