• August 14th, 2020



Okamatapati horse race cancelled

The Okamatapati Horse Racing Club, which was set to host the third horse racing event for the year this coming weekend at the Okamatapati settlement in the Otjozondjupa region, has cancelled the race as a result of the raging Covid-19 pandemic.


Personality of the week - Mohammed Ouseb

Namibian football legend Mohammed Ouseb is regarded as one of the finest defenders to have ever donned the famous gold and black colours of Kaizer Chiefs. The retired Namibian defender is most famous for his ‘Spanish tackles’ and was a pillar of strength for the South African giants in the late 90s.

Unam lab licensed to test Covid-19 samples

In the wake of increasing transmission of Covid-19 across Namibia, diamond mining giant Debmarine Namibia and the University of Namibia (Unam) have teamed up and established a laboratory that is licensed to conduct Covid-19 tests as from 3 August 2020.

School disciplines pupil after spitting spree

ONGWEDIVA – A grade 11 learner at the Mupewa Combined School in Oshikuku, who is alleged to had gone on a spitting spree after being in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case last month, will be hauled before a disciplinary hearing today. 


Hapulile to participate at the 2nd SADC Youth Forum

Board member of the National Youth Council, 2016 Mandela Washington fellow and economic diplomacy and social development advocate, Ndahafa Hapulile, is among the seven Namibian representatives to the 2nd SADC Youth Forum which is set to take place from today till Friday in Mozambique.

Urgent need for national construction council - CIF

The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) considers the establishment of a national construction council a most critical and crucial step towards maintaining and further developing the local construction sector. While similar legislation was already tabled in Parliament in 2010, this was however not passed by the legislature. 


Dairy goats in brief: Saanen

The Saanen dairy goat originated in the Saanen Valley of Switzerland, south of Canton, Berne. During 1898, the Cape agricultural department imported three Saanen rams and 12 ewes from Switzerland.


Strange cattle breeds: The Beefalo

Beefalo are a fertile hybrid offspring or cross of domestic cattle (Bos taurus) – usually a male – and the American buffalo (Bison bison), usually a female in managed breeding programs. The breed was created to combine the characteristics of both animals for beef production.


Mahangu – the wonder millet

MAHANGU, also known as pearl millet, is a subsistence rain-fed cereal crop which is the major staple food for over 50% of the Namibian population. The crop is produced in Zambezi, Kavango, Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto, and in parts of the Otjozondjupa region, in the Tsumkwe area.

Confessed murderer to call witnesses

A man convicted after he confessed having killed his girlfriend by shooting her several times because he was allegedly consumed by anger, will be calling witnesses to testify in his favour during the mitigation hearing before sentencing.

//Kharas conservancies thrown EIF lifeline

GRÜNAU - After struggling for years to source funding, residents of //Gamaseb and !Gawachab conservancies in  //Kharas region could not hide their joy when they recently received N$3 million from the European Union (EU) through the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF).


Nust academic joins ICC investigators

The Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) announced that its lecturer and Deputy Head of Department: Social Sciences, in the Faculty of Human Sciences, Dr Pilisano Masake, was recently included in the list of professional investigators of the International Criminal Court (ICC). 


ECN rolls out voter education

The chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Namibia, Advocate Notemba Tjipueja, says the electoral authority will ensure that special arrangements will be considered to allow people to vote beyond polling places, like those under quarantine and in health facilities who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Public urged to  stop partying

OMUTHIYA – The director of health in Oshikoto region, Joshua Nghipangelwa, has appealed to members of the public to avoid partying and unnecessary travel in an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, saying such gatherings are a risk as the majority do not practise preventative measures of social distancing and the compulsory wearing of face masks at such occasions.

Kututisa ba Kongola kulikana bolule ba 16

RUNDU – Katengo ka sikiliti sa Zambezi kakalile kulifa masheleñi alikana bolule balishumi kabasilezi, hala mubu one uzibahalizwe kuba tolopo kwa Kongola, mi uketilwe kuli uhuliswe. “Katengo ka sikiliti kafwile musebezi waku tisa zwelopili mwa sikiliti, kaku tahisa litolopo.

Baba balwa bapuluswa kwabalekisi babatu

KATIMA MULILO – Babeleki bamulao mwasikiliti sa Zambezi ili sesi polohilwe ki linaha za Angola, Zambia ni Botswana, babulela kuli neba pulusize liezwa, ili babali mwahala lilimo zelishumi kazetalu kuisa kuzelishumi kazene, ili bane baputelezwi kibalekisi babatu mi bababeli kubona kibana banaha DRC, mi babañwi kibana banaha Zambia.


Opinion - My fading home, Swapo

When I think of Swapo, the first thing that comes to mind is Kwansa-sul, Lubango, Luanda, Ndalatandu, Nyango, Lusaka and many other places I travelled to in transit to wherever the system felt I needed to be as a child

Shambyu refutes alleged corrupt land deal

RUNDU – The Shambyu Traditional Authority chief council has refuted allegations of corruption by All People’s Party (APP) secretary general Vincent Kanyetu, dismissing this as propaganda and claiming them as political accusations to solicit votes in the upcoming regional and local authority elections.

City residents warned about land scam

City of Windhoek mayor Fransina Kahungu is concerned over a fraudulent scheme that targets people with disabilities in Otjomuise, where a woman defrauded them purportedly in exchange for non-existent land title deeds.


Seaflower quota extended to save 655 jobs

WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay based Seaflower Pelagic Processing  was thrown a temporary lifeline on Friday when the Erongo governor, Neville Andre, on Friday during his weekly media briefing announced the government awarded the horse mackerel holder an additional quota to save 655 jobs.

Bullying prevalent in some boardrooms

Plans are at an advanced stage for Namibia to ratify the International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention 190 concerning the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work including boardroom bullying.

Suspected NamWater case tests negative

The head of marketing and corporate communication at the water utility, NamWater, Johannes Shigwedha was pleased to inform all stakeholders the case of an employee at its head office suspected of having contracted the coronavirus had tested negative.


At home with - Dessert Queen bares her soul

Namibia’s jewel, Priscilla Topnaar (42), popularly known as Priscilla Dessert Queen told Entertainment Now! that growing up was difficult because of low self-esteem as she didn’t fit in, and that her mother being diagnosed with cancer is what led her to start singing.


Die Eintlike Vibe back for season 2

‘Die Eintlike Vibe’, a show dedicated to engage artists, getting deeper into conversation with them through their creative processes, and finding out what inspires them and touch into their personal lives, is back for the second season.


The hip-hop glove

He designed and created a glove that will aid artists or rappers with a new medium of experiencing and expressing themselves in a different way, and to instil a sense of modernity to motivate them to start being more creative when it comes to incorporating technology in their work.


Reactions to postponement of Sport awards

Following announcements that the 2020 edition of the Namibia Annual Sports Awards (NASA) has been postponed to next year, various athletes and sport administrators have come forth to weigh the decision of the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC).


My candid view - Why a new NPL is not a bad idea after all

In case, and I really mean just in case, the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) fails in its last-ditch effort to try and mend the strained relationship between the Namibia Premier League (NPL) and the country’s football governing body, the Namibia Football Association (NFA), then we, as a country and as football fanatics, should be open and ready for new and alternative football enterprises.


The other side of Geingob

On the occasion of his 79th birthday, New Era had the privilege of interviewing President Hage Geingob and getting know what keeps him going considering the hectic demands of a head of state.


On the spot - Rukoro on life post-NFA

New Era senior sport journalist Otniel Hembapu caught up with former Namibia Football Association (NFA) secretary general Barry Rukoro to talk about life post-NFA, his legacy, the current football politics and his love for farming; among a raft of other issues.


Communities want improved radio network coverage

Late afternoon at /Uibes in the Daweb constituency in the Hardap region, Chrizelda Witbooi holds a three-metre improvised radio antenna made from wire and stick, protruding above the roof, while her husband Dawid !Homchob tunes the radio in the hope to get radio frequency from the national radio broadcast in their local Nama language. 


Sport awards postponed to next year

The 17th edition of the Namibia Annual Sports Awards (NASA), which were initially scheduled for end of October 2020, have been postponed to October next year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) officially announced yesterday.

Bukalo kavagwene N$145 zonomiliyuna vadike evango lyokatomeno

Rundu  – Ndango zodoropa zaBukalo kavatulire mepulisiro vatunge evango lyokatomeno lyoyimaliwa yokusika konomiliyuna N$145 eli nalikara asi evango lyokwantyani lyomutaro lyokatomeno pevango lyevhu lyokusika ponomusunda ntano devhu omu navaruganena nyama zonkunkutu, omu vana kuyimona asi tavakaretesapo yirugana, yimo ngoso ana kutanta nguuru gomukunda Zambezi Lawrence Sampofu posiruwo sokugava mbudi zendi katambeserere kovatungimo womomukunda ngwendi moune wakapita. ‘


Covid-19 slashed local business turnover by 81%

Figures from the latest Private Sector Development Survey (PSDS) 2019/20 indicated that almost half of the businesses in which turnover was slumped experienced a decline of at least 81%. Some 90% of the survey respondents said they suffered a loss of turnover while 30% of businesses experienced a decline between 91% and 100%, while another 12% saw a turnover decline of between 81% to 90%. 


Opinion - One year on, Jammu and Kashmir surges ahead

5 August 2020 marks one year of India’s decision to re-organise its erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir into the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Ladakh. The primary purpose was to improve good governance and deliver socio-economic justice to the people of Jammu and Kashmir


118 San learners registered for school

ONGWEDIVA – In its quest to integrate San children into the mainstream and ensure every Namibian child has access to education, the Ohangwena region has, during the 2019/2020 financial year, registered 118 San learners for school.


Man claims army assault for not wearing mask

The police are investigating a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property after a 31-year-old man from Windhoek reported a complaint against members of the security cluster over a June incident that was allegedly triggered by a face mask. 

The GridOnline signs up MTN Namibia 

MTN Namibia and The GridOnline have taken the Namibian ICT sector a stride forward, as the parties signed their first commercial contract for bulk data transmission services. The GridOnline is a service offering by NamPower. 

EIF resource mobilisation totalled N$1.3 billion

As a task to expand its revenue optional pool to diversify its resources, the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) established a Resource Mobilisation Strategy as a framework for revenue generation through which it managed to mobilise about N$1.3 billion.


Chinese purchase of Ohorongo blocked by NaCC

The Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC) has blocked the acquisition of Schwenk Namibia (Pty) Ltd, which owns and operates the Ohorongo Cement factory, by West China Cement Limited for N$1.5 billion since it would result in coordination between Ohorongo Cement and Whale Rock Cement, which trades as Cheetah Cement. 

Corona derails another murder trial

The trial of a man who allegedly fatally slit the throat of his live-in girlfriend with a kitchen knife was stopped in its tracks because several witnesses are not allowed to travel from the epicentre of Covid-19 in Walvis Bay as a preventive measure.

NIPs ge Covids !âidi ǁkhāsiba go khoraǂui

Namibian Institute of Pathologys (NIP) ge ǁîs di !âidi Covid-19sa !âis !aroma ra ūhe ǁgauǁgaudi disa ǁ­îs di laboratoriums hîa Oshakatis Oshana ǀkharib !nâ ǁgoes !nâ mâs ǁga ra khoraǂui, îs nēs ǀkha khaohâs !nurigu dis !hūb a ǂhabase hâsa oresa hōba. 


Haufikub ge WHOsa hydroxychloroquine-i sîsenūs ǂnamipe ge ǀgūǀkhā

Presdidenti di ǀawemā-aob ǂurusib ǁhōn ǂnamipeb, Dr Bernard Haufikub ge ge mî, ǁîb ge Hoa !Hūbaisi ǂUrusib ǂNûiǂgās (WHO) di mâisana Genevas !nâ a ǀgūǀkhāsa, ǁîn di mûǂgāb tsî mâtikō amab ǁnāti ī videob hîa ǂhabase ra mûmâheb hîa mâti-i hydroxychloroquine-e koma corona-xoxoros xa ǀaehâ khoena ǂuruǂurus !nâ !gâiba ge sī!nâsa ǁawoǁ­awos !aroma. 


Phosphorus: A vital diet supplement

Ever had difficulties preventing your cattle from eating all forms of dirt in the form of plastic bags, dry bones, cloths or even wire? Such actions by cattle are not unique to your herd only – it is a universal occurrence associated with diet-related problems.


Kenya Airways resumes international passenger flights

Kenya Airways (KQ) resumed its international passenger services on Saturday, 1 August, following the easing of movement restrictions as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta. The first international flights on 1 August departed to London, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Kigali, Dar es Salaam and Lusaka. 


Namibia recognises alternative Chinese treatment

Dr Peng Wang a specialist in acupuncture – a drugs-free alternative medicine that has evolved into one of the most utilized forms of complementary integrative medicine – says a handful of Namibian medical insurance firms have finally agreed to sanction the therapy, thus enabling medical insurers to start accepting acupuncture claims.


Bukalo gets N$145 million meat processing plant

RUNDU – The Bukalo Village Council has approved the construction of the N$145 million modern meat processing plant on a five-hectare piece of land where a dry meat processor, meat boilers and several other meat products would be processed, thereby creating much-needed jobs, revealed the Zambezi region governor Lawrence Sampofu during his state of the region address last Thursday.


Congolese accused of smuggling unwell

The trial of a Congolese national accused of smuggling at least 15 refugees into Namibia for a fee was remanded to 1 December after Windhoek High Court Judge Dinnah Usiku was informed that she was ill and as a result could not attend court proceedings.


Contact sports to take place behind closed doors

As part of the revised restrictions under stage 4 of government’s Covid-19 emergency response programme, President Hage Geingob on Friday announced that all contact sport activities will be held behind closed doors and no spectators will be allowed at venues.


Fuel prices to increase

Fuel prices will increase as of midnight on Wednesday when petrol will increase by N$1 per litre (p/l) and diesel by 70 cents p/l. This increase means the fuel pump prices at the port of entry of Walvis Bay will become N$11.35 p/l on petrol and N$11.83 p/l on diesel. 

CRAN investigates market dominance

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) last week held a public consultative meeting on the proposed Market Study on the determination of dominant position in the telecommunications sector, and the regulations prescribing fees for spectrum licences, certificates and examinations.


Rent prices stagger in wake of Covid-19

“Namibia has seen an unprecedent spike in the number of new Covid-19 cases over the last three months, signalling that the worst economic effects of the pandemic are yet to come,” warned Frans Uusiku, Market Researcher Manager at FNB Namibia. 

'Gang-rape' judgement in October

Three young men from Gobabis, who are accused of taking turns to rape a woman at a local settlement on 6 March 2016, will hear their fate on 16 October after Windhoek High Court Judge Naomi Shivute heard arguments on the verdict on Friday. 


Geingob: Marcus Garvey inspired us

President Hage Geingob said Jamaica’s black nationalist and leader of the Pan-Africanism movement Marcus Garvey planted the seeds in them to combat colonialism, racism and division, and to pursue Pan-African solidarity towards a liberated continent. 

Industry loop -  OTU official list!

OTU...”On The Up” will be an official list that I will publish three times a year. OTU will give you and the rest of the country a clear picture of which artists are on the up and deserve a chance to sit alongside the Kings and Queens of the Namibian entertainment industry. 


Top trending - Jerusalema goes global

‘Jerusalema’, a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG, featuring South African vocalist Nomcebo Zikode, has gone viral months after its release when a famous dance move became a worldwide trend, with people from across the globe joining and making clips of themselves dancing to the tune.


Mask: A luxury or health apparatus?

The mandatory wearing of masks came into effect in May 2020 as one of the national strategies towards the curbing and handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, enforced by the health ministry with strict instructions from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Opinion - Nursing and midwifery, distinct professions not a calling

The year 2020 is dedicated to nurses and midwives by the World Health Organisation (WHO), with the aim to create momentum and celebrate the incredible work of 22 million nurses and two million midwives who makes up half of the global health workforce and to highlight that the world needs nine million more nurses and midwives if it is to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. 


Coleman joins Spanish giants Sevilla

Brave Gladiators poster-girl Zenatha Coleman has found a new home in the Spanish Primera División after the 26-year old Namibian silky striker signed with Sevilla FC Femenino, a few months after parting ways with Valencia Féminas CF.


Football politics robbing country of talent – Mbaeva

Brave Warriors veteran goalkeeper Maximillian Mbaeva is dismayed by the endless politics in Namibian football, saying the protracted infightings continue to rob local players of golden opportunities while countries are hard at work exporting hundreds of players to larger markets.


Bank Windhoek Virtual Relay to donate towards Twaloloka

Bank Windhoek’s Executive Officer of Marketing and Corporate Communication Services Jacquiline Pack announced the bank’s Virtual Relay proceeds will go towards assisting Walvis Bay’s Twaloloka informal settlement residents, who experienced a devastating fire last Sunday, which destroyed homes and left hundreds displaced.

Ozosikore ngazepate-Ovakwatera

Otjomuise- Oruwano rwa Namibia ro zo miÞiri, indwi o Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN),  no vi mbumba vyo tutu two vakwatera matutja o Ministeri yOmahongero ndinondi yaso oku tjivisa kutja otuveze two ma hongero okuza ko Mandaha ma tu pata nganduu kondjivisiro yarwe. 

Letter - What is teaching like during the pandemic?

In this article, I am going to share with you my personal experience of teaching during the pandemic and encourage the education fraternity to keep up with the heroic work of obliging to the World Health Organisation’s measures during the physical contact phase. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance.”

Editorial - Urban poor need decent houses

Access to residential land and being able to become proud homeowners in urban and peri-urban areas where the masses live in matchbox shacks without basic services such as running water and electricity should not be politicised by politicians primarily preoccupied with leaving behind a legacy. 

Public alerted for live fire exercise

The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (MODVA) has alerted members of the public not to panic because of the sight of military equipment and the shooting demonstration that will be occurring in the Erongo region.


Dausab sues prisons over privileges

Andre Friedel Castri Dausab (39), convicted for the murder of a former girlfriend by stabbing her 27 times with three knives and jailed for life in 2018 by High Court Judge Naomi Shivute, has sued the Namibia Correctional Service (NCS) over the confiscation of his laptop.


11-year-old dancer shares her passion

Lekisha Alcock, well known as Kisha, a Grade 6 learner at St. Andrews Primary School, continues to positively impact the lives of her peers, as she tries to share her passion for dancing in hope of inspiring other young minds.


One Economy Foundation addresses mental health 

The One Economy Foundation hosted a Covid-19 Survival Kit for Youth Entrepreneurs to discuss pressing challenges they are facing during the pandemic, as well as to brainstorm practical and actionable ways to mitigate the negative impact on their businesses and mental health.


Opinion - Swapo Zambezi coordinator told lies

On Monday 29 June 2020, New Era newspaper carried an article titled “Swapo members in Kongola threaten revolt” in which article the regional coordinator Comrade Moffat Sileze told lies of the highest order one would not expect from a regional political leader calling himself the harmless lion of the Zambezi region. 

Kavango West laments slow ID issuance

NKURENKURU – Kavango West regional governor Sirkka Ausiku is displeased with the slow issuance of IDs and birth certificates by officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration Safety and Security in Kavango West.

Nujoma calls for decent housing for grape labourers

AUSSENKEHR – The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma, is of the view that employers, employees, trade unions and the government should all join hands in the spirit of tripartism to fully develop Aussenkehr to the optimum benefit of all to heed the call for inclusivity by President Hage Geingob.

Hit-and-run accused denied bail

RUNDU – Erastus Singombe Ngazi whose vehicle over the weekend ran over three young men, two of whom sustained serious injuries while one of them died on the spot at a local bar in Rundu, was denied bail when he appeared before the magistrate’s court on Monday.

Khorixas businessman confesses to murder

A 60-year-old Khorixas businessman in the Kunene region yesterday pleaded guilty to a charge of murder read with the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, as well as two counts under the Arms and Ammunition Act when his trial started before Windhoek High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg.


Ministries probe Nida corruption claims 

Industrialisation and trade minister Lucia Iipumbu yesterday said the ministry was investigating allegations of corruption and mismanagement made against senior officials of the Namibia Industrial Development Agency (Nida). 

AR gets nod  to contest poll

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) on Monday approved the registration of the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement to contest in the Windhoek local authority polls set for November.


Youngsters set Sanlam Junior Tennis Series ablaze

Namibia Tennis Association (NTA) chairperson for the junior tennis committee Santie van der Walt has expressed great satisfaction with the high level of performance displayed by local youngsters at the recent Sanlam Junior Tennis Tournament Series, which ended last weekend.


Opinion - Debt repayment methods

We have all been there before – some worse than others. We get our first job after university and banks start offering us credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts and revolving loans; we don’t need and certainly cannot afford. 


Namibia seeks N$4.5bn IMF loan

The finance ministry yesterday confirmed that Namibia has applied to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a N$4.5 billion loan, through the institution’s Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI).

IGA beneficiaries make gradual progress

It is imperative that the government assists citizens who are in need to make them self-sustainable, especially in these challenging economic times of the Covid-19 pandemic, said Keetmanshoop rural constituency councillor Elias Kharugab.

Mother commits suicide inside holding cell

RUNDU – Court officials at the Rundu Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday were shocked by the suicide inside a court holding cell where a 31-year-old woman took her life shortly after receiving a fine of N$3 000 or alternatively six months in prison after she had abandoned her newborn at hospital.


Resettlement bribery scam unearthed

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Calle Schlettwein, has cautioned the landless to be aware of a scam, where those seeking resettlement are being asked bribes to be allocated resettlement farms.


Coronavirus delays implementation of AEZs

The implementation of the country’s agro-ecological zones (AEZs), the carrying capacity maps and their framework database with a reliable and dynamic GIS model has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform Calle Schlettwein has said.


Moderate growth and subdued supply to gradually increase uranium prices

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) Rössing Uranium has cautioned that while global uranium prices are expected to recover in the medium to long-term, the gradual recovery may take another five years. In its latest report to stakeholders, the uranium miner noted that moderate demand growth and subdued supply will drive a gradual price appreciation.


Hundreds bury Swapo veteran Jason Angula

Windhoek – Hundreds of Namibians from all walks of life gathered in a large number at Gammams Cemetery in Windhoek, where veteran politician of the struggle for liberation and independence Jason Abed Angula was laid to rest on Saturday morning.

Sioka condemns barbaric fatal stabbing of woman

OMUTHIYA – Doreen Sioka, the minister of gender equality, poverty eradication and social welfare has condemned, in the strongest terms, the cold-blooded murder of Rejoice Shovaleka, who was stabbed to death two weeks ago by an unknown assailant in Tsumeb.

Gender ministry inaugurates ECD centre

AROAB – Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Bernadette Jagger has urged parents in Aroab to ensure more of their children are enrolled and attend the newly constructed early child development (ECD) centre in the south- eastern town where they will receive professional care and early stimulation for their future learning and development.

Parks to charge conservation fees

In addition to existing park entrance fees, the environment and tourism ministry will introduce the payment of a conservation fee, which will be charged to all visitors to national parks and game parks in addition to existing park entrance fees.


M-Gee drops vintage fashion like video

RUNDU - Northern based artist, Lukas Thomas, better known by his stage name M-Gee has dropped another fresh video for his fans, this current afro pop offering titled ‘Kumorora’ is inspired by the current Covid-19 pandemic, and it is shot in a vintage style he wore along with other casts who wore some sort of vintage clothes just to give that classic look to the video.


Shoprite i nyaziwa ketululo ya mushobo

KATIMA MULILO – Kamaiso ya sintolo sa Shoprite inyazizwe kuli ina ni ketululo ya mushobo, kasamulaho akufa babeleki bamashumi amabeli kabasilezi mwasikiliti sa Zambezi mañolo, kuli babonahale fapila katengo kakatalima mafosisa mwa Katima Mulilo.


SMEs get equipment from government

Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Doreen Sioka has called on Namibian men to stop acts of gender-based violence (GBV) towards women and children – and subsequently, the abuse of pension and child grants.

Geingob to study ancestral land report 

Although the Presidential Commission into Claims of Ancestral Land Rights and Restitution concluded its fact-finding mission on the much-awaited recommendations, it will only be made public once President Hage Geingob studies it.


J-Twizzle a free man

In an unsuspecting turn of events, charges against Award-winning Namibian hip-hop artist Jericho Gawanab, also known as J-Twizzle, have been dropped this week at the Karibib Magistrate’s Court.

Remembering comrade Jason Angula

I came to know the late Jason Angula in 1970 when he joined us at Martin Luther High (MLH) school from St. Mary’s Odibo to complete his matric (Grade 12).  I also had the pleasure of making his acquaintance when we played rugby for the first team at MLH. 

Ombepo yo maunguriro kumwe ya utire okuhinga?

Otjomuise- Ovengi mbazuvire kutja ovanane ovengi vOvaherero nOvambanderu mba na ngerwe ko ma zemburukiro wo zombura o 50 zondiro yOmbara Otjitambi yOvaherero, Katjikururume Hosea Komombumbi Hoveka, va ze rire kutja oo mautiro wo ma hingiro yombepo yo mbwaneno.


GIPF reaps fruit of Mashare Berries investment

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) has confirmed Namibia’s first largescale commercial blueberry harvest, produced by the Mashare Berries project, which forms part of the Spitz Capital Fund anchored in the GIPF unlisted investment programme. 


Retrenched Seaflower workers stage stand-in

WALVIS BAY – Desperate employees of Seaflower Pelagic Processing plant at Walvis Bay on Wednesday appealed to President Hage Geingob to intervene and save their jobs by ordering the minister of fisheries, Albert Kawana, to reinstate their quota, so they can have their jobs back.


A cry of sorrow and grief

First Lady Monica Geingos has penned an emotional letter expressing her heartfelt condolences to the mother of two-week-old Charmaine Moss, who died last week after she was allegedly sexually violated by her own father. 


Top spy joins ACC 

A top official at the Namibia Central Intelligence Service has been named as the new executive director of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) following a surprise reshuffle of accounting officers yesterday.

Omuntele demands tarred road 

OMUNTELE – Angry residents of Omuntele have rejected the promise of the Roads Authority (RA) to only rehabilitate and re-gravel the Engoyi-Omuntele road that is in a bad state, causing displeasure to motorists. 


Star of the Week - Rosalia Hipondoka

Our Star of the Week is none other than 23-year-old Rosalia Hipondoka who started a Missing Person Unit along with musician Top Cheri, recording artist CHANA as well as an advocate of change, Sigourney Hoses.


Dispatched Thoughts: Responsibility of leaders

When times get rough, a leader cannot hide behind their team; they cannot hide because of the rough times. That is when they are most needed by those that look up to them. It is in times like this that they will be tested and have to prove their leadership skills.