• July 15th, 2020

Kavango West

NaTIS centre opens its doors in Divundu

Transport minister John Mutorwa officially opened the new NaTIS office on Thursday in Divundu. The inauguration of this office came at a time when residents of Divundu used to travel about 200km to Rundu to access vehicle registration and learner’s licensing services. 


NaTIS opens shop at Divundu

RUNDU - The Roads Authority (RA) has started with services at Divundu, which has brought relief to inhabitants of the village council and surrounding areas, who, over the years, travelled more than 200km to Rundu for vehicle registration, and learner and driver’s licence testing. 

Vatungimo kava gwene simpu moyihwa yompongasano

Rundu - Vaporosi moKavango zoutekero moutatu una puko kavagwanekerere nombudi zondona omu kavagwene simpu somugara ana dogoroka ntani sina  zonauka unene, simpu esi kavasigwene vantu ava kavazire vakapapare nongombe dawo kadizumbanene mevango lya Mbeyo eli lyakara asi lyompongasano omu ava zangura yikaramo. Egwano lyosimpu esi kwahorkere mouvali koyiha yono vili 07h0. “ 

64 confirmed Hepatitis E cases in Kavango

RUNDU - By Wednesday last week, 64 cases of hepatitis E were confirmed in the two Kavango regions, with recent cases rocking Mpungu village in Kavango West where one death was recorded and eight cases were diagnosed with the lethal virus, health officials say.


Hippos destroy villager’s crops

NKURENKURU - Whilst some residents of Kavango West Region have endured sleepless nights by the elephant raids, for 64-year-old resident of Marema village in Tondoro Constituency, nocturnal crop invasion on his field by hippos has become a handsome.


Peace and security gets largest chuck of Sadc budget

WINDHOEK- The Southern African Development Community (Sadc) budgetary allocation to peace and security increased from 14 percent to 17 percent, slightly higher than the resources allocation framework by two percent, while the allocation for programmes of regional dimension decreased from 48 percent to 35 percent the same period.


Mbanga zonondja kazikasikire modoropa zaRundu

RUNDU - Ministera gokugusapo ruhepo netekuro, Zephania Kameeta, kakatulire mbanga ezi zoyimaliva mosirugana morukanda rwaSauyemwa. Sauyemwa kuna kara rukanda vatura sinkwa ntani paveta omu ruhepo naro runa kara morukanda oro, ngwendi morukanda makwawo gaNdama nagamwe ngoso. 

Toddler dies at neighbour’s homestead

NKURENKURU - Police in Kavango West are awaiting post-mortem results to ascertain the cause of death of a two-year-old girl who was found dead on Wednesday afternoon at the neighbour’s homestead where she was left by her mother to play with other young children.


Fresh produce needs established supply chain

SIKONDO - Sikondo green scheme project assistant manager Maxwell Nghidinwa says in order for the fresh produce market to be sustainable there is a need to have a supply chain where there are producers, wholesalers, retailers and for that supply chain to be respected for everyone to benefit.

Kavango West Governor’s Cup set December

RUNDU - The second edition of the three day annual Kavango West Governor’s Cup is slated for the weekend of 14th of next month to be hosted in the Kapako Constituency, with eight constituencies from Kavango West Region in action. The competition is the brainchild of the Kavango West Regional Governor, Honourable Sirkka Ausiku in collaboration with the Regional Football Committee.

Sure momukunda gwaNkurenkuru kazigwene yitji yenyango

Nkurenkuru - Sure zelipakerero zaKanuni Haruwodi zakara moNkurenkuru sinkwa ntani kazigwene uhwi kautundire keligwanekero lyomosirongo saTurkey, vana kutumbura asi TIKA, muna hamene yitji yenyango 30 ntani evango lyokudanena ndi yokudanesa vanona. Vatumwa kavatundire kosirongo sina kavayadingwire sure sivike sina pukomegendeso lyomukurona pamberewa zoTIKA Abdulkadir Abukhan. Sigendo esi saTIKA kasikere novantu wokusika ko 17 kavatundire koTurkey

Rundu businessman kills suspected robber

RUNDU - A man is recovering in the Rundu Intermediate Hospital from several stab wounds after surviving a knife attack which inflicted deep wounds on the right side of his chest, below the left armpit and on both hands. He was stabbed while he fought off a gang of knife-wielding thugs.

Fire causes damage at Sikondo green scheme

SIKONDO - On Saturday, workers at the Sikondo green scheme project 10 km west of Rundu in Kavango West worked feverishly, sweating it out in panic, as they struggled to extinguish the fire that almost caused major damage to the project’s facilities and crop fields.

Suspect sought by cops for dumping foetus

KAYIRA-YIRA - The police in Kavango West have requested the assistance from members of the public, who may perhaps have some information that could help to apprehend the culprit suspected to have aborted and abandoned her infant in the bushes of Kayira-yira village in Kavango West.