• January 21st, 2020


Opinion: Emotional Eating

When I started on my fitness journey, there was a lot I was intending to rectify. There were and still are areas in my life I needed to take a serious look at. For starters, I wanted to uproot my sleeping habits. I

Opinion: The Year of No – PART 1

I once read a powerful book by Shonda Rhimes titled – The Year of Yes. In the book, she recounts how she underwent a life transformation after deciding that for an entire year she would say yes to everything that


Social Reflection - From broke to Money Savvy...financial literacy 101 - spending

I came from a place where one week after I had been paid I was fabulously broke. I mean broke enough to have to call on my savings account, broke enough to have to call daddy dearest one week before payday and I must be frank and honest, I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I soon became the friend you could not invite out in the middle of the month, because truth be told, I simply could not afford to attend. The invites dwindled, and I became drenched in dread living day by day. 


Overview for Organising Business Records

Organisations achieve success in their competitive environment by realising their business goals through proper management of their strategic resources. Effective records management is a key enabler for achieving business success, it ensures that records containing strategic information which should be used as a basis of sound decision-making are readily available.

DRC is the Heart of Africa

There is a lot that can be said about the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was once known as Republic of the Congo and it was meant to be a pro-Western government at independence (30 June 1960). 

Industry Loop: Marketing is QUEEN!

Super producer, Kallo on the Beat recently said and I quote: “Some artists have 1000s of songs and no exposure and some artists have few songs and are famous. Marketing is key”. I agree with Kallo. I’ve echoed this on this platform so many times that I’ve lost count. 

Teachers exercise: Patience

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when one tries to answer the question: how can we raise the standard of our education locally? The main factors, however, remain the teacher and the student.