• June 5th, 2020



#DriveThruCinema thrills Windhoekers

The organisers of Kasi Vibe Festival Namibia and the owner of TouchLight Audio and Stage, a company that offers stage sound, lighting and event management services in the country, recently teamed up to stage an event dubbed #DriveThruCinema at Lafrenz parking lot at 80 Rensburger Street, to cater to the entertainment sector that has been hugely affected by the novel coronavirus.


PM justifies N$6.2b defence allocation

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila has defended the N$6.2 billion allocated to the ministry of defence, saying civil operations of the ministry directly promote economic growth through their business activities and protection of the country’s natural resources.


MP lauds state-owned media entities

Swapo parliamentarian and former journalist Modestus Amutse has commended the country’s state-owned media for an excellent job in keeping the nation informed “under very difficult circumstances”.  

//Kharas schools successfully reopen

With the reopening on Wednesday of both public and private schools for Grade 11 and 12 learners it was smooth sailing in the //Kharas region as the majority of schools successfully complied with the state of emergency regulations to ensure the virulent coronavirus is kept in check.


Letter - Who said Ovahimba offer free sex?

Recently, social media has been abuzz with disquieting extracts of articles, blogs and video clips portraying the Ovahimba/Ovaherero people as perverts who offer free sex to cousins and best friends – so much so that one blogger jokingly mocked: “if you want free sex, go to Namibia.”

Trustco Finance secures N$345 million loan

Trustco has informed shareholders that DEG, a development finance institution based in the Federal Republic of Germany, in association with the German Development agency, KfW Group, approved a United States Dollar denominated term loan facility to Trustco Finance.


Social distancing remains challenge for swimmers

Although non-contact sport codes in the country have been given the green light to resume training activities, it however remains a challenge for some codes to smoothly go about their business due to various strict safety measures and regulations under Covid-19.


‘Prophet’ has rhino case deferred

Local so-called prophet Jackson Babi and his co-accused Frizans Naululu Dumeni who were due to appear in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday for a bail application had their criminal case postponed to 24 July for further police investigations.


LPM wants N$750 basic grant

Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi has suggested that a basic income grant of N$750 should be introduced for the next 24 months to cushion the impact of the Covid-19 on the less privileged. 


Medical supplier donates 300 surgical masks

Stakeholders from the multi-sectoral stratum continued to show their support and assistance towards the containment of the fast-spreading Covid-19 pandemic when the Oshikoto Regional Council received 300 surgical masks from Element Medical Suppliers to be distributed to the most needy.

1400 kwagwana matengeko mosiruwo somunkama

Konyara vantu wokusika ko 1400 kwavapa matengekero morwa epuko eli vavagwana vaporosi mwaza sirongo morwa kapi vasikisamo veta ezi zo Covid 19 vatulire mosirugana kutunda mwa Nsinano 2020 ano ava vakwata kuna kara nye dogoro mwaKudumogona mvhura zeezi.


FNB's N$5 million sponsorship to football in jeopardy

If the leadership of the suspended Namibia Premier League (NPL) fail to approach First National Bank (FNB) Namibia and quickly pitch a new sponsorship proposal before the end of this month, the bank will be forced to withdraw its N$5 million sponsorship of the NPL and close its books for the concluding 2019/20 fiscal year.


Namibia condemns brutal murder of Floyd

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, yesterday urged “African-American sisters and brothers” to exercise restraint in vending their “legitimate and justified anger”. She, at the same time, expressed solidarity with African-Americans in the US.


HAN wants responsible reopening of borders

The Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) says although Namibia received praise for jump-starting the local tourism sector by opening hospitality establishments, it wants to see an orderly and responsible reopening of the country’s borders to reinvigorate the crucial tourism sector.

Toddlers drown

Two toddlers from Onamafila village in Ohangwena region and another from Tsumeb drowned in separate incidents on Sunday afternoon.


No one should be left out - Hamman

Meatco new board chairperson Johnnie Hamman says the principle of inclusivity must play an integral part in taking the meat processing and marketing entity forward, adding that “no one should be left out”.


Ministry of gender urges parents to engage more with children

The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare (MGEPESW) has urged parents and caregivers to engage with their little ones in play and stimulation activities and is looking into the possibility of developing home-based ECD programmes to strengthen the parents’ ability to deliver the envisaged program at home so that children continue to be enthused.


The revolution that never ended through a lynching pole

When the crowds were gathered in the streets of Namibia, the cheers were of a free Namibia. A Namibia free of apartheid, racism and a Namibia free from colonization, the year was 1990. Yet, here we are, 30 years later still having to shout and scream to have black voices heard.


Dispatched thoughts: Only one gets hurts

I was once told that if you want to stay at the top, you constantly have to keep reinventing yourself, the moment you become comfortable or complacent is the moment your downfall starts. In matters of the heart and platonic relationships, I have found that the same principle applies as well.


Govt assures learners safety

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula yesterday assured parents and stakeholders that all necessary precautions will be taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as grade 11 and 12 learners return to the classroom tomorrow for face-to-face learning. 


DNA analysis delays murder case

The prosecutor general has given additional instructions to the investigating officer dealing with the case of a 42-year-old man who is accused of killing his girlfriend and mother of his children nearly two years ago in Windhoek’s Otjomuise area.

Minor gets pregnant after rape 

RUNDU - The police in Kavango East are investigating a case of rape at Ndiyona village after it emerged a 14-year-old minor fell pregnant following a rape incident in November last year. However, the case was never reported to the police as the minor was allegedly threatened by the suspect against reporting the case.


Councillor denies favouring wife 

Karasburg East constituency councillor Dennis Coetzee has denied allegations that he deliberately withheld information from the public regarding the production of face masks in favour of a company owned by his wife. “Dennis Coetzee deliberately withheld information on a government tender for the manufacturing of face masks, in the process arranged that his wife’s company, Denacle Investments, be awarded the tender,” an aggrieved resident Jacobus Basson claimed in a petition seen by New Era.


Mother dumps baby

The body of a baby girl, wrapped in plastic bags, was found during the morning hours of 1 June at the Eenhana municipal dumpsite by a group of women collecting refuse for recycling. 


Nanso: Schools should not police pupils’ hairstyles

RUNDU - The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) says schools should not bar learners from attending classes because of their hairstyles.  “Nanso further calls on all schools across Namibia to adhere to the call by the ministry of education that no learner be sent home as a result of their hairstyle. Nanso calls on all learners to remain calm as we await on the guidelines from the Office of the Attorney General that will regulate this situation in both state and private schools,” Nanso spokesperson Dylan Mukoroli said in a statement. 


Tunacor donates fish to 300 vulnerable households

Three hundred needy and vulnerable households in Kavango West last week received food parcels from Tunacor Fisheries Limited. The gesture aims to ease the threat of food insecurity being posed by the coronavirus global pandemic. The donation comprised of boxes of frozen fish, dry food and school stationery.  


Governor wants border control measures strengthened

ARIAMSVLEI - As a region bordering directly with South Africa, which accounts for almost 80% of Namibia’s imports, a need exist to relook at Covid-19 mitigation measures in place at the Ariamsvlei and Noordoewer border posts, said //Kharas governor Aletha Fredericks.  The governor made the remarks during a stakeholder consultation meeting held last week at Ariamsvlei.


Opinion - Racism: The George Floyd story

The world is in an uproar! The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020 in the USA was an act of premeditated murder as called by some.  Police in the United States of America has through the years being on a killing spree against people of colour, and nothing was being done against them. 


Opinion - A tribute to global AIDS activist Larry Kramer

When Larry Kramer passed away on 27 May, the world lost an AIDS activist that many who are infected with or affected by HIV or AIDS might not know the critical role he played in the gains towards policy and treatment enjoyed today worldwide. It was his aggressive demands for a strong response to the AIDS crisis that helped change the US health policy in the 1980s and 90s, as he foresaw a disease that could kill millions irrespective of their sexual orientation and sadly, his prediction came to pass. 


unWrap - Rundu designer makes masks for the less fortunate

RUNDU - Fashion designer Toze Benjamin believes people can have anything they want in life if they dress for it. He also believes that during the pandemic lockdown, no one should be caught on the wrong side of the law, without wearing a mask. The designer sure deserves a standing ovation as he made the choice to join the global solidarity movement to help keep everyone safe. 


MTC named most admired Namibian brand

Following the global release of the “2020 Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands on Africa Day”, Brand Africa, in partnership with TBWA\Paragon, announced Namibia’s rankings of the most admired brands. International sport and lifestyle brand Nike is the most admired brand overall, while local telecommunications giant MTC was named the most admired local brand. 


Breweries urges responsible behaviour when alcohol sales reopen

Many Namibians are eagerly anticipating the lifting of the alcohol ban as the country, except Walvis bay, moves to stage 3 of the lockdown exit strategy for the next 28 days. As Namibians navigate the country’s gradual reopening, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) managing director Marco Wenk said there’s no doubt Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on society long after the current state of emergency and the risks associated with the pandemic are over.


Business leadership during a crisis

Merriam-Webster defines a crisis as “an unstable or difficult time or state of affairs”. It is unplanned or uncontrolled change. During times of crisis, leadership is critical. While the existing economic crisis caused by Covid-19 is unprecedented, small businesses have historically proved themselves to be flexible and resilient.

ǀAeǁgams ge 20 000 maskerde Shanghaisa xu go !khō!oa

Shanghais, ǁnā haka !ā!khōmaidi, People’s Republiki Chinab dib didi ǀguis tsî ǁkhāti a !gâsa kai!ās ǀAeǁgams ǀkhas, ge 20 000 maskerde Namibiab dana!ās di ǁanǂgāsabena huis nē ǁōsa khoraǂuisensa ǁkhaes !aroma ge ǀkhae. Shanghais ge !khawagas Yangtze !āb dis !nâ ǂnôa tsî 24.3 miljun ǁanǂgāsabena ūhâ. Shanghais ge hoa !hūbaisises ǁîsa marisi aib ais tsî !kharaga ǂâiǀgaugu tsî xūna dīs ǀkha ǂansa !āsa. Ai!â gere ǂoa wekheb Fraitaxs ais ge Chinese !hūb ǂNûǁkhaebas ǀAeǁgams !nâsa 20 000 xa a !nāsa N95 maskerde ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmaisa ge ǀkhae.

ǁGamhōxū!khain ge kō!gâsa ǂhâba hâ

ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ge ǀgaisa ǂâiǂhansensa ge gowaǂui ǁnāti ī ū!oaheǁoasa ǂkhôadīs hîa khoen nî ǂhanu-ūga ra mâihe ǁgamamdi tsî nau hâ ǂhâǂhâsa sîsenūxūn ai ra dīhegu ǂnamipe. Nē ra ǂkhôadīhen ge ǂhanub ge Covid-19 ǂōǂōsib ǁaeb !nâ huib ase ǁnāti ī !garo!ā !âgu tsî ǂnaumâi ǁganǁguigu tsîna !gōsase a mâibaga, in tsēkorobe !anu ǁgam-e ūhâ ǁkhā.


Fishrot suspects want charges withdrawn

The Windhoek Magistrate’s Court is scheduled to give a ruling on postponing the case of former Cabinet ministers Bernhardt Esau and Sacky Shanghala, as well as their accomplices accused of receiving more than N$130 million in bribes in exchange for fishing quotas.  


AR warns against early reopening of schools

The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement says it does not support the reopening of face-to-face learning for critical grades this Wednesday. The country will move to stage 3 on 2 June until 29 June as part of the four-stage response plan aimed at easing Covid-19 restrictions. Cabinet has endorsed the plan to reopen schools on 3 June for critical grades such as 11 and 12 to resume face-to-face classes. Phase 2 will see the resumption of pre-primary to grade 3 on 22 June until 18 December 2020. 

Lockdown challenge ruling deferred 

Three judges of the Windhoek High Court on Friday deferred their ruling on an urgent application by the Namibian Employers Federation (NEF) and six others to declare the regulations in terms of Covid-19 that makes it a criminal offence to unilaterally retrench employees or decrease their remuneration.


WhatsApp toll-free for hearing impaired

Telecom to the rescue… People with hearing impairment, who are unable to dial in on the toll-free Covid-19 number will henceforth be served via WhatsApp on 0851 100 100. Telecom Namibia sponsored a WhatsApp number, as well as a mobile device to the Covid-19 call centre.


Sorry ngo - Ama truck drivers, really now?

I am not convinced that sending our kiddos to school in the middle of this deadly virus is the best decision our education ministry could have made – and that at a time when winter is upon us and the virus is expected to be most opportunistic. While I understand that our children are behind with their schoolwork and trying to e-teach them did not work out because of the stark reality we had to wake up to that the economic and digital gap in our society is so wide, the ministry should have invited public discussion and input on this predicament.  Where are the town hall meetings when you need them most?


Raising Naneni - Teaching our children about mental health

My friend Vicky Joel, runs the Circle of Hope Academy in Ondangwa.  This is a school for children suffering from a range of disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Bipolar Disorder.  ADHD for instance is a mental illness that is prominent amongst young children and it thus affects the way they act and focus. On a daily basis, Vicky has to care and teach children who are hyperactive, who are inattentive and have a hard time controlling urges and take a lot of risks.


Opinion - Onus on journalists to cure their predicament

When security guards are fighting for salary increment, we are there. When Shoprite employees took to the streets to protest against inhumane working conditions, we marched with them. When teachers demand a pay rise and their bush allowance, equally, we were there. But who will march for or with us when it comes to bread and butter issues confronting journalists? No one! 


Opinion - The Namibian dream

America, or more specifically the United States, is usually called the land of great opportunity. Those who capitalise on the big opportunities provided in the United States are said to be living the American dream. The rest of the world has heard of popular American names like Capitol Hill, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc., and it is especially in those types of places that the American dream is built and most notably realised. 

Economic woes cannot only be attributed to virus - experts

Economic experts opined that the national budget, including the growing budget deficit, were in line with expectations, but agreed that the current financial situation could not only be attributed to the Covid-19 health crisis. This is because the domestic economy had already contracted during three out of the past four years while policy frameworks to attract domestic and foreign direct investment has not been conducive.


Fuel prices remain unchanged

In an effort to maintain price stability in domestic fuel market, the price of fuel stay untouched. The Ministry of Mines and Energy has, through its monthly fuel price review, resolved to keep fuel pump prices unchanged countrywide for the month of June 2020.

Nantu ibata makete sakata kwa likolo

WINDOKO – Likolo mwanaha Namibia hali itukiseza kukwalula mwalituto za pata ka pata hala litopa zabutokwa za 11 ni 12, katengo kakayemela maticele ili kakazibahala ka Nantu kabulela kuli likolo kaufela liswanela kuba mwa makete sakata pili la 3 Mbuwana lisika fita kale. Haiba muuso inge upalelwa kutahisa makete awo, katengo nekazabisize kuli hakuna likolo zeka kwalulwa. 

Tolopo ya Walvis Bay ikwalilwe

WALIVIS BAY – Muyemeli wa Silalanda sa Tolopo ya Walvis Bay Knowledge Ipinge, nalumelelani ni buiketelo bwa Mueteleli wanaha Hage Geingob bwa kukwala tolopo ya Walvis Bay kapilipli, mi naize neli buiketelo sakata kwaneku la muuso. Geingob nazibahalize Labune kuli tolopo ya Walvis Bay ikakuta kwa mayemo apili akukwaliwa, ili kutoloka kuli hakuna babalumelezwi kuzwa mwamandu haisi babaya kwakuleka lico ni milyani mwamazazi asupile.


Stars legendary defender Tjituaiza now a flourishing farmer

ORUSUUO – Former African Stars Football Club and Central Invitational Eleven’s hard as nails defender-cum-communal farmer Gabriel “Kierie” Tjituaiza, who claim to have lost a large number of livestock during the last drought and also due to insistent stock theft, says there is an urgent need to move away from the traditional ways of farming.


NFA exco decide Cosmos stays on until December

Namibia Football Association (NFA) acting secretary general Franco Cosmos, who was a member of the Fifa-appointed Normalisation Committee, will remain as interim head of the NFA’s administrative affairs until end of December this year, the association’s executive committee resolved over the weekend.


The curse of unsolicited  advice

Though I am not really into social media as much as I was in my younger days, I do still browse through at least for a minute or two a day, literally. Now, in one of these occasions sometime last week, I came across a quote posted by one of my favourite fellow Hermien Elago that read: “No one is qualified to tell you how to experience the world”. 


Industry Loop: Benefit concerts... YAWN!

Benefit concerts are such a bore. Like...wow bruh. The Global Citizen “One World: Together At Home” concert was a bore. The BET “Saving Ourselves Covid-19 benefit” concert was bottom of the barrel ok. I fell asleep 10 minutes into the MTV Base “Africa Day Benefit” concert!  Yes, I get it... let’s all come together and save the world through the power of arts and entertainment, raise funds and direct these funds to the most destitute and in the same vein strengthen our efforts towards the fight against the coronavirus. I get it. All good and well... mara does it have to be so damn tedious?


Kaujeua: Gone but not forgotten

African American singer Ray Charles once said “Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” that’s what happened in the country this week. 27 May 2010 will be a bitter day in the lives of music lovers and enthusiasts as it reminds them of the untimely passing of a Namibian music legendary icon, Jackson Muningandu Kaujeua.


Top trending - Parents are not teachers

Comedian Hazel Kaekoo Kamaazembua Putuaota (21) second clip of homeschooling is the top trending video on our radar as she attempts to teach her daughter. The clip which has garnered close to 6 000 views on Facebook is depicting a typical approach by Ovaherero parents.


Hip Hop heavyweights reunite

To say the return of the rap game’s most beloved acts in the country was unexpected would be an understatement. These are some of the artists that brought and awakened the hip-hop culture in the country, and their reunion came as a surprise to the music industry.


MICT Rundu invites musicians to live performance sessions to be aired on social media

RUNDU - Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) in Rundu have realised that local artists in the region have been hit hard due to social distancing regulations whereby there are no shows, concerts or public performance to promote themselves and have thus come up with an idea to promote them via social media live streaming sessions.


Kawana spews venom at newspaper report

Fisheries minister Albert Kawana yesterday dismissed, as untrue, a newspaper article claiming the ministry has already issued fishing rights to the same old holders at the expense of new applicants. An angry Kawana said the article, which carried in a weekly newspaper, was “political propaganda that emitted elsewhere”.  “There is no truth in the article. The same newspaper wrote about me a few weeks back that I was chased out of Cabinet meeting. That was a lie and this again is blatant lies. 

Covid-19: NIP to test 327 samples  a day 

The Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) will upscale its testing capacity through automated testing platforms and decentralisation that will see the institution testing up to 327 samples a day. This will see an increase of 192 tests per day as from 8 June. NIP’s current testing capacity per day stands at 164 tests at the Windhoek Central Reference Laboratory (WCRL). 

Shiimi promises no new taxes

Given the challenging economic landscape, comprised of sluggish business activity brought about by the Covid-19 lockdown, coupled with the prolonged recession, finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi on Wednesday said now is not the time to introduce new taxes.   As a result, previously announced Income Tax and Value Added Tax proposals, such as a dividend tax for residents, taxation of trusts and subjecting income derived from commercial activities of charitable, religious, educational institutions under Section 16 of the Income Tax Act, introduction of VAT on income of listed asset managers, supply of sugar and mandatory requirement to issue tax invoices by VAT vendors, are still under review.


From the Cabinet chambers

Government has resolved to allocate N$500 000 from the National Emergency Disaster Fund to assist with the purchase of construction material for the shelter of the San community in Kavango West. 


54 Kavango West schools to get water tanks

NKURENKURU – The ministry of education is currently working around the clock to install water tanks at some 54 schools in the Kavango West region. Most of the schools are located in remote areas where there is a huge backlog in the provision of potable water. 

National Assembly hosts virtual budget review 

As is customary every year, the Speaker of National Assembly, Peter Katjavivi, yesterday officiated at the opening of a budget review meeting that is intended to scrutinise the responsiveness of the more than N$72 billion national budget that was tabled by Finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi on Wednesday. 

Letter - Life in quarantine

As Covid-19 continues to spread around the globe, repatriated Namibians, such as myself, are wrestling with the uncomfortable side effect of widespread infectious disease: quarantine. A quarantine is designed to keep high-risk individuals who may have been exposed to the virus in isolation during the disease’s infectious period, to see if they became sick. Since Covid-19’s incubation period is believed to be 14 days or fewer, that is how long the quarantine period has lasted for the Namibians who have since returned home. For some, quarantine is merely inconvenient, or at worst, dull. For others, especially those quarantined without their luggage, like myself, the situation is more precarious. 


Letter - Prioritising mental health for learners amid and post-Covid-19

Learners, teachers, parents and the government cannot wait for education to return to its traditional classroom setting. The Covid-19 pandemic appears to be under control in Namibia and some education stakeholders have agreed that schools should commence on 3 June 2020, for pupils in critical grades, especially in grade 11 and 12. However, this should be conducted in a strategic manner, taking all impacts of Covid-19 into consideration, to ensure that when school starts, teaching and learning is carried out effectively.

Opinion - Leadership and management in higher education - are they two sides of the same coin?

Some people in leadership and management positions in higher education institutions often grapple with what these two concepts and practices entail. Questions that often intrigue most leaders and managers are: “Is a leader necessarily a manager? Equally, is a manager also a leader?  Leadership and management as concepts of tertiary education management have succeeded in throwing some leaders and managers into sixes and sevens, with others realizing what the practices entail when their terms of office are drawing to the end, and others leaving their posts without any clue at all. 

Opinion - The church’s role in the struggle against empire and globalisation

Globalisation is the process of life that gives rise to the reality and tangibility of our relatedness and interrelatedness with all that exists. This reality of our relatedness is contradicted by contemporary world capitalisation that is perpetuating inequalities among nations. The problem is that postmodern empire and globalisation do not only mean interconnectedness of the world, but it simultaneously contributes to and expands neoliberal capitalism.

Weekly takeaway with Lawrence Kamwi - Reflecting on controls, restrictions, and adaptations(1)

Finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi’s theme for Budget Day 2020, “together defeating Covid-19, together thriving again”, resonates beyond Namibia’s borders.  It is a call, indeed, a prayer that informs and shapes the entire world as it charts new directions following a public health emergency.   The current health situation has led to a loss of normality in daily life. 


Opinion - Mobile social media: Enhancing mobility of the digitally excluded population

Lately, we have seen exponential growth in the utilisation of social media platforms as communication and information dissemination tools by both the private and public sector organisations, as well as individuals. This is in line with the latest development, upgrade and updates in the global digital market that can allow organisations and even individuals to save costs in terms of transport, accommodation facilities and enhancing productivity or service provision. 

Covid-19 has moved fiscal policy

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the direction of government’s fiscal policy from fiscal consolidation to mitigation of the spread and impacts of the virus in the country. Additional expenditure has been considered to provide for the fight against Covid-19, increasing the already high government spending, while revenue is expected to fall to the lowest level. 

Economic contraction expected to remain well into 2021 - Shiimi

The Namibian economy is projected to contract by 6.6% in real terms during the 2020/21 financial year. Finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi on Wednesday cautioned that this contraction may linger on well into 2021 at a moderate rate of 1.1%, with the new normal average growth rates of between 2.0 and 3.6% in 2022 and beyond.  


Coleman confirms Valencia exit

Namibia’s Brave Gladiators poster-girl Zenatha Coleman’s contract with Spanish Women Premier Football Division side Valencia CF Femenino will come to an end of next month and it appears Coleman will not be extending her stay with the club come next season.


Vries hails CAF-funded girls tourney

The upcoming Confederation of African Football (CAF) under-15 7-aside Schools Girl Tournament is of vital importance and will go a long way in promoting women football, tournament coordinator Astrid Vries strongly believes.


Ode to the “Indian Blizzard”: Nathaniel Alele Zico Kapule …1969-2020

Life is a journey but death is unavoidable, the author is still battling to come to terms with the sad passing of one of the most complete footballers of his generation, one Nathaniel Alele Kapule, elder son of Katutura big shops popular barber, the late Thomas Mbutu, aka “Tommy Trou”. Exactly a week ago, I bumped into the former African Blizzards and Tigers FC skill full midfielder Zico, at the memorial service of a close family member. 


Blaze leaves mother and baby homeless

A five-month-old baby slept outside in a tent for the past two nights with its mother after their shack was razed to the ground on Sunday.  They will spend more frigid nights outside, as the mother, employed as a cleaner, is unable to immediately rebuild the shack from her meagre income. Two other children of 40-year-old Rosalia Andjelu are temporarily accommodated by their neighbours.  


Commentators bemoan allocations to critical areas

While economic analysts conceded that yesterday’s budget by finance minister Iipumbu Shiimi is aimed at reinvigorating a domestic economy ravaged by Covid-19, they emphasised the necessity to look beyond the financial and social effects of the pandemic and stressed the need to put more money into productive areas.  This is despite the fact that the prevalence of Covid-19 has brought about considerable uncertainty on the domestic economic outlook and has induced a significant downturn on economic activities and public revenue, with elevated public debt as a consequence.  


Fishcor’s Nghipunya in bail bid

One of the men accused of conspiring with those implicated in the fisheries bribery scandal to divert N$75.6 million from the State-owned National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) for their benefit has approached the court for bail consideration. 

Smuggling of alcohol on increase

Cases of smuggled alcohol continue to increase, with most of the contraband being confiscated, while some of the alcohol passes undetected through scores of roadblocks erected countywide as part of coronavirus enforcement measures.


Farmer killer gets 36 years

High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg last week sentenced the man he convicted of murdering an elderly farmer at Farm Villa Rosa in the Usakos district to an effective 36 years imprisonment. Dion Haraseb was convicted for the murder of 71-year-old Willem Cornelius de Klerk on 19 October 2015. 

Court told fatal shooting was accidental

A Mariental resident, accused of killing a woman in Mariental by shooting her in the head with a stolen pistol, has denied the charge of murder but confessed having fired the fatal shot before Windhoek High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg on Tuesday. 

Activist hands out free masks to less fortune

A Keetmanshoop-based community activist yesterday distributed over 100 face masks to the poor as a preventative measure against Covid-19.  “We, who can afford face masks, need to visit town daily to buy food and essential commodities but at times forget that these same poor people also have nutrition needs but cannot visit shops as they do not have the mandatory face masks to do so,” said Emrico Blaauw. 


//Kharas brainstorms on youth development

If the youth want to explore their full potential and to optimally use their abilities to be successful in empowering and sustaining themselves, they should approach the process with the correct mindset, said //Kharas regional governor Aletha Frederick. 


OK Foods donates to orphanage

Rundu – As part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, the Rundu-based OK Foods recently donated food worth N$7 000 to Hompa Shiyambi children’s home, located some 70 kilometres east of Rundu in the Ndonga-Linena constituency of the Kavango East region.

Nantu kuna hara ekeverero paukanguki ponosure

Moomu yina kara asi nosure domoNamibia tadikapaturuka vakaronge vanona kulironga kontambo ndunge 11 ntani 12, mbunga zovamitili zadivikwa asi NANTU, kavatente asi nosure nadinye dahepa kugwana yiruganeso youhaku komeho zikapaturuke sure mwa Pembagona 1. Ano nsene epangero kapi naliyisikisamo oyo, awo kuna parapo asi hawe nosure kapi nadikapaturuka. 


Let’s emulate Geingob - SA MP

The Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentarian, Leon Schreiber, has called on the South African government to emulate President Hage Geingob’s decision to ban the procurement of new vehicles for government ministers and public office bearers until 2025. The DA is the South African official opposition party. 


Woman dies on way to father’s funeral 

An Omaheke-based woman died in a car crash this past weekend while on her way to attend her father’s burial in northern Namibia. The woman, who was identified as 31-year-old Olivia Ebas, was employed as a senior librarian at the Omaheke education directorate.


Arrest warrant issued for murder accused

AN arrest warrant has been issued for a 48-year-old man who yesterday failed to show up for his scheduled judgement hearing in the Windhoek High Court. Jan Moses Uamunika is charged with murder for the alleged killing of Rehoboth farmer Joseph Adriaan Shorty Barth, who was 69 years old at the time of his demise in 2017.


Nudo youth: Hands off our president

The youth league of the National Unity Democratic Organisation Organisation (Nudo) has come out strongly in condemning individuals who are allegedly secretly pushing for the recall of the party’s president and deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue. 


Water infrastructure needs protection - City

The City of Windhoek has raised grave concern over the vandalism of water tanks and other facilities. The facilities were availed as part of government’s intervention to ensure that rural areas and informal settlements in particular, have access to reliable water supply during the Covid-19 crisis. 


More practical less theory in schools – Immanuel

A teacher by profession, now a software developer, Hafeni Immanuel (31) has suggested that education policies should be amended to include more practical work in schools compared to theory as learners tend to grasp schoolwork more efficiently based on practical tasks given to them.


Dispatched thoughts - Keeping focus

I know I can do better, we always know that we are capable of doing better no matter what we are doing. We sell ourselves short and somehow try to comfort ourselves that what we did is enough or at least good enough, especially when we know it’s not.


My weekly take away - What it means to be an athlete

What does the word ‘Athlete’ mean to you? I would bet that your answer is different than the next person reading this article. If asked, some might say an athlete is someone who competes in sport, while others might contend that an athlete is someone who has excellent coordination and is capable of explosive movements.

Pandemic derails pay rise for civil servants

At a time where many sectors of the economy have adversely been affected by Covid-19, unions representing the majority of civil servants in Namibia have announced there will be no salary increment for public sector employees this year due to the global pandemic.


Community helps tackle Covid-19 fight

The councillor of Olukonda constituency, Victoria Shikongo, fears rural areas will be extremely vulnerable to large-scale coronavirus infections if measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus are not strictly adhered to. 


Minister moots alcohol ban at horseshoe market

Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni said in future government wants to formulate regulations to restrict the sale of alcohol at the horseshoe market at the Single Quarters where the main business is the unrestricted selling of alcohol. 


Opinion - What worked for Namibia so far?

Comparative education as a study is particularly essential in education and the world of research.  In principle, education is a system of decorative means for the culture of society, which can change forms and models in line with life’s requirements to achieve the ideals of a perfect life, reflected in a country’s model and education system.  


Opinion - Covid-19 awakens the plight of ‘street kids’

Children living on the streets or loosely known as ‘street kids’ have been a concern for several years now. This issue seemed to have gone off the radar for a while, with previous efforts to reintegrate street children back into their homes and schools. With the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the plight of street children has resurfaced. 


MTC launches multiple Aweh product solution

Namibia’s first telecommunications provider MTC on Wednesday launched its latest market offering termed “Multiple Aweh” product solution. This solution will enable customers to subscribe to more than one and up to three Aweh subscriptions at a time. 

NGOs ge Hardap ǀhûhâsiba ra ǀgaiǀgai

Hardap ǀkharib !nâ ǁgoe Omomas di ǁanǂgāsaben, ge ra ǁgū aitsama ûibasensa, Pro Namibian Children ti ǀon hâ ǂnûiǂgās di huib ǀkha. Nē ǂhanub !auga mâ ǂnûiǂgās ge ǀhûhâsib !aroma !hanab projeks ǀkha ge tsoatsoa, in nē ǁaeb Covid-19 dib !nâ ǂûn ǂhâbasa ǀnōb ai nî hâsa ǁawoǁawo ǂuru ǀhûhâsiba omkhâis !aroma.


Tributes pour in for Tigers legend Kapule

Heartfelt tributes yesterday poured in from all corners of the country as Namibian football mourns the untimely death of former Tigers Football Club midfield maestro Nathaniel “Alele” Kapule, who died Sunday at age 51 in Windhoek.


I won’t work with selfish people – Burger

Namibian rugby legend Jacques Burger has launched a withering attack on the self-interests holding back the development of rugby in his home country. The celebrated former Saracens back row was capped 36 times for the Welwitschias and represented his country at three World Cups.

NGO empowers Hardap community

The inhabitants of Omomas in the Hardap region are striving to become self-sufficient with the help from Pro Namibian Children. This non-governmental organisation has established a community gardening project in the hopes of improving food security amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


Star of the Week - Bience Gawanas

Our Star of the Week is no other than our very own Bience Gawanas who was last week elected to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) board of trustees for the next three years.



On this noteworthy day, Africa day, Africans from all corners of the globe come together under the banner of Pan-African solidarity, to celebrate a day which symbolises our victory over the yoke of colonial oppression. Today, we celebrate African pride, unity and determination. Pride in our heritage, culture and determination to continue the struggle of our forefathers to transform Africa into a global powerhouse. As espoused in our blueprint for the future of our continent, Agenda 2063, it is a day on which we express “our Pan-African drive for unity, freedom, progress and collective prosperity”. 


Letters - The dissolution of Namibian parliament at the end of its term (A rejoinder)

Dr Vincent Mwange wrote a very interesting piece that was published last Friday (15th May 2020) in New Era. The opinion piece that was titled The dissolution of Namibian Parliament at the end of its term argues that the Namibian parliament should be dissolved at the end of its term, i.e. before the holding of the next national elections. The esteemed scholar argues that it is “good governance practice” to do so.


Letters - The avalanche of change to the human resources industry

Today with gig economy, so much have changed in career-graded opportunities. Human resources is considered to be the umbrella of all other aspects in people management and shaping the organisations policies and developments. The geography in human resources have changed with the merger of artificial intelligence, is with these sentiments that human resources leaders or bosses needs to rethink policy developments. Human resources leaders’ needs to understand the high level of diversity contained in the economy with the understanding of the ageing population and the revolution of millenniums. 

Smiles as school bells will ring and sirens wail again

The announcement this week of the re-opening of schools and return of learners in phases by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture brought some relief to parents, learners and stakeholders. Soon after the press release to the media, social media platforms were awash with the verbatim release itself and comments, which all pointed to smiles and happiness about the announcement. Some parents, teachers and principals I talked to expressed delight at the news of the reopening of schools in phases. 


Commendable cuts in government spending

Even if it may have been effected belatedly, President Hage Geingob’s directive to put a ceiling on monthly fuel usage for top government officials, as well as withdrawing off-road vehicles assigned to political office bearers, will be long remembered as one of the most strategic moves in an attempt to rein in government spending which many believe have been way out of control for a foreseeable future.


SADC should prioritise investments to save economies

Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states should be developing roadmaps and action plans that prioritise investments and channel scarce resources to identified economic sectors to resuscitate their economies, strengthen resilience and improve competitiveness.


Exile down but not out

Last weekend, Entertainment Now! caught up with Exile, one of the most talented rappers in the country from back in the days. He is known to be one of the members of the popular group, ‘The Kalaharians’, and one of the artists who were at the forefront of the music industry in the country from the 90s to the early 2000s.


The power of doing nothing

We have come to live in a world where we are constantly reminded about time and being productive. This has brought us to the point where we become anxious when there is nothing to do. As a result, we try to find even the most trivial things to keep us preoccupied and constantly “busy”.


Negumbo’s true love of Hyperrealism artistry

All he needs is a pencil, brush and paper and he is the happiest person one can ever get. With an impeccable experience of drawing for almost two decades, Fillemon Negumbo (23) never thought he would be tapping into the type of artistry he is into right now – Hyperrealism.


Industry Loop:  It’s a wrap

You see in Namibia if you are not in my camp or if you are not my favourite, I will NEVER give credit where it’s due. I will never praise your work publicly. Never will I admit that your output and quality thereof is amazing and deserves a highlight. 


Otjiwana tjapamisiwa iyourunga wo vi na mwinyo

OMAUEZONJANDA- Otjiwa¿a tjo va Þuta okuza me Pukiro orini nganduu ko Eiseba na Tjombinde kanaa tjaseerewe no mambo watjo motjari uriri nu ngwari wina tjaseerwe atja pama tjinga otjo tjini atjihina tja ye nenene oku hakaena no tjiuru tjo porise otjini okumupa inga ngeri motjari tjatjo owo nai ngamba nge tji pamisa ohunga no u runga wo vi namwinyo mba honapara.

Fight over woman leads to deadly attack

A dispute over a woman led to a panga attack and killing of one man at Okautjove in the Otjombinde district of Omaheke region last weekend. Police established that a fight broke out over a woman between two men, which led to the death of one of them. Omaheke police crime investigations coordinator Chris Kalimbula confirmed the fatal incident. 


Nampost denies its courier transports alcohol

Namibia Postal Holdings Ltd has strongly dismissed suggestions its courier service is involved in the transportation of liquor during the lockdown. Nampost spokesperson Wilson Ashikoto made these remarks following an enquiry after this publication learnt through the Oshikoto regional police that courier vehicles were among those transporting illicit alcohol and other counterfeit products.


NBL strengthens support to Covid-19 shelter 

Following its recent donation of 53 tents towards the Covid-19 homeless shelter initiative by the Ministry of Health & Social Services, Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) followed up with further support of this project, with a beverage donation valued at close to N$100 000.


Shetunyenga awarded for best postgraduate thesis

Throughout her research process, Niilonga Ndinelago Tuuyakula Shetunyenga (29) realised that there is a recipe for successful and impactful research. She was awarded for being the best candidate for her postgraduate thesis on An exploration of barriers to community participation in development within Ompundja constituency from the International University of Management (IUM) last year.


Dispatched thoughts - It is your responsibility

Namibia is one of the most unequal countries in the world when it comes to the distribution of wealth. Like many countries in southern Africa, the majority of wealth and land is usually held by a minority group, ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the economy has suffered some rather devastating blows. Those at the bottom of the economic pyramid have had it especially bad.

Man gets 35 years for stabbing wife 

A man, who was convicted in the Oshakati High Court for stabbing his wife 13 times to death in 2013, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison.  Buta Epamba (42) was convicted on a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Combating of Domestic Violence Act for the death of his wife Isabel Epamba (34) in Rundu on 1 September 2013.

The Family: Reflections on its importance

In my last article on the family, I wrote about the protection and the joy children bring into our lives and the potential they have of deepening one’s relationship with the world.  On the other hand, it has been said before, that “the way a society treats its children is a reflection of the dynamics of that society”.

ǀAsa auton ge ministern !aroma ǁamahe tide

!Hūb di ǁÛb di ǁkhoreb ge, ǁaupexab ǂhanuba N$200 miljun marisa nî sâusa sao ra koro kurigu !nâ, hânas mîǁguib hîas ge dana ǂgaeǂguisa a ūb în tā ǀasa autona ministern tsî ǂhanub berodi mâisan !aroma ǁamahes diba nî sîsenǂuihes karao.

ǀAwa!namn ge N$1 miljuns ǁkhāsiba ūhâ ǀhubuǀhubusenxūna go ǀhana

ǀAwa!namn ge wekheb ǁaeb !nâ 22 khoena !khōsis !nâ ge ū, ǀhubuǀhubusenxūn ǀkha !gaeǁaresa ūhâ ǁhōn ǀkha. ǁNāpa go New Erab ǂhôare-ao-i xa ǁawo­ǁawosa tama !gôagu ase goro dīhe !gôagu hîa ǀawa!namn ge !kharu ge tsēdi !nâ gere mā !nurigu !oagu i ge ra ǁgau, N$1 miljuns ǁkhāsiba ūhâ ǀhūbuǀhubsenxūnan ge khoena xu a ǀhanasa.


Gawanas rekindles abortion debate

Namibia’s Bience Gawanas, who has been elected to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) board of trustees, said the country should continue the debate on whether abortion should be legalised or not. Gawanas was at the weekend elected to the IPPF board.


56 arrested for violating Covid-19 regulations

A total of 56 individuals, including well-known musicians, were part of people arrested in Windhoek over the weekend for contravening the Covid-19 state of emergency regulations. Khomas police chief Commissioner Joseph Shikongo confirmed to New Era yesterday that some of those detained paid a fine of N$2 000. 

Ministry ordered to pay over N$100 000 for unfair dismissal

The ministry of safety has been given 10 days to pay more than N$100 000 to a police constable who was unfairly dismissed from work in 2018. Sakeus Eden Inyemba was awarded a settlement of N$105 204 for salaries in arrears in 2019 when he received a default judgement against the ministry of safety and the inspector general of the Namibian police. 


NIP gets massive donation

Shot in the arm… The Namibia Institute of Pathology (NIP) last week received a much-needed donation of N$4.8 million from the Social Security Commission. The money will be used to procure reagents and other necessities to help scale up the country’s Covid-19 testing capability.


150 families receive food parcels

About 150 families, including a visually impaired woman, received food parcels from Motovac Namibia last week. The beneficiaries included 47-year-old Julia Shilongo who lives at Mix settlement on the outskirts of Windhoek. Motovac Namibia also donated food parcels to vulnerable families at Windhoek’s Havana, Ondangwa, Outapi, Ongwediva and Rundu. 


New commemorative N$30 banknote now official tender

The Bank of Namibia officially put the new N$30 commemorative banknote into circulation on Friday at an event held to mark the issuance of the note as a legal tender in the country. This means the new N$30 note banknote can now be used for the payment of goods and services alongside the current family of banknotes. 

Likolo likaswana likwalula kapili

WINDOKO – Tutengo twa liluko la tuto tulumelelani kuli baituti babali mwa litopa zabutokwa sihulu mwa sitopa sa 11 ni 12 balukela kukala lituto la 3 Mbuwana. Kalulo yeo ika balumelela kuli bafeze lituto zabona zasilimo la 18 Ñulule unumwaha.

Makwambuyu habana kufumana limotikala ze nca

WINDOKO – Ofesi ya Mueteleli wa naha ilumela kuli ika buluka masheleñi alikana bolule bamyanda yemibeli (N$200 million), kulatelela buiketelo bwa kamaiso ya naha bwa kuyemisa kulekela makwambuyu ni babeleki babañwi bamuuso limotikala ze nca, mwalilimo liketalizoho zetaha. 

Keetmans sports stadium to rise from ashes

Keetmanshoop Rural constituency councillor Elias Kharuxab says he wants to revive the Krönlein sport stadium back to its golden days of attracting masses of spectators and producing talented sport stars. He said this during the groundbreaking ceremony of the sport field. 



So, chakalaka is such an easy go-to side dish for any pap and warm pasta salad. I make it every two weeks and freeze half and keep the rest in the fridge. It surprisingly holds up well in the fridge for up to a week. Here is my take on a firm family favourite.... 


Top trending - Nigga Get Rich Bronx collection

 Grootfontein-based rapper Paulus Njambi, stage name Nigga Get Rich, who is known for his hip hop vintage type of swag and interesting lyrics in his ballads, recently loaded a video of his Bronx collection, jokingly challenging fellow musician Gazza to clap back on his collection.

A love letter to the queens

There was a time I sat at an open mic evening and there was a lady who was reciting a piece to her mother. She spoke about how much her mother means to her and what it means that she is in her life. Although it has been a difficult journey for her and her mother, she has never ceased to show love and care for her. 


Music industry deeply divided

Veteran afro-pop artist and one of the highly celebrated artists from back in the day, Killa-B, reminisced on how things used to be in their heydays, saying: “In our days, we had unity and real music was made.”

Ministry finds shelter for rape victim

The gender ministry has found safe shelter for a victim of gender-based violence following a New Era report yesterday.  Gender minister Doreen Sioka yesterday said the 19-year-old victim from Ohangwena region, who has claimed sexual exploitation and abuse by her close relatives and neighbour, will be placed in a place of safety. 


Sorry ngo - To drink or not to – the moral judgment

Remember how the discoteca just had to glue you to the dancefloor because DJ Thabo kept playing your favourite number – song after song – to keep you there until those bright lights of “shame” came on in the wee hours of the morning and you had to quickly make your way out of the club before that undesired outjie who had his eyes on you could recognise you since your chompoms and you jas-skeered his pockets empty after he bought you guys tons of drinks and braai meat all night?


Elephant found dead in Kavango East

The ministry of environment has started an investigation after an elephant was found dead on a farm in the Kavango East region. According to ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda, the elephant was found dead in a crop field with its tusks intact at farm Nanava within the Linena constituency over the weekend. 


From muffins to low-cost housing

Leena Haivera is a 24-year-old female entrepreneur from Windhoek. The last article about successful entrepreneurs from Katutura I dedicate to her as an example that even really disadvantaged Namibians can make it independently of their background and drawbacks in business ventures that is if they are passionate and optimistic about their businesses. 


Epukiro Horse Racing Club feeling Covid-19 pinch

The Epukiro Horse Racing Club is amongst the many stables countrywide feeling the harsh economic pinch of the Covid-19 pandemic. Omaheke-based horse club owner Iritjiua Murangi said it is becoming financially dreadful to keep up the maintenance of racehorses.


Schools step up virus precautions 

Several Windhoek schools have stepped up cleaning measures to prevent the potential spread of Covid-19. Teachers and other institutional workers reported for work this past week to help prepare the classrooms for face-to-face learning, as well as to continue with alternative teaching methods. 


Eiseb farmers cross swords over fence

A disgruntled farmer, Robbie Hoveka, residing in the Eiseb Block, a settlement in Omaheke region, has accused another farmer Barney Karuuombe for using his influence and position to break the law and do as he pleased by cutting down a fenced area meant to prevent livestock from straying to other farms in the area.


Opinion - Covid-19 and the deepening cuts of inequality

Efforts to contain the coronavirus have worsened the social and economic divisions that already exist in Namibian society. This is evidenced by the fact that the most vulnerable groups who also happen to be at the bottom of the socio-economic strata are not able to respond to the state of emergency in the same way as the middle and higher-income groups.


Social distancing defied

Chaotic re-emergence…Social distancing was a near impossible task when the Roads Authority (RA) reopened its Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS) offices on Monday when hordes of people flocked to the already long queues.


Popya - Creating a better society for students

Youth Corner caught up with one of the youth activists, a member of the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) and a law student, Naboth De Celestino, who aims to do everything in his power to assist mostly law students to understand the law of the country.


Dispatched thoughts - Living on hope

Globally, the year 2020 has not been many people’s favourite year so far. It is doing more damage than people thought possible. Countries worldwide are all receiving the short end of the deal, and Namibia has not been exempted from this.


Social reflections - 4 laws of personal development

Every one of us walks a path in our lives towards the things that make us feel alive. We drive ourselves, push ourselves and work towards our goals. Yet, there are lessons I have learned along the way that I deem of utmost importance. These lessons show themselves in various situations in my life, and they play a vital role in dealing with matters well.


Ministry rejects request to resume classes 

The education ministry has rejected a formal request by private schools to resume with face-to-face learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The request came days after government announced that face-to-face classes would only resume by 3 August later this year as part of measures to help contain the spread of Covid-19.  

Social distancing makes flying exorbitant

Air Namibia, as a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), does not support social distancing protocols on its aircraft as this would leave its ‘middle seats’ empty and result in the cost of air-tickets becoming costly.


Worker accused of murdering farmer awaits judgement

A farmworker, who is on trial for allegedly killing his employer on his farm in the area of Rehoboth nearly three years ago, will have to wait to hear the verdict in his case after the court postponed the ruling. Windhoek High Court Judge Eileen Rakow was scheduled to give judgement in the matter yesterday. 

Man kills self after assaulting nurses 

A police investigation is underway after a 25-year-old man committed suicide shortly after assaulting two nurses at the Katutura state hospital on Friday morning. Jason Tuhafeni committed suicide by hanging himself in one of the hospital wards. 


APLI - Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

As a creative and entrepreneur, I have felt the harshness of the pandemic from both the creative and business side. I also witnessed many companies being forced to close down due to lack of income. Many had to re-strategise their business models to survive. I had to re-strategise my business operations as our income was mostly dependent on corporate events, but due to the social restrictions, we now have to rely on our secondary income streams (brand development, film production and training) to stay afloat. 

NaTIS offices now open countrywide

The Roads Authority (RA) has confirmed all Namibia Traffic Information System (NaTIS) offices countrywide were reopened yesterday. However, it emphasised that it is of utmost importance for all NaTIS visitors to comply with the directives of social distancing by avoiding large crowds at the offices and to ensure all hygiene interventions are in place.


Capricorn Group and Entrepo Holdings support vulnerable

The world continues to face an unprecedented time in fighting an unseen enemy. Many countries are struggling to take care of the needs of their people and meet the demands to combat the virus at the same time. Namibia is no different with several impoverished communities in desperate need of relief.

Marcos ge ǁaun tsî ǁkhaubas huisenūxūn tsîna go ǀkhae

!NAMIǂNÛS – Marco ǁAu!khōs ge ǀgūǁae ǁîs tsîna ǁnān hîa ra Covid-19 ǁōs !nâ huiba māna ǁhao tsî !nona tongu di !khoahâ ǁ­aun tsî corona xxoros !oagu ǁ­khaubasens huisenūxūn tsîna ge mā. Marcos ge ǁKharas ǀkharisi ǀawemā!nansa a mān ge: !omn !anu-ūxūn, sîsenai!khaiga !anu-

Namibiab ge mûmûsase corona xoxorosa xu ra ǂuru

Noxopan ge ǀgam Namibiaǁîn hîa ge corona xoxoros !oagu positifse !âihe hâ ina nē ­ǁōsa xu ge ǂuru tsî !hūb !gôab ǂuru ge khoen diba 11 kōse go sī-ū. Nēs ra ǂâibasens ge, ǁnā ǁawoǁawosa 16 khoen hîa Covid-19 ǀkhan nēsis kōsena xun 11 khoena ge ǂurusa tsîn nēsin koron ǀguina noxopa ǀae!khōs !naka hâsa. Nēsis kōse-i ge noxopa ǀgui khoe-i tsîna Namibiab !nâ Covid-19 ǁ­ōs xa ûiba ge ǂoa!nâse !nurisa tama hâ.

ǂHaro ra !gôab ǀhubuǀhubusenxūn sîsenūs dib ge kai ǂâiǂhansens ase ī

!Gôab ǀhubuǀhubusenxūna sîsenūs dib ge ra ǂharo, Covid-19 ǁōs di ǁkhaubas ǁgaragu ases ǂauxûiba sîsenūsa a ǂkhāsa ǁaeb nēb !nâ. Nē mâsiban ge Namibiab ǀAwa!namna tsēkorobe ra !hara tsî nē ǂâiǂhansens ǀkha ǂnôa. !Hoaǂkhaib !nân ge mâtikō ǀhubuǀhubusenxūna khoena xu a ūs di !nuribas gere mā soab ais ge ǀawa!namn ǀhûs di mîgowaba-aos, Kauna Shikwambisa ǀhûhâsigu khoena gere hōhō!nâ,


‘Proud mommies’ Shipanga, Gertze praise Kordom

Two of Namibia’s veteran administrators of women football, Jacky Gertze and Jacqui Shipanga, have both come out in awe of the country’s football star Annouscka Kordom, who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Sports Management from Corban University in the United States of America (USA).


Zhang rejects call for virus reparations

Chinese ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming has reiterated that since the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, the People’s Republic of China has been transparent about the first cluster of virus cases and acted swiftly to contain the pandemic.