Canned beef for International Volunteer Day

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WINDHOEK – Due to the poor economic situation in the Kunene Region as a result of the drought, which caused hunger, starvation and death to some degree, Meatco sponsored 1 000 cans of beef to the International Volunteer Day (IVD) initiative organised by the National Planning Commission (NPC) just before the start of the New Year.

According to the NPC the purpose of the IVD celebration was to promote volunteerism towards poverty reduction within the framework of national development. On this day the NPC acknowledged the commitment of volunteers as well as Volunteers Involving Organisations, updated the public on the importance of volunteering, and showed appreciation to volunteers for their dedication and the impact they have made. They also gave food donations to affected communities. Meatco’s canned product was packed in plastic bags together with 2.5kg of maize meal, 1kg of white sugar, coffee or tea, cooking oil, macaroni or rice, soup and 12 pieces of fresh fish. These donations were given to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), the elderly and other people facing hardships. “Poverty in the Kunene Region is an issue of great concern, therefore setting up the proposed Citizens against Hunger Initiative (CaHI) should be taken seriously so that hunger, malnutrition and starvation can be removed from the face of Namibia,” the NPC said.

By Staff Reporter