• December 3rd, 2020


IPC to push for a better Walvis

Newly elected Walvis Bay Urban councillor Deriou Benson has promised local residents a better life after snatching the bitterly contested constituency from Knowledge Ipinge who served for a mere 11 months as councillor following a by-election victory in January this year. 


Neonatal care unit for Swakopmund

Swakopmund – Mothers who give birth to premature infants and babies that are at risk of dying in the Erongo region will no longer need to be transferred to Windhoek for specialised neonatal care as the government has invested N$26.6 million in a state-of-the-art neonatal unit and a mother shelter at Swakopmund.


Geingob calls for Walvis recapture

WALVIS BAY – President Hage Geingob has galvanised Swapo supporters to reclaim the Walvis Bay Urban constituency in the upcoming regional and local authority elections, while refuting accusations that the ruling party is corrupt.  


Namibia to focus on manufacturing

WALVIS BAY – Deputy minister of industrialisation Verna Sinimbo says they remain imperative for Namibia to continue focusing on expanding the services and manufacturing sectors if Namibia aims to be a fully industrialised nation by 2030 as both sectors account for more than two-thirds of the economy.


Shannon burial set for next week

WALVIS BAY - The young woman Shannon Ndatega Wasserfall, whose remains were found in a shallow grave more than five months after she went missing at Walvis Bay, will be laid to rest on 14 November at the harbour town. 

Workers at marble factory cry foul

WALVIS BAY – Some employees of the marble factory, BC Stone Products Namibia at Walvis Bay, said their job security is threatened by legal officer Chris Theron, whom they accuse of intimidation and racial discrimination.

Ekoro lyatunga moWalvis tavakarundurura kevango lyawo oku navakakara

WALVISBAY - Mukurona pamberewa zodoropa zaWalvisbay Muronga Haingura katente asi vatungimo ava vana kusikisamo yihepwa tavakarundurura morwa evango eli vana kara kuna kara asi lina zura unene omu nye vana kara nelikwamo lyokukavarundiurura owo vana kusikisamo yihepwa vakaze kevango eli navakatumbura asi lyawo narunye nanarunye, lina kara kofarama 37. 


Service station robbers on the run

The Namibian police in Erongo are appealing to the public to assist them in tracing unknown suspects who carried out a robbery at the Puma Service Station in Kuisebmond yesterday morning. The robbers got away with N$77 000. 


Fishcor, Seaflower in messy divorce

WALVIS BAY – A war of words has erupted between the interim board of the National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) and its Walvis Bay-based Seaflower Pelagic Processing (SPP) over the controversial partnership, which also resulted in a recent court challenge. 


Aid pours in to reeling Twaloloka

WALVIS BAY – Walvis Bay is currently a hive of activity as consignments of food, mattresses, clothes and other basic essentials are arriving at the town to aid the residents of Twaloloka who lost everything during a devastating fire on Sunday evening. 

Covid-19 death toll rises to 7

Meanwhile, frustrated Walvis Bay residents, who are currently quarantined at the National Youth Service facility at Henties Bay, packed their bags and attempted to leave the facility yesterday morning. 


High-risk Walvis Bay under total lockdown

Walvis Bay Urban constituency councillor Knowledge Ipinge yesterday welcomed President Hage Geingob’s decision to place the coastal town under tighter Covid-19 restrictions with immediate effect, saying it was a proactive and applaudable move by government. Geingob yesterday announced Walvis Bay will revert to stage one lockdown, meaning individuals will not be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances, such as seeking medical care, food and medicine for seven days to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Schools will remain closed, while public gatherings should not exceed more than ten people. 


Coastal rapists lurk in dunes

Police in Erongo region have cautioned women to consider their overall safety, especially when alone and seeking solitude in high-risk areas. This comes in the wake of an incident in which a 29-year-old resident of Kuisebmund was brutally raped on Monday morning while praying in the dunes at Walvis Bay.


Covid-19: Authorised officers must consult leadership

WALVIS BAY - Cabinet has directed that all authorised officers, including regional councillors, appointed in terms of the National Disaster Risk Management Act, are now required to consult the national leadership before taking any decisions linked to the Covid-19 response interventions. 


Family of missing woman seeks closure

The father of a 22-year-old woman who has been missing for over a month in Walvis Bay said they need closure. Shannon Darlikie Wasserfall’s father Tega Matheus said her daughter always communicated about her whereabouts when she goes out. 

Ekutu reopens under strict measures

WALVIS BAY – Informal traders at Walvis Bay are unhappy due to the fact that not all of them are allowed to trade at the local open market.  The Walvis Bay municipality last week opened the revamped Ekutu market after government allowed the informal sector to trade under strict conditions. 


Businesses team up with public sector

WALVIS BAY - The success of smart partnerships is evident in Erongo region with the private sector taking the leading role in assisting the public health sector as well as residents in the region during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Row erupts over gemstones in Erongo Mountains

WALVIS BAY - Small-scale miners operating from Erongo Mountains are up in arms after four miners were arrested for alleged trespassing as well as for contravening lockdown measures when they were found digging semi-precious stones on the mountains last week. 

Herder stumbles on human remains

WALVIS BAY – A police investigation is underway after the discovery of human skeletal remains at farm De Rust about 65 kilometres from Uis in the Erongo region. A herder made the shocking discovery last week Thursday.


Young woman commits suicide in Walvis

WALVIS BAY – Harrowing personal stories of depression and other forms of mental illness were shared by hundreds of young people on social media yesterday after the death of a young woman who committed suicide in Walvis Bay on Saturday, days after she allegedly made a frantic video clip. 

Erongo Reds ge N$1 miljunsa Covid-19 ǃkhamǃoas ǃaroma go mā

ǃGOMENǁGAMS - ǃNanǀgaib ǃoabade mās ǂnûiǂgās, Erongo Reds ge N$1 miljuns marisa Covid-19 Namibiab a ǂhabase ǃkhamǃoas ǃaroma ge mā, nē ǁōs hîa Namibiab tsîna ge ǂgaeǂgāsa. N$800 000 ge nē marisa xu Erongo ǀkharib !nâ nî sîsenūhe, ǂkhawusa ǁanǂgāsabena ǂkhari-omn tsî ǂhâbasa xūn nē ǁōsa ǁkhaubas ǃnâ a ǂhâbasan ǀkha huis ase. ǃGau ra ǀammi N$200 000 dib ge ǃHūb di ǂŌǂōsib ǂGaes ǃnâ nî ǂgâ hîa ǀgūǁae ge ǂnuwihesa, ǂhanuba nē corona virus di ǂapaǂoasa ǁkhaes ǃnâ nî huise.

Namport donates equipment to field hospital

WALVIS BAY – Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) heeded government’s call to combat the spreading of Covid-19 by donating medical supplies to the containerised field hospital that is currently under construction at the Walvis Bay State Hospital. 

Three Oceans Seafood Distributors donate fish

WALVIS BAY – Three Oceans Seafood Distributors Namibia donated horse mackerel worth N$900 000 to the disaster risk management committee of Walvis Bay to assist vulnerable members of society in the Erongo region during the current Covid-19 lockdown. The fish was handed over by Denise Visser, managing partner of the company, to Walvis Bay urban constituency councillor Knowledge Iipinge for further distribution. 

Erongo kuna kuvapa egano kuhamena epato

WalvisBay – Vantu vatunga mosirongo saErongo vahepa kutambura egano eli lyokupata momunene awo vavhurembo morwa kuna kumoneka asi vaNamibia vamwe kapi vana kusikisamo veta zangesi zokulikunga komukisi ogu guna gumu ndi asi kuna kudipaga vantu mouzuni.


Chinese vessels cleared of illegal fishing

WALVIS BAY – A flotilla of six Chinese vessels, seized and initially accused of illegal fishing in the fishing in the vicinity of Henties Bay, were cleared of any illegality and were given clearance to leave the country and continue with their voyage to China. 

We don’t want to instil fear - navy commander

WALVIS BAY – Navy commander Rear Admiral Sinsy Nghipandua says residents in the Erongo region should strictly adhere to the prescribed lockdown measures that are currently in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 that has been declared a global pandemic. 

Walvis to erect 150-bed virus isolation facility

WALVIS BAY - Stakeholders at the harbour town, including the Walvis Bay Urban constituency risk disaster management team in collaboration with the Welwitschia private hospital and the business community, have pooled resources together to set up a 150-bed facility to be used to treat potential coronavirus patients.


Saga Seafood employees sign retrenchment packages

WALVIS BAY – The 210 employees of the Saga and Geysir trawlers, who were retrenched earlier this month, will receive a month and a half’s salary, severance pay of 1.5 weeks as well as a bonus of N$10 000. Saga Seafood made the announcement that the retrenched employees will also be paid two days of accrued leave per month. 

Fishing sector assures workers on corona

SWAKOPMUND – Chairperson of the confederation of Namibian fishing industries Matti Amukwa, says the fishing industry is safe for now in terms of the Coronavirus, recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Passenger liners suspend port calls

WALVIS BAY – As the world continues to battle the growing number of coronavirus infections, at least eight passenger liners that were expected to dock at the Port of Walvis Bay suspended all activities around the world.

Omaruru robbers strike again

WALVIS BAY – A gang of robbers believed to be responsible for a series of robberies in Omaruru is suspected to have broken into Agra where they stole items and cash with a combined value of over N$77 000.

Granite miners endure harsh conditions

SWAKOPMUND – Namibians working at Dreamland Investments and its sister companies, Ewe Granite Manufacturing and Ekungungu Trading are underpaid and work under deplorable conditions, exposing them to health and safety risks.

Erongo residents empowered with goats

In its drive to improve the livelihood of the rural communities and to contribute to food and nutrition security, the government handed over 20 does and one buck each to 20 selected beneficiaries in Daweb West of the Erongo region. 

Hopes to find missing captain dashed

SWAKOPMUND – Hangana Seafood has ruled out any reasonable prospect to find the missing captain Carlo Gordon alive or recover his body from the wreck at sea. Gordon went missing on 18 February, a day after he led his 26 crew members to the fishing grounds on the hake-catching vessel.


Topnaars get bigger clinic

UTUSEB – The Topnaar people living in the Kuiseb valley, situated about 70 kilometres on the outskirts of Walvis Bay, will no longer need to travel to the harbour town to access full healthcare.


Duinesig receives books

WALVIS BAY – The Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF) last week donated books worth N$50 000 to Duinesig Combined School in Walvis Bay for their library.


Samherji closes Saga Seafood

WALVIS BAY - Samherji-owned Saga Seafood yesterday announced it would cease operations in the country end of next month. Samherji, through Saga Seafood and the Geysir vessel, employed about 210 fishermen who are now left jobless. 


Job portal: N$20 000 for non-compliance

SWAKOMUND – A senior employment officer at the labour ministry says employers who do not comply with all aspects of the Employment Service Act and the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) could be fined up to N$20 000 in the near future. 


PowerCom commences tower construction at Walvis Bay

PowerCom Pty Ltd has commenced with the planned tower construction in Walvis Bay Extension 17. A recent ground-breaking ceremony confirmed the tower’s commencement as well as the company’s infrastructure CAPEX investment rollout for 2019/2020, which seeks to increase the company’s footprint and asset base to best service ICT players and offer last mile connectivity.  

Fishrot: PDM demands answers from Noa

WALVIS BAY – The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) said it would table a motion to summon Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) director general Paulus Noa to explain why Namibians implicated in the Fishrot saga had their assets frozen, while foreigners allegedly involved have free range.

Labour officials in firing line

WALVIS BAY - National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) vice president Phillip Munenguni has lashed out at labour ministry officials, accusing them of being mere “salary collectors” while turning a blind eye to the suffering of workers employed in the fishing and mining industries.

Parents urged to be more responsible

WALVIS BAY - Police in the Erongo region have urged parents in the coastal towns of Swakopmund, Henties Bay and Walvis Bay to make sure that children visiting beaches and swimming pools are under adult supervision. 


Confusion over who can, can’t vote

WALVIS BAY – Confusion reigned yesterday at Walvis Bay where some residents had to be turned away from polling stations as they were not eligible to vote in the local by-election. Some were under the impression that voting was open to everyone. 

New industrial park coming to Walvis

WINDHOEK - Global Trade enabler DP World has signed an agreement with Namibia’s Nara Namib Free Economic Industrial Zone to develop an industrial park at Walvis Bay. The signing ceremony took place in Windhoek yesterday.


LPM promises to change Namibia

WALVIS BAY – Landless People’s Movement (LPM) leader Bernadus Swartbooi has urged supporters to vote for change in this month’s general election, saying Namibians should not vote out of loyalty.


N$23m logistics hub for Arandis

ARANDIS - An ambitious logistics hub and truck port project that will capitalise on the increased cargo destined for the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) via the port of Walvis Bay was launched on Friday in Arandis.


Find ways for cheaper electricity

SWAKOPMUND – Regional electricity distributor, Erongo Red, according to the governor of the region, Cleophas Mutjavikua, now has the opportunity to source and negotiate cheaper electricity from independent power producers for their customers.


Venaani blasts Swapo over EVMs

SWAKOPMUND - Popular Democratic Movement president McHenry Venaani says the missing electronic voting machines that were loaned to Swapo cast serious doubts on the integrity of the Electoral Commission of Namibia and compromises the upcoming general elections. 

Mbanga zonondja zaya zayasiki moSwakop

Konyara vantu wokusika ko 174 vatunga moSwakopmund nekoro lyawo nkera kavagwene nondja edi dakara asi demelikwamo lyepangero lyonondja. Sinzi sovantu kavagwene uwa wangoso kavakere womorukanda rwa DRC mo Swakopmund. Ano ava 38 nawo vamwe ngava gwana nondja edi momukunda gwa Karibib.

Man stoned to death in Uis

SWAKOPMUND - A man was stoned to death in Uis in the Erongo Region on Saturday evening. Erongo regional crime investigation coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu yesterday said that the

Many boards failing SOEs – Jooste 

SWAKOPMUND – Some state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are failing because they are led by board members who possess no integrity nor the skills required to provide leadership that would place such institutions on a growth path, Minister of Public Enterprises Leon Jooste said Friday.

Industry Loop: Infinite disaster!

During my time at the coast last weekend I decided to check out on Saturday one of my favourite spots in the whole wide world, Infinity Lounge. Three words…NEVER EVER AGAIN. Bruh...the regret! Sigh…where do I start? 


Vessel fire investigation underway

WALVIS BAY – Financial Director of Seawork Fish Processors Jurgen Sander, whose vessel caught fire and ultimately caused the death of one of their employees, said in a short statement on Monday that they are still not able to provide further information with regards to the incident.


Vote for change, says Venaani

WALVIS BAY – Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani says Namibians should vote to see a change in the country as the ruling party, Swapo, has failed to provide basic services such as toilets and housing despite being in power for 30 years.


Belly dancing extravaganza Shimmy’s for animal charities

SWAKOPMUND - Professional Namibian belly dancer Sascha Olivier-Sampson is not only the closest thing to being a ‘Goddess’ you will find adorned in silks and beads, but she is also an exceptional performing artist with a heart of gold. She has just celebrated her tenth ‘Shimmy for Shelter’ dance extravaganza, which this year raised N$31 000 towards two major Namibian animal charity projects.  


Coast divided over Nimt double murders

SWAKOPMUND – Two sets of petitions are in circulation, one by those believing in the innocence of Ernst Lichtenstrasser, the only accused in the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (Nimt) double murders, and those who believe he must pay for the cold-blooded killings.


Rössing to close in 2020 if sale collapses

SWAKOPMUND – Rio Tinto will accelerate the closure of its Rössing Uranium mine to June 2020 if the N$1.5 billion sale of the mine to China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC) is not approved by the Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC).   The mine has about 1000 employees and a lifespan stretching to 2025. 


Vessel owner to fork out for oil spill

WALVIS BAY - A tanker vessel will have be pay up for last weekend’s oil spill that occurred in the port of Walvis Bay.   It will also have to fork out for the clean-up of another oil spill that was detected at Longbeach Extension 1, north of Walvis Bay that was traced back to their vessel.


Sternagel opens throttle for revived Moto-X champs

SWAKOPMUND - The revival of the 2019 Moto-X Namibian Championships has opened the throttle on some fierce competition amongst the ‘big guns’ this year, in particular the unbeatable ‘King of the Dirt’ champ Mark Sternagel, who is flying high for a long-awaited title win. 


Guilty verdict for kidnappers

SWAKOPMUND - Four Walvis Bay residents, Logan Pretorius, his fiancé, Sandra Riobo, Ashley Januarie and Curven Vries were on Friday found guilty on a charge of kidnapping and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.


Furniture maker joins charitable township project

SWAKOPMUND - At 57 years old, furniture maker Mary Murembe is inching her way closer to retirement, but before she retires, she still needs to keep the production rolling, even more so after being commissioned by a charity project to assemble dog houses for distribution in the informal settlements in Swakopmund.


#Khaxab Royal house wants Topnaar’s throne

WALVIS BAY - The #Khaxab Royal house of Chief Samuel #Khaxab says the Topnaar chieftaincy rightfully belongs to the #Khaxab and it should be restored as such by appointing him as the rightful person to take over from the late Chief Seth Kooitjie.


Container terminal set for commissioning

SWAKOPMUND - The new container terminal constructed at a cost of N$4 billion at Walvis Bay  will be commissioned within three months. Namport upon inquiry yesterday told New Era the new container terminal is currently 96 percent complete with only the final touches being added to the mega project.