• April 10th, 2020



Sports development takes teamwork, dedication

To take Namibian sports to the desired heights, teamwork and unwavering dedication from all stakeholders will be needed throughout every step of the way, newly-appointed Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Agnes Tjongarero asserted.

During times of Covid-19

So far, no death/s as a result of the coronavirus has been recorded in Namibia. Only time and appropriate prevention measures will tell a different story. In the meantime, the number of positively testing cases are slowly increasing. 


Priorities in turbulent times

Times such as these are draining as they bring instability to our emotions. This means setting priorities is not a choice but a must as it requires us to gain knowledge and be enlightened to be able to do so.

Covid-19 donations are a noble cause

One would have expected businesses to emulate the exemplary example set by President Hage Geingob who personally pledged N$250 000 to the war-chest established towards the national effort to assist the government to contain the fast-spreading coronavirus that has brought the world to a standstill. 

The pastor’s son impregnated a girl

I was watching the movie ‘Freshman Year’ this week. The pastor’s son, who has been educated through private Christian schools until his secondary school, opted to enrol in a public university as opposed to a private Christian university.

Schools reopening?

Titse! Did I hear it right that the schools are reopening with the possibility of our kiddos being taught over the internet? Now, this is like looking for a needle in the haystack.


Fishrot accused commit another illegality

Two of the Fishrot suspects incarcerated at the Windhoek Correctional facility’s section for trial awaiting inmates were yesterday charged in absentia for contravening the Prisons Act at the Katutura Magistrate’s Court for the illegal possession of cellphones

CDF urged to refrain from politics 

The country’s official opposition, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), yesterday welcomed the appointment of Air Marshal Martin Kambulu Pinehas as the new chief of the defence force (CDF), urging him to refrain from politics and do his work without fear or favour in the interest of all Namibians.


Layoffs intensify at mining contractors

The care and maintenance announcement by the Skorpion Zinc mine and refinery in southern Namibia, which will inevitably affect a total of about 1 500 employees, has started to trickle down to the mine’s contractors who have confirmed retrenchments. 

Making peace with the past

Holding on to issues from the past doesn’t aid you in any way to head into the future. Sometimes, issues from the past need to be solved now or buried so as not to harm the present and future.

Letshego offers payment holiday

Letshego Namibia Holdings Ltd, the country’s largest micro-lender and a subsidiary of the 11-market strong Letshego Group, is taking proactive steps to support its customers through emerging economic challenges


Book review: The Different Sibling

In her newly published book, The Different Sibling, the author Albertina Nakashole demonstrates how throughout the novel the main character, Oshaye Haikali, abbreviated as Oshah, is caught in identity crisis while searching for religious, social and economic emancipation.


A glimpse into the homeless’ livelihoods amid Covid-19

As hundreds of homeless women, men and street children continue to be rounded up by government to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the threat of chronic diseases spread such as TB, hunger, violence, and non-adherence of social distancing are evident challenges inside the tents where these destitute citizens live in isolation.

Geingob praises heroics of health workers 

As countries yesterday marked the World Health Day, President Hage Geingob expressed his appreciation to healthcare workers in Namibia for their dedication and the sterling job they continue doing in saving lives in amidst of the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Universities ready for e-learning 

Local universities, including private institutions of higher learning, yesterday maintained they were ready to roll out e-learning classes, saying it is a technology that they have embraced for years. 


Geingob names eight new regional governors

Former Swapo Party Youth League spokesperson Neville Andre was yesterday appointed as the governor of Erongo, as President Hage Geingob named eight new regional heads yesterday. Apart from replacing Cleopas Mutjavikua at Erongo, Geingob also dropped the governors of Oshikoto, //Kharas, Omaheke, Kavango East, Ohangwena, Otjozondjupa and Hardap regions, while reappointing six of them.


MTC dismisses 5G rumours

As the Coronavirus sweeps the globe, so do rumours about what caused it or how it is spread. One such rumour that has gained steam online is that MTC has secretly installed 5G towers while the Khomas and Erongo regions are on lockdown. 


The voice of religions in times of coronavirus

We are all aware that religion has been seen and used throughout human history as an instrument or weapon of breaking down (as a tool of colonialism, oppression or suppression) or of breaking through (as a tool of liberation, transformation, reconciliation and healing). Today, the voice of religions in times of Covid-19 is that of healing and maintenance of healthy life and living conditions

Reports linking first family to Covid-19 fund dismissed

State House has dismissed rumours circulating on social media linking President Hage Geingob and his wife Monica Geingos to the distribution of the emergency package announced by government last week to support households that have lost incomes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Stadium shelters the homeless

About 246 people without shelter from Khomas region were temporarily relocated to makeshift accommodation at Katutura Youth Complex and Khomasdal Soccer Stadium during the duration of the entire lockdown affecting Khomas and the Erongo regions.

Ba 34 balifiswa hala kuloba mulao wakukwalwa

WINDOKO – Babanyazwa bamashumi amalalu kababane nebakile balifiswa masheleñi amwahala N$2000 ni N$4000 ki mapokola kabaka la kulekisa bucwala kasamulaho akupatalazwa kwa nako yaputako yanaha, ili yene hanisize tekiso yabucwala mwanako yeo.

Balipisinisinya baitumela kwatuso ya muuso

WINDOKO – Baluwi balipisinisinya bao lipisinisi zabona neli kwalilwe bakeñisa milao yanako yakukwala, baitumezi kwatuwelo yaputako yelikana N$750, yekatusa batu babatalimani nibutata bwa lituwelo zekeuzwi bakeñisa kuzuha kwa kakokwani ka Corona.


Stay at home, Shangula reiterates

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula has appealed to Namibians to adhere to the partial lockdown as well as regulations imposed by government to fight Covid-19. Shangula yesterday encouraged individuals to take responsibility for measures, such as regular hygiene practises, self-isolation and social distancing. 


Airport loan deal approved

Finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi is expected to finalise a loan agreement with China for the upgrading and expansion of the Hosea Kutako International Airport after the Asian giant gave the go-ahead for a “special financial package”.

4th wave of feminism

The fourth wave is said to exist virtually and it is one that reflected postmodern ideas; it allowed for individual choices, and some of the certainties (the ‘grand narratives’ of the second-wave feminism) could no longer be taken for granted. 


SYM Awards teams with NWR for 2020 edition

The Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards (SYMLAFAs) are returning to create memories in the entertainment industry at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) for its fourth edition on 12 September 2020, and entries for the different categories are closing on 29 May 2020. 

Sex workers urged to look beyond monetary perspective

Country director of Namibia sex workers alliance Rachel Love Gawases said although the Covid-19 lockdown impedes their finances, it is essential Namibian sex workers look at this with  a critical eye and understand the lockdown from a holistic manner, rather than from a monetary perspective. 


Star of the Week : Namibian government

Our Star of the Week is the Namibian government that on Wednesday authorised the stimulus package of N$8.1 billion that will help qualifying households, formal and informal businesses, the tourism sector, travel, aviation and construction sectors to prevail during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Africans should collaborate on Covid-19

The reason Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic is this crisis, the worst catastrophe post-World War II, is spreading at unprecedented levels, overwhelming health sectors in America and Europe, where health facilities are adequately funded and are world-class with modern equipment.


O&L Group collaborates with industry to address Covid-19 impact

“In these unprecedented times, it is important to stay focused and practice transcending actions through purpose, care and discipline. Collaboration amongst industry leadership and government has never been this phenomenal,” said O&L executive chairman and NCCI president Sven Thieme in a media statement issued on Wednesday. 


Sorry ngo - Tara nawa, I am no fool..

I  hate to be April fooled, but every year I fall for the joke like a zoppa who hopes to get her money back at the tara-nawa corner on Independence Avenue. Some of you probably don’t know what tara nawa is, but it was a group of skolies from the golden 90s who used to gamble/swindle money out of unsuspecting victims by the stroke of a dice. I don’t know why, but I am just one of those who have been swindled too many a time – maybe I just got that mampara written on my face, but I am tired now. 

Ovandu kavesere oku nyinga nyinga 

Otjomuise-Tjikweya ko ma patero wo ma nyinga nyingiro owo nai ngunda ngeri mo tukondwa twa Erongo na Khomasa uriri nu harukuru wina ngu ma ye vaza kotukondwa atuhe mehi, omundu ka ngamwa auhe maso oku kara pekara pendje mena ro ma pu inga: mbu ma veso oku ungura oviungura ovi mwata mwate;

Ovandu kombanda ya 10 kavasere o ku worongana

Otjomuise- Moruveze ro u zeu mena ro mutjise wondwi yo Corona ndwa tjivisiwab iyo tjiuru tjehi, Omutjuøikwa Hage Geingoba tjiyari 17 ko mweze imbwi, ohoromemnde tjiyari 28 ko mweze imbwi wina otji ya pitisire mongoramambo yondjiukisio yo vi tjitwa vyo horo omazeva ngu ma ye kongorerwa oruveze indwi.


The football playing banker - Riundjua ‘Clave‘ Herunga

A product of the unofficial school of excellence, the revered St. Josephs Secondary School (Dobra) situated north east of Namibia’s commercial capital Windhoek, former African Stars and Life Fighters football clubs midfield anchorman Benestus Riundjua ‘Clave” Herunga, is a chap of the old block. His genes dictated that he would be a footballer of note, after all, elder brother the late Boas “Mboroto” Herunga, was an acrobatic shot-stopper with ambitious Katutura outfit Flames and Windhoek City back in the day. Younger brother Pulelee Herunga counts amongst the most promising young centre backs of his generation in the business. The strongly built calculated fellow’s much travelled football career was curtailed by persistent hobbling from town to town, a culmination of work commitment as a banker taking him to various towns across the width and length of his motherland. Here’s his full story about his football journey.


Dispatched thoughts - Look after yourself

We are facing unprecedented times currently, not just in our country, but globally. The Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc throughout the world, every corner of the earth seems to be badly affected, some worse than others, but everyone is feeling its effects.

Informal sector welcomes relief funding

Informal business owners, whose businesses had to shut down due to lockdown measures, have welcomed the emergency income grant of N$750, which will support households to cope with their reduced income and other economic hardships resultant from the Covid-19 outbreak.


Govt unveils N$8.1bn stimulus package

Government has prepared an economic stimulus package totalling a massive N$8.1 billion to confront the expected coronavirus economic fallout. The much-anticipated announcement was made by finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi at State House yesterday. 


Businesses must be innovative and trade borders must remain open - private sector

Faced with the prospect of an economy further devastated by Covid-19 after suffering from a recession for the last two years, a private sector task team spearheaded by the ministry of industrialisation and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) has encouraged businesses to be innovative in conducting their activities in order to minimise the spread of the deadly virus.


Bankers Association explains funding relief by banks

The Bankers Association of Namibia (BAN) has provided further clarity to customers on the case-by-case funding relief, which is handled according to each bank’s respective rules. “It is important to clarify that monthly payments will not be waived altogether but will only be moved out for a limited period of time,” said Sarel van Zyl, current chairperson of BAN.

Huawei announces solid business performance for 2018/19

Huawei recently released its 2019 Annual Report detailing a solid business performance. The company’s global sales revenue in 2019 rounded off at CNY858.8 billion, up 19.1% year-on-year; its net profit reached CNY62.7 billion; and its cash flow from operating activities topped CNY91.4 billion, up 22.4% year-on-year.


Geingob appoints Pinehas as CDF

President Hage Geingob yesterday appointed Air Marshal Martin Kambulu Pinehas, the commander of the Namibian Air Force, as the new chief of the defence force (CDF) with effect from today. Pinehas replaces Lieutenant General John Mutwa, who has been beset by ill-health since the beginning of last year.


LPM to make its presence felt in parliament - Swartbooi

With four representatives in the National Assembly, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) believes it has the requisite ammunition in its arsenal to robustly debate bread and butter issues without fear or favour. This is what could be deduced from the comments of LPM’s chief-change-campaigner Bernadus Swartbooi during a recent in-depth interview with Nampa.


Catholic loses church bell worth N$100 000

Unknown thieves in Omusati region on Sunday at an unknown time sneaked into the premises of the Roman Catholic Parish and stole its church bell worth N$100 000, revealed Deputy Police Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi in the crime report she issued on Tuesday.

‘We bring ICT to the people’

For thousands of years it was only a privilege of a few people to learn reading and writing. Lack of this knowledge was a tool, like the whip in slavery, to oppress the masses, in particular girls and women. Luckily, this has changed in most parts of the world including Namibia. 

Namibian students share lockdown experience in America

Students studying in the United States (US) narrated how life is for them during the lockdown in their cities. Alvine Kapitako, a former employee of New Era, told Youth Corner that all their classes are online for the rest of the semester. ‘’The decision was made three weeks ago.


My weekly take away - The significance of social media in sports

Social media has changed the way that we look at many things in today’s society, including how we look at sports. Many people are now looking at social media to help them find sports results, chat with other sport fans and even follow or like their favorite sporting stars, all options which a few years ago would not have even been possible. 


Over 40 cases undergo Covid-19 test

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula yesterday said the State has so far only conducted about 40 Covid-19 tests, despite criticism that limited testing could leave cases undetected. “I don’t have the exact number but I think we have so far tested just over 40 people for Covid-19,” Shangula told New Era upon enquiry yesterday.  


Over 40 cases undergo Covid-19 test

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula yesterday said the State has so far only conducted about 40 Covid-19 tests, despite criticism that limited testing could leave cases undetected. “I don’t have the exact number but I think we have so far tested just over 40 people for Covid-19,” Shangula told New Era upon enquiry yesterday.  

34 fined for violating lockdown

Thirty-four suspects got fines of between N$2 000 and N$4 000 from the police for selling alcohol after a state of emergency was declared which prohibits the sale of liquor during this period.


Namibian students in China share lockdown experiences

Namibian students studying in China have exhorted fellow Namibians to take lockdowns seriously as they survived through the whole ordeal with no new local cases reported when China, initially the epicentre of Covid-19 was the first country to impose lockdowns that reduced the spread of the virus.


unWrap - Gazza the modern-day Moses

Gazza is indeed the Moses that keeps giving, even in hard times, through music. In a time of despair, award-winning artist Gazza has given music consumers across the globe hope through his latest single and music video. We are in, without a question, one of the most critical times in our planet’s history as the world tries to win the fight over the deadly Covid-19; however, one of the elements that can keep us sane is music during these trying times. 

MTCs ge N$1 miljunsa go ǂnûiǂui coronavirusa ǁkhaubas !aroma

MTCs ge kaise !hae huib ǀkha nē ǁkhōǁkhōsa mâsib !nâ go ǂherexa Coronavirus khoraǂuisensa ǁkhaes ase tsî ǁnā-amaga N$1 miljunsa go ǂnûiǂui. Nē maris ge ǁnāti ǀaweǁguihe hâ !kharaga ǁgariǁgarisa !âga !oa ǂhâsib ra hā khami nî ǂhāǂuihese. ǀNî !âgu nē maris nî sîsenū!nâhegu ge ǂansa ǀgoragus, ǀhûhâsiga ǁgau!nâs, ǁkhaubas hōhō!nâdi, !norasa ǀae!khō!khaigu !nâ ǁguiris tsî !oabade mās tsîna.

ǀKhurub xa !khōhe hâ ǀhûhâsigu ge ǁauna nî !khō!oa.

ǂNŪǂGOAES – Nexus ǁGau!khōs ti ǀon hâ ǂnûiǂgās ge ǁnā ǁanǂgāsaben ǁkharas ǀkharib din hîa ǀkhurub xa ǀgaisase ge tsâǀkhāhena mâxōǀkhās ase dōǂgāsa ǁaun, N$200 000 xa a !nāsa ǁkhāsiba !khōǂgā hâna ge ǁkhaeǁnâba. Nē !gâi!gâ ǁanǂgāsaben ge !Autsawises tsî ǀNomsoros Aiǂoas ǁhûi!nâǂharira di khoena.

Is it jobs for comrades or a mere bloated Cabinet again?

The Namibians woke up on 9 February 1990 with delight, as that day heralded the dawn and introduction of one of the best constitutions in the world. The chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, which constructed and drafted the Constitution, is the current president of the Republic. One can say we are honoured to have the former chairperson of the Constituent Assembly in the State House today because he knows all the corners and hooks of the Constitution.

The church and politics

The church has always had a very important role to play in the pollical stratosphere the world over. Historical activities, including the crusades to liberate Jerusalem, the “discovery” of America’s even down to the colonisation of Africa had the blessing of the church. In the last 100 years, the church then became instrumental in the fight for liberation and independence of many countries including our Namibia.


Medical funds urged to pay out Covid-19 cover

The Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (Namfisa) has encouraged the public to adhere to all public notices issued by government in relation to Covid-19 and to contact their medical aid funds for clarity on their benefit option limits. 


Covid-19 pushes fuel prices down

Petrol prices will come down by a whopping N$1.70 per litre and diesel will decrease N$1.20 per litre on 1 April 2020 as global demand for the oil wanes in the face of the crippling impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.  The massive drop in local oil prices was announced even as the local currency depreciated against the United States greenback. 

Industry Loop - Let’s GMTM 

Entertainers, we need to be smart during these uncertain times. Yes, social distancing means bad business for us. Yes, we are in the midst of a state of an emergency due to Covid-19, which is terrible for our bottom line. However, we need to be shrewd.


Ndapanda's travel guide (2)

Many conversations need to happen before one can travel. What destination? How long is the vacation? Have you read up on the conditions of the roads? Do you need to rent a car? What kind of car? Which car rentals do you use? And most importantly, what is the budget? 


The downside of self-love 

In the world where everyone is told to love and focus on themselves, empathy seems to have become a thing of the past. This is nothing but an illustration of how the 21st century has diverted the focus from the community to the individual.

The third wave of feminism

The third wave of feminism (late 1980s – early 2000s) is seen as a continuation of the second wave and a response to the perceived failures of the first two waves. Women in these periods worked on the laws that the first and second wave could not bring forth into existence.


The role of brand ambassadors

Of late, we have been seeing our favourite celebrities getting endorsement deals to represent certain brands in the country. But what does it take to be a brand influencer or ambassador, and what exactly is expected of such a person? Do they get paid: How are they are remunerated or awarded? Entertainment Now! contacted Ohlthaver & List (O&L) and Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) to find out the importance of brand ambassadors.


MTC sets aside N$1 million to help fight coronavirus

MTC has embarked on an aggressive response strategy to help fight Coronavirus, setting in motion a plan to be funded with N$1 million. The funds will be distributed to different critical areas as per the strategy, including information sharing, education sharing, prevention, facility investment, as well as service delivery.


Fear, panic and suspicion: The media and coronavirus

How the media frames an issue can and do have priming effects.  In other words, the media as it did at the onset of the HIV/Aids pandemic by framing it as the gay plague, as a death sentence once contracted etc, can promote a stigmatising attitude, widespread panic and fear resulting in people coming up with bizarre solutions like sleeping with babies, virgins and what have you that served to compound rather than solve the problem.


Notes on the coronavirus pandemic

Deadly pandemics and epidemics, caused by viruses and bacteria, are part of human history. Spectacular examples include: the Plague of Justinian during 541-542 (30-50 million deaths); Bubonic Plague/Black Death during 1347-1351 (200 million deaths); Smallpox in 1520 (56 million deaths); The Third Plague in 1855 (12 million deaths), and the Spanish Flu in 1918-1919 (40-50 million deaths). 


Maintain calm and practise good hygiene

I was fortunate to engage with a few people on social media regarding the novel coronavirus (declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation), which has now also tested positive on Namibian soil as of 13 March 2020.


Sorry ngo - The world in a state of /homaxa...

In all of my existence, I have never seen the whole world in a state of /homaxa, dromokaar, upside down like this. Even the richest country in the world, the United States, is zularing for goods and services as the country’s infections rates have gone into overdrive. I don’t want to think about what’s happening in Italy, where people are dying like flies. 


Veterans urged to pursue long-term projects

Veterans of the liberation struggle, successfully running their businesses in the form of individual veterans projects (IVPs), are encouraging those advocating for their IVPs to be paid in cash instead of funding the business models of their choice, to think about their immediate families and surrounding communities, whom they said will greatly benefit from the IVPs once they have taken root.


Stay home, save lives… government urges public to respect virus lockdown

The authorities yesterday once again reminded residents of affected towns in Erongo as well as Windhoek, Okahandja and Rehoboth to strictly adhere to the lockdown rules as government intensifies the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak. Government has come up with strict measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, including imposing a 21-day lockdown, which begins tomorrow.


Unam formulates locally made sanitiser

The University of Namibia (Unam)’s Faculty of Science and School of Pharmacy has manufactured a hand sanitiser for the University community, with limited ingredients, to restrict possible coronavirus infection on campuses, stated the in-house Forum Online run by Unam.

Muinjangue kuna kukarugnena mbunga politika zendi

Ogu kavapere sinkwa ntani sirugana souministeragona woukanguki noukali nawa Utjiua Muinjangue katente asi age takatwikira kuruganena mbunga politika zendi mombongarero zanavenye ano simpe taka ruganesa nonkondo dedi asi munisteragona goukkanguki noukali nawa mokuruganena vaNamibia navenye.”Ame kuna gusa posa ezi ngomuNamibia ogu ana hara kukambekako keparu lyovaNamibia; eyi kapi yina kara asi morwa upolitika wange oku nahamena. 

We Are In It Together!

New Era Publication Corporation would like to assure all our readers that we will continue sharing information on all our platforms, including social media and website, on a daily basis amidst the coronavirus outbreak challenges.


MPs standoff to be dealt with

Speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi was evasive yesterday on what possible action the August House would take after a war of words broke out between Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi and labour minister Utoni Nujoma. 


Media essential in time of crisis – editors

In light of the 21-day lockdown starting on Friday in Khomas and Erongo regions when only essential services will be operating, New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC) CEO Christof Maletsky said whether the media are regarded as essential services or not, they should regard themselves as essential.


Coronavirus wrecks kapana business

The market for fresh, wood-roasted beef popularly known as ‘kapana’ at the Single Quarters in Katutura is usually a beehive of activity frequented by locals and occasionally European tourists in search of exotic African cuisine.

Bank Windhoek confirms new interest rates

In response to the announcement by the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Namibia to decrease the policy rate as announced on 20 March 2020, Bank Windhoek hereby confirms the reduction of its Prime Lending Rate by 1.00% from 10.00% to 9.00%. The Mortgage Lending Rate will decrease from 11.00% to 10.00%


Shiimi hailed as ‘breath of fresh air’ in finance ministry portfolio

Economists and business leaders have hailed former central bank governor Iipumbu Shiimi as new finance minister as a welcome development, given his extensive economic and banking background. President Geingob on Sunday appointed Shiimi to the finance ministry while former finance minister Calle Schlettwein, a trained biologist, has been moved to the merged agriculture, water and land reform ministry.

Word On The Block by the Namibian Police - Understanding public gathering and the law

In as much as the nation is cognisant of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, Article 21, Fundamental Freedoms, Sub-article (1) (a), (d) and (e), we should also be mindful of the same Article, sub-article 2. This sub-article states that such fundamental freedoms referred to shall be exercised subject to the law of Namibia, and in so far as, such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the rights and freedoms conferred by the said sub-article. Peaceful public gatherings are recognised in democracies worldwide as being important and acceptable form of public expression. However, such exercise shall be conducted within the reasonable restriction of the law.


NaCC warns of coronavirus price gouging 

The Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC) has warned businesses not to take advantage of consumers by price gouging during the coronavirus outbreak.  NaCC CEO Vitalis Ndalikokule has urged the general public to be vigilant and file complaints regarding price gouging related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Man shoots himself with neighbour’s gun

A 23-year-old man who borrowed his neighbour’s shotgun to kill his dog allegedly shot himself on Saturday afternoon at Ombugayamunyoko village in Oshana region. “It is alleged that Naftal Junias Shukifeni (23) shot himself with the neighbour’s shotgun after he allegedly borrowed the gun to go kill his dog,’’ stated the weekly crime report issued this week. 

Nangolo’s bail slashed to N$5 000

Local lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji on Monday convinced Windhoek magistrate Ivan Gawanab to drastically reduce the bail amount the State suggested for Simon Nangolo down from N$50 000 to N$5 000 after the State removed their initial objection to bail.

Chineseǁî aitsama ǂharugu-aos ge !gâiaǂgaoba ǀhûhâsib hostels tawa ge hā-ū

NKURENKURUS - ǁNāpas ge dâb di ǀhâimâiǀomsa Sikarosompo ǂAm skoli, Kavango Huriǂoas dib tawa ge hâ i, ǁnāpab ge skola ǁaerob ǀgaiban a huisenū ǁkhāse, xūna sâu!nâs !khaib tsî ǂûsâi!nâ!nā-oms tsîna ǀkhomxa!nâ khoera hîa ge skolǀgôan di ǀkhomaǂgansa ǁnâu tsî a oe-amra xu a !khō!oas khao!gâ. Nē kurib di tsoatsoasa xun ge skoli di ǁgau!nâ-aona ǁîn di ǁom!khaide ǀgôan ǀkha gere ǀgoragu, ǀgôan hâ!khaib ge ǀnanub xa ǂkhôahes khao!gâ tsîn ǀnî ǁom!nâ!khaina ge ǀkhai i amaga.


Rainfall alone cannot guarantee optimal rangeland recovery

A rangeland refers to a land area inhabited by native plants (grass, forbs, shrubs & trees) utilized by domestic and wild animals. Rangelands have direct or indirect support to all forms of life and is the cheapest source of food for livestock.  Humans also derive food, medicine, and construction materials amongst others from the rangeland.


Agri sector welcomes Schlettwein

Stakeholders in the agriculture sector yesterday welcomed newly-appointed minister of agriculture, water and land reform Calle Schlettwein, saying he possesses the required experience, skills and training to bring the desired change to the industry.


A new chapter for the 30-year China-Namibia relations

2020 is an important year in the history of China-Namibia bilateral relations. It marks the 30th anniversary of the independence of Namibia and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. It is also a crucial year for China to reach the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and eradicate absolute poverty.


Repo rate cut to 5.25% to cushion impact of Covid-19

The Bank of Namibia’s (BoN’s) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) on Friday cut the repo rate by 100 basis points, from 6.25% to 5.25% to help cushion the anticipated impact of Covid-19 and support domestic economic activity, while maintaining the one-to-one link between the Namibia Dollar and the South African Rand.


unWrap - Seeing Namibia through enthralling ‘Unique Namibia’

The sheer beauty of the Namibian landscapes, architecture and its people is undeniably the most unique and stunning scenery to behold. While many may nod to the incredible natural beauty of Namibia and perhaps go down memory lane to some of their travels, the next best thing to touring Namibia in person is admiring its epic beauty as captured on camera by talented photographer Hentie Burger.


Gochas yearns for development

The lack of road infrastructure in Gochas in the Hardap region is hampering tourism activity in the small village. The village, situated about 100 kilometres south-east of Mariental, is the gateway to the Mata Mata border post. However, 30 years after independence, major road infrastructure is still lacking in the sleepy village that has about 500 inhabitants. 


Born-free prepares for ministerial job

Emma Theofelus was having a lazy Sunday afternoon at home when she received a surprising rare phone call from State House. The call led to a chain of events that would change her life forever as it was indeed to confirm her appointment as one of the eight presidential nominees for the National Assembly as well as to serve her nation in a deputy minister capacity.

Lodge to slash wages due  to Covid-19

The Namibian hospitality industry, particularly lodges, are highly vulnerable and will be hard hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic after Namibia has recorded the third case of Covid-19 last week. Many lodges are trying to reduce and cut costs as the industry faces cancellations from foreign tourists who are the life-blood of this key sector of the economy.


US ambassador congratulates Geingob

The US ambassador to Namibia, Lisa Johnson, has congratulated President Hage Geingob and the people of Namibia on the 30th anniversary of Namibia’s independence that was celebrated Saturday across the diamond-rich country. 


Para-athletes hanging in the balance …as Covid-19 ravages on

WITH the commencement of the 2020 Olympics Games yet to be decided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), para-athletes the world over are also waiting in the wings with bated breathe for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to pronounce itself on the 2020 Paralympic Games amidst the widespread coronavirus that has halted sport globally.


Basketball School host first-ever symposium

The Namibian Basketball School League (NBSL), under the auspices of the Namibia Basketball Federation (NBF) and in collaboration with the Deutsche Hohere Privatschule (DHPS), recently hosted its first-ever basketball symposium.

Do our words hide the truth? … a challenge to transform

Writing legibly has never been one of my strongest points. I have often wondered whether exasperated examiners passed me at school and university on the assumption that one so lacking in handwriting skills must obviously have used his time to soak up the more important facts of the subject matter being examined.

Corona exposes health inequities and the marginalisation of the poor

THE government has gone into overdrive in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus since two Romanian tourists tested positive for the virus after landing in the country on Wednesday, the 11 March 2020. The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, which has since been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a cause for concern for all humanity.

Govt tightens quarantine on arrivals from Europe

Government has started rolling out increased measures to contain the growing coronavirus outbreak by quarantining 35 Namibian citizens who were trapped in Europe. The 35 arrived in the country on Saturday morning and were immediately whisked away to the Greiters conference centre on the outskirts of Windhoek for a mandatory quarantine of 14 days.


Xi sends salutations to Geingob

WINDHOEK – Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Namibia celebrating its 30 years of independence and statehood, has reaffirmed his country’s excellent diplomatic relations, tracing back to when Namibia was still ruled by the apartheid South African minority regime.

Wabulalu uswalelwa Corona mwa Namibia

WINDOKO – Liluko la Makete viki yefelile neli zibahalize kuli lipatisiso lizwelapili, kasamulaho muyahi wanaha Germany naswalezwi kakokwani ka Corona, ili kutalusa kuli babase baswalezwi butuku bwa Corona mwanaha seli babalalu.

Tekisano yalitapi ikwaluzwi  mwa Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO – Kukwaliwa kwalitapi ili kezahalo yakamita mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, kone kukalile mwakweli ya Ñulule, kakuba nzila yeñwi yakufa litapi nako yakuzwala nekufelisizwe la 1 Lyatamani. Kukwaliwa kwatekisano yalitapi kutahanga ili kuli litapi lisilelezwe, mwasikiliti mo litapi kizabutokwa mwakumatafaza mubili.

Keto yamakwambuyu itokwisa Geingob buloko

WINDOKO – Mueteleli wanaha Hage Geingob ubonisize kuli hana kuketa limembala zalikopano zelwanisana hala makwambuyu bahae, mi kanako yeswana napatuluzi kuli kumubela tata kuketa baeteleli balilimo liketalizoho zetaha. Nihakulicwalo Geingob viki yefelile nakutiselize falitulo Nangolo Mbumba kuba mubakweli wahae, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila kuba ngambela, ni likwambuyu walitaba zakwanda naha Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah kuba mubakweli ku ngambela.


NSA halts census mapping due to Covid-19

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) has confirmed the suspension of the census mapping exercise. As per the directive from President Hage Geingob, calling for a state of emergency because of the Covid-19 outbreak, NSA’s statistician general and CEO Alex Shimuafeni on Friday confirmed the Census mapping has been put on hold until 14 April 2020, or at least until the situation stabilises. 


NamPost to remain open for business during virus crisis

In response to the confirmed Covid-19 cases in Namibia and the directives issued by the government and head of state, NamPost has implemented preventative measures as part of its overall action plan to protect the health of staff and clients throughout the country. As part of preventative measures, there will be restrictions on the number of clients in the post office dependent on the post office lay-out and size and customers will be requested to keep a distance of at least a metre as directed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. 


President takes charge

President Hage Geingob at the weekend vowed to honour his social contract with the Namibian people, with a promise to tackle youth unemployment, income disparities and inequalities, and fight against corruption, poverty and hunger. 


Geingob launches commemorative banknote

On Namibia’s 30th independence anniversary, President Hage Geingob launched a new N$30 commemorative banknote, issued by the Bank of Namibia (BoN). The once-off print commemorative banknote is the first of its kind to be issued by BoN, with the sole purpose to celebrate Namibia’s 30th independence anniversary.   


Members of the 7th National Assembly

The 96 members of the National Assembly, with voting powers, were sworn in on Friday for the next five years until 2025. Reappointed Vice president Nangolo Mbumba was also sworn in, but will now have to resign from parliament after he was installed as vice president on Saturday.


30 years on, sport challenges persist

As Namibia readies herself to celebrate 30 years of democracy, peace and political stability, New Era gives you, our esteemed reader, a thorough look at how far Namibian sport has evolved over the past 30 years. We especially focus on the country’s many achievements at continental and global levels, while also looking at the various shortcomings in the local sporting sector.


The relevance of student leadership in Namibia

After 30 years of independence, student leaders in the country continue to fight for the rights and the wellness of the Namibian students. New Era sat down with a few student leaders in the country to get their take on the status of student leadership. 


Mission to mend broken hearts… up close and personal with

One of the toughest aspects to deal with, as a practising heart surgeon, is the emotional and psychological toll experienced when a patient dies. This is according to Namibia’s first black heart surgeon, Dr Jones Nghaamwa, who says even as a professional he has not yet learnt how to deal with the devastation and anguish of the grieving process.


Trade unions need self introspection, renewal

There is no doubt that trade unions play an important role in the country’s body politic in their efforts to be a voice for the growing numbers of unorganised and marginalised workers in Namibia. But are our local trade unions relevant given the fast-changing union politics?


This one is for you

This one is for you the one who made the thirtieth 21st possible the one for whom no songs are written the one for whom many songs have been sungIt’s been 30 years but please accept my omapandulo


Industry Loop - On the real though... 

The entertainment industry is hardest hit by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus aka Covid-19. It is wreaking havoc. Covid-19 is taking the soul of the entertainment industry and playing ‘amagoes’ with it. If you want to see the entertainment industry crumble into pieces like what the cookie monster does with its baked treats, take away its events. Events are the soul of the entertainment industry. That’s how most entertainers make money. From the MC, to the artist, to the Dj, the sound team, the lights team, entertainment journalists, bloggers, vloggers, radio DJs, influencers, dancers, bouncers/security, theatre, event management, and club/lounge owners. 

Feminism Part 2

Last week’s section introduced the four waves of feminism. Today’s section will entirely focus on the first wave of feminism, how beneficial it has been, and how we are benefitting from it now. 


Sean Naude vs Southern African Python

The top trending clip is from Sherriff Marshall Sean Naude who this week assisted a resident in the Khomasdal area by rescuing and capturing a snake. “This is a Southern African Python, it was commonly known as a Rock Python, it is not venomous and can reach six metres in length,” Naude informed Entertainment Now!


Anxiety: our common denominator

It is a no-brainer that at a slight investigation of our habits and behaviours, laying in our subconscious is a force whose control directs our decisions. This force secretly and greatly controls our minds and influences our decisions, behaviours, as well as their consequences.


Coleman in self-quarantine

Speaking to New Era Sport from her base in coronavirus-hit Spain, Brave Gladiators poster-girl Zenatha Coleman yesterday narrated how the virus has wreck havoc in that country’s football leagues and almost all public systems, sending thousands into total lockdown in fear of further infections.


In conversation with Warriors legend Eliphas Kambuta ‘Safile’ Shivute

Arguably one of very few local successful athletes of all time, former coastal giants Eleven Arrows, Scottish club Motherwell FC and Brave Warriors legendary versatile winger Eliphas Kambuta Shivute, aka “Safile”, remains level-headed and is currently a successful businessman in the northern part of the country. Unlike many of his generational peers who have gone the wrong way upon expiry of their playing days, the bulky forward has shown that there is indeed a certain degree of decent life after football. Having played professional football in different continents across the globe, including Asia and Europe, Shivute has put his earnings to good use and many aspiring young athletes, footballers in particular can take a leaf out of his book.


Ryan's corner - Covid-19: Now is the time to stand as one people

Hi everyone, welcome to another instalment to my weekly column, Ryan’s Corner. It’s a tough time the world over right now, as all countries are battling with the widespread of the deadly coronavirus. I hope everyone back home in Namibia has been keeping safe and following all set preventative and responsive measures as announced by government.

Access to affordable financing key for economic development - BoN

Certain national developmental agendas can only be achieved through public education and some of the crucial issues pertaining to this, according to the Bank of Namibia, are policies related to fees and charges at banks and financial institutions. Director of Payment and Settlement Systems at the central bank, Barbara Dreyer, said that access to affordable financial products and services is a key driver for economic development. 


GIPF sets aside N$25.9 billion to ensure benefit payments

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is aware of the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and has taken the necessary precautions to protect its staff members by encouraging them to practice best hygienic methods such as washing their hands with soap regularly, applying alcohol-based hand sanitisers and wearing of protective gear such as masks and gloves where necessary.  

30 years of Namibian independence shrouded in deep secrecy 

On 21 March 2020, Namibia will clock 30 years of independence, shrouded in secrecy of torture and disappearances of many Namibians in Lubango dungeons of Angola. Many of the victims of this horrendous chapter in the Namibian liberation history were unfortunate for not accorded fair hearing and decent burials appropriate for heroes. Shockingly it has been a taboo to talk about those dark hours of the dungeons, as it would be opening old wounds.

While the Americans are building walls, the Chinese are building bridges

Walls and bridges represent different functional and symbolic meanings. Walls represent barriers and bridges stand for connection, opening and passage. Bridges are meant to connect people and places, whereas walls are meant to prevent/block entry by unwanted outsiders or even animals. The Berlin Wall was meant to separate the two former Germanys East and West because of the ideological divide of the time. 

Namibia rising above corona

The invisible coronavirus has reached Namibian shores after leaving a trail of devastation in China, Europe and the world at large. In Namibia, priority should be on protecting lives and saving our economy. The main emphasis should be on containing and mitigating the disease itself. President Geingob demonstrated decisive leadership on managing Covid-19 and this offers hope to control its impact.  

One country: Three nations

Now that we are celebrating 30 years of independence of our country it may be important to just briefly reflect on some issues of those years, particularly what still persistently and disturbingly are still haunting us.

Let’s celebrate expansion in our education system

Today, when the young and the born-free, those born after Namibia’s independence in 1990, enrol at schools and institutions of their choices, little does it come to their minds that it was not as easy as that during the years of colonialism and apartheid. Today, black and white students enrol for degree programmes such as medicine, law, engineering, humanities, social sciences, pure sciences and education at higher education institutions without segregation.  They do this at will depending on their passes at high school level.


Opinion - Coronavirus: Are Namibians ready?

The spectre of Covid-19 has befallen the world, creating a wave of global shock with reported cases mounting to approximately over 200 000 worldwide, claiming over 8 000 lives (World Health Organisation, 2020). Furthermore, according to the WHO approximately 151 countries have reported cases of Covid-19 of which 30 are from the African continent.

Editorial - Inequality albatross a daily constant

Rising poverty levels faced daily among the majority of the country’s small population of slightly over two million are in stark contrast to the fabulous natural resources of Namibia, among them gold, diamonds, uranium, copper, marine fisheries, forestry resources and an abundance of labour.


Raising Naneni - Telling your children about coronavirus

The Covid-19 has pounced on the world like a thief in the night. Even though China has been dealing with the virus since the 31 December 2019, we could only sympathise. But before long, the virus spread to other countries and subsequently Namibia reported its first two cases over the weekend.


Sorry ngo - Journalists are no Liewe-Heksies

I was a little embarrassed over the blunders at State House on Wednesday when the president announced his top three and journalists were either too intimidated by the moment or didn’t have a clue about what to ask the head of state. Fair and well, it’s true that as journalists, we often fail to ask the hard-hitting questions. Just look at how some of the once revered talk shows have become more of public relations stunts. 


The legacy awaiting Geingob

After a challenging five years, rocked by weak economic growth, unemployment and an internal rebellion within the ruling party, President Hage Geingob will be looking at securing a rock-solid legacy as he starts serving his final term tomorrow. 


Outrage over forced removal of learners’ hair

RUNDU – In the wake of some complaints, the Executive Director in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp, has ordered schools to stop the forceful and unlawful cutting of learners’ hair along with the subjective banishment of learners from school for refusal to cut their hair.


Trump congratulates Geingob, hails Namibia

On the eve of Namibia’s 30th independence anniversary, US President Donald Trump has sent a congratulatory message to President Hage Geingob and the Namibian people and also hailed Namibia’s strong democratic tradition, which he said was evident in last year’s free and fair general election.


Businesses postpone crucial events due to Covid-19

Businesses in the country are adhering to the call of President Hage Geingob on the suspension of mass gatherings for at least 30 days. This after Namibia confirmed two cases of coronavirus last week. Most events that were scheduled for April including expos and graduation ceremonies are now postponed.


Fourth quarter residential property prices dampen

The FNB House Price Index stood at -4.7% y/y as at December 2019 compared to 0.5% y/y recorded over the same period of the preceding year. On a quarterly basis, the house price index growth has averaged -5.1% y/y in Q4 of 2019 compared to -2.4% y/y realised over the same period of 2018.

Namib Mills loses vetkoek fight

Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula this week dismissed with costs an application by Namib Mills to interdict Bokomo Namibia from using its current branding of its vetkoek flour as it is similar to that of Namib Mills.

19 who met infected couple test negative

Nineteen out of twenty-five people who came into contact with the Romanian couple who tested positive for coronavirus in Namibia were traced, contacted and tested for Covid-19, and the health and social services minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula said no secondary transmission was observed.  “Appropriate measures were taken which included isolation and monitoring,” Shangula informed a media briefing yesterday.  


NSSU Kavango East branch aiming for the stars

Namibia Schools Sport Union (NSSU) Kavango East regional chairperson, Chris  Shindendere, wants the region to be counted amongst the best on the local sports scene and become one of the foremost providers of world-class athletes for the country. Speaking to New Era Sport from his base in Rundu yesterday, Shindendere who was elected Kavango East regional chairperson last November, shared his vision for the region and the heights he plans to take the region’s sports to in the near future.


Warriors withdraw from 2020 Chan tournament

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) yesterday announced the withdrawal of the Brave Warriors from next month’s African Nations Championship (Chan) tournament, scheduled for 4–25 April in Cameroon. The withdrawal was prompted by the widespread coronavirus outbreak.

Social reflections - The art of self-love (Part 2)

You know that moment when you are supposed to meet up with a friend. The plan was to meet up at 6 p.m. Yet, fifteen minutes later, you receive a text explaining that they are still getting dressed, which we all know means ‘just getting out the shower’.

Dispatched thoughts - Independence of our great nation

We have a lot to be thankful for and much more to celebrate as our young great nation turns 30 years – thirty years of us being independent, 30 years of us enjoying our hard-earned freedom, 30 years of peace and stability in the country and from recently held elections, and 30 years of good governance.


CAM assessing coronavirus impact on markets

The coronavirus outbreak is having an extreme impact on the global financial markets. According to Capricorn Asset Management (CAM) the real cost to the actual economies is still unknown, and the future effects cannot be accurately determined as the situation is still developing. 


Opinion - Thank you UNTAG, happy birthday Namibia

Firstly, as Namibia commemorates its 30 years of independence, we must pause and salute those whose blood waters our freedom. Equally, we must pay tribute to the former United Nations (UN) Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, who died on 4 March 2020 in Lima, Peru, at the age of 100. Mr Perez de Cuellar was the face of the UN when the door for Namibia’s independence was being opened. 


War on corona

The government yesterday announced a raft of new measures to curb the further spread of coronavirus, as President Hage Geingob declared a national emergency on the global pandemic. “As emphasised in my statement of 14 March, the health of Namibians is the priority. Covid-19 is a public health emergency, considering the threat posed to the lives of the Namibian people,” said Geingob. 


Commentators weigh in on trimmed executive

Opposition politicians and commentators have largely welcomed the decision by President Hage Geingob to downsize the number of ministries from 26 to 19. Geingob has merged at least five ministries, while he has also elevated the Namibia Investment Promotion Development Board into the Presidency. 


NaTIS enforces measures to battle Covid-19

Despite the uncertainty among hundreds of drivers who showed up at the NaTIS in desperate search of vehicle licences and other services, it’s offices in Windhoek managed to open its doors to the public yesterday late in the day after securing protective clothing to prevent the potential spread of the dreaded coronavirus.


NSC places 30-day moratorium on all sports activities…international participation also banned

After President Hage Geingob announced on Saturday that government has banned all mass gatherings for 30 days, clamped down on inbound and outbound travels to and from Qatar, Ethiopia and Germany for a period of 30 days as well as cancelling Namibia’s 30th independence celebrations scheduled for 21 March, the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) yesterday strongly followed up on that decree.

Cas gives NFA until Thursday to submit documents

The Court of arbitration for Sport (Cas) has given the Namibia Football Association (NFA) until Thursday this week to provide or submit audio recordings, transcribed record, minutes and all relevant documents pertaining to the vetting process of this year’s NFA elective congress.

ǀGôahō ǁoas ǀkha !nōb !nâ !gomma tsâs

ǂOago wekheb Wunstaxtsēs ais ge 38 kurixa khoesa ǁîs di tsâb tsî tsûb ǀgôa-e hōǁoas diba tsûsase gere ǁgae. Nē khoes ge mîs geresa !oa ǀgamǀkhās khao!gâ ǀgôan xa ǁgôa!nāhe tsî nēsi haka kuriga !gameb âs !nâ ǀgôa-e noxopa hō tama hâ. Linda Haiduwas, ǂurusib mâxōǀkhā-ao sîsenaos, Odibos hîa Ohangwena ǀkharib

Namcols ge 2019 !nâ 5.5 persentgu ǂharosa !âidi !nâ ge ǁgau

Direkteri, Namibiab ǁKhāǁkhāsen!khaib !Augaba xu hâ ǁkhāǁkhāsendi dib (Namcol) Harold Murangib ge ge mî, 2019ǁî kurib di ǀuni !nurigu ra ǁgausa, D simbolsa xu ǀgapise hâ simboldi ge 5.5 persentgu ǀkha a khâisa, ǁîn ge 20,6 persentga 2017 !nâ ūhâ i tsî 25.1 persentgu kōse 2019 !nâ a sīs khao!gâ. 

Dana!ās ge ǂnaumâiǁanǁguigu omǀhonkhoena ra xoakhâi

ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ge ǁnāti ī ǀaweǁguiba go sîsenxa kai, ǂan!gâsa tamase ǂnaumâiǁanǁguigu !nân ǁîna omari-i ǀhonkhoese hâ khoena xoakhâis ǀkha. Nē xoakhâis di !aromas ge in ǁîna ǀhonkhoesis ǂan!gâs ǂhawega !khō!oa. ǂOago kurib !nâs ge ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ǀAwemā!nansa ǀnai omkhâisens tsî !gâi!gâi!nâs


Agra auctions to continue as normal

Agra senior marketing manager Chrislemien Stroh yesterday told Farmers Forum that Agra auctions will continue as planned but protocol is currently being put in place to lower the risk for the staff and clients who decide to attend.


Wholesale and retail sector expected to recover in 2020

The wholesale and retail trade sector is expected to recover to positive growth in 2020, after contractions during the preceding three years. Bank of Namibia projections show that the wholesale and retail sector is anticipated to grow by 1.4% and 1.5% during 2020 and 2021 respectively, from an estimated contraction of 2.5% in 2019. 


unWrap - Kaboy Kamakili to drop visuals and a second album

Dubbed as the people’s favourite and internet sensation Kaboy Kamakili is all about quality delivery of content that people love to see. The kwaito star who is signed under Mshasho Records and whose biography is hard to complete without the mention of hard work and dedication has something for his fans which he has not delivered yet, visuals. 


unWrap - Former Miss Namibia winners....where are they now?

Each year, a winner out of many is crowned as the reigning queen and their job includes travelling the country and beyond to take part in life-changing volunteer work for different charities and organisations. But what happens once their reign is over? unwrap.online did some digging to find out what some of our past Miss Nam winners have been up to.

Shock over school principal’s suicide

A 38-year-old school principal from Onambaladi Primary School committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope in his bedroom on Sunday. The deceased has been identified as Philipus Sheehama. According to this week’s Namibian Police crime report, no suicide note was found. His next of kin were informed.

Muunda utibisa upa wasikiliti sa Zambezi

LUHONONO – Bayahi basikiliti sa Zambezi babafumaneha mwalibaka zetibiswa kimezi amuunda zecwale ka Luhonono, ili yene zibahala sapili ka Schuckmannsburg, bakauhezwi kwasikiliti kaufela kamukwakwa wa Namalubi-Luhonono, bakeñisa kunanuha kwamezi mwanuka ya Lyambai.

Nored ifa neulo ya N$160 000 kwaliluko la tuto

ONGWEDIVA – Kampani yebona zamulilo wamagesi mwamutulo wanaha (Nored), netambekile masheleñi alikana N$160 000 kwaliluko la tuto viki yefelile. Neulo kikalulo yatumelelano yatuso yamasheleñi yalilimo zetalu, yene nyatezwi mwasilimo sa 2017, hala Nored nimitayi yalituto mwalikiliti moifumaneha Nored.


30 years of music

This year marks the 30th independence celebration of Namibia, a country which has gone through a lot of challenges to come this far. One of the great unifiers with a country of so many different ethnic groups, cultures and languages has always been music.