• April 5th, 2020


Sex workers urged to look beyond monetary perspective

Country director of Namibia sex workers alliance Rachel Love Gawases said although the Covid-19 lockdown impedes their finances, it is essential Namibian sex workers look at this with  a critical eye and understand the lockdown from a holistic manner, rather than from a monetary perspective. 

Namport donates equipment to field hospital

WALVIS BAY – Namibia Ports Authority (Namport) heeded government’s call to combat the spreading of Covid-19 by donating medical supplies to the containerised field hospital that is currently under construction at the Walvis Bay State Hospital. 

Three Oceans Seafood Distributors donate fish

WALVIS BAY – Three Oceans Seafood Distributors Namibia donated horse mackerel worth N$900 000 to the disaster risk management committee of Walvis Bay to assist vulnerable members of society in the Erongo region during the current Covid-19 lockdown. The fish was handed over by Denise Visser, managing partner of the company, to Walvis Bay urban constituency councillor Knowledge Iipinge for further distribution. 

US puts federal prisons on lockdown over virus fears

WASHINGTON – The US confined all its federal inmates, nearly 170,000 people, to their cells and wards Wednesday for at least two weeks to prevent an outbreak of new coronavirus, an especially dire concern in the country with the world’s largest prison population. At least two inmates have died of the Covid-19 illness so far in one Louisiana penitentiary -- the first on Saturday, and a second on Wednesday, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Ovandu kavesere oku nyinga nyinga 

Otjomuise-Tjikweya ko ma patero wo ma nyinga nyingiro owo nai ngunda ngeri mo tukondwa twa Erongo na Khomasa uriri nu harukuru wina ngu ma ye vaza kotukondwa atuhe mehi, omundu ka ngamwa auhe maso oku kara pekara pendje mena ro ma pu inga: mbu ma veso oku ungura oviungura ovi mwata mwate;

Ovandu kombanda ya 10 kavasere o ku worongana

Otjomuise- Moruveze ro u zeu mena ro mutjise wondwi yo Corona ndwa tjivisiwab iyo tjiuru tjehi, Omutjuøikwa Hage Geingoba tjiyari 17 ko mweze imbwi, ohoromemnde tjiyari 28 ko mweze imbwi wina otji ya pitisire mongoramambo yondjiukisio yo vi tjitwa vyo horo omazeva ngu ma ye kongorerwa oruveze indwi.

Informal sector welcomes relief funding

Informal business owners, whose businesses had to shut down due to lockdown measures, have welcomed the emergency income grant of N$750, which will support households to cope with their reduced income and other economic hardships resultant from the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mavango gokuweka yikorama simpe kuna zeguruka kovadinguli

Rundu – Ministeli zonsitwe, wiza ntani vadinguli muhuyungilipo gwaza, Romeo Muyunda, katente asi mavango gokuwekera yikorama kuna paturuka ngwendi nare nampili ngomu kuna kara kambumburu koCOVID-19, kayininkisire Presidente Hage Geingob ature etokoro asi varugani navenye vemepangero ntani nombunga dopaumwene dahepa kuruganena pomambo ure womazuva 14, kugusako owo ava gava yirugana yohepero ntani yonondja.

Erongo kuna kuvapa egano kuhamena epato

WalvisBay – Vantu vatunga mosirongo saErongo vahepa kutambura egano eli lyokupata momunene awo vavhurembo morwa kuna kumoneka asi vaNamibia vamwe kapi vana kusikisamo veta zangesi zokulikunga komukisi ogu guna gumu ndi asi kuna kudipaga vantu mouzuni.


LPM to make its presence felt in parliament - Swartbooi

With four representatives in the National Assembly, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) believes it has the requisite ammunition in its arsenal to robustly debate bread and butter issues without fear or favour. This is what could be deduced from the comments of LPM’s chief-change-campaigner Bernadus Swartbooi during a recent in-depth interview with Nampa.

We don’t want to instil fear - navy commander

WALVIS BAY – Navy commander Rear Admiral Sinsy Nghipandua says residents in the Erongo region should strictly adhere to the prescribed lockdown measures that are currently in place to curb the spread of Covid-19 that has been declared a global pandemic. 


Heavy rains impoverish family of seven

OMUTHIYA – Heavy rains have left a family of seven destitute in Akoonde village in Eengodhi constituency after two of their huts were washed away. They have reconstructed one small hut with cardboard boxes and corrugated zinc sheets, which they share with five children. 

Institutions compelled to embrace online lectures

OMUTHIYA – Governments around the world have closed educational institutions in an attempt to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and some institutions now offer classes online to ensure teaching is not severely disrupted by the virus that has impacted many sectors.


Catholic loses church bell worth N$100 000

Unknown thieves in Omusati region on Sunday at an unknown time sneaked into the premises of the Roman Catholic Parish and stole its church bell worth N$100 000, revealed Deputy Police Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi in the crime report she issued on Tuesday.

34 fined for violating lockdown

Thirty-four suspects got fines of between N$2 000 and N$4 000 from the police for selling alcohol after a state of emergency was declared which prohibits the sale of liquor during this period.


Namibian students in China share lockdown experiences

Namibian students studying in China have exhorted fellow Namibians to take lockdowns seriously as they survived through the whole ordeal with no new local cases reported when China, initially the epicentre of Covid-19 was the first country to impose lockdowns that reduced the spread of the virus.

MTCs ge N$1 miljunsa go ǂnûiǂui coronavirusa ǁkhaubas !aroma

MTCs ge kaise !hae huib ǀkha nē ǁkhōǁkhōsa mâsib !nâ go ǂherexa Coronavirus khoraǂuisensa ǁkhaes ase tsî ǁnā-amaga N$1 miljunsa go ǂnûiǂui. Nē maris ge ǁnāti ǀaweǁguihe hâ !kharaga ǁgariǁgarisa !âga !oa ǂhâsib ra hā khami nî ǂhāǂuihese. ǀNî !âgu nē maris nî sîsenū!nâhegu ge ǂansa ǀgoragus, ǀhûhâsiga ǁgau!nâs, ǁkhaubas hōhō!nâdi, !norasa ǀae!khō!khaigu !nâ ǁguiris tsî !oabade mās tsîna.

ǀKhurub xa !khōhe hâ ǀhûhâsigu ge ǁauna nî !khō!oa.

ǂNŪǂGOAES – Nexus ǁGau!khōs ti ǀon hâ ǂnûiǂgās ge ǁnā ǁanǂgāsaben ǁkharas ǀkharib din hîa ǀkhurub xa ǀgaisase ge tsâǀkhāhena mâxōǀkhās ase dōǂgāsa ǁaun, N$200 000 xa a !nāsa ǁkhāsiba !khōǂgā hâna ge ǁkhaeǁnâba. Nē !gâi!gâ ǁanǂgāsaben ge !Autsawises tsî ǀNomsoros Aiǂoas ǁhûi!nâǂharira di khoena.

Is it jobs for comrades or a mere bloated Cabinet again?

The Namibians woke up on 9 February 1990 with delight, as that day heralded the dawn and introduction of one of the best constitutions in the world. The chairperson of the Constituent Assembly, which constructed and drafted the Constitution, is the current president of the Republic. One can say we are honoured to have the former chairperson of the Constituent Assembly in the State House today because he knows all the corners and hooks of the Constitution.

The church and politics

The church has always had a very important role to play in the pollical stratosphere the world over. Historical activities, including the crusades to liberate Jerusalem, the “discovery” of America’s even down to the colonisation of Africa had the blessing of the church. In the last 100 years, the church then became instrumental in the fight for liberation and independence of many countries including our Namibia.

Mali votes despite virus, security fears

Bamako – Malians headed to the polls on Sunday for a long-delayed parliamentary election just hours after the country recorded its first coronavirus death and with the leading opposition figure kidnapped and believed to be in the hands of jihadists.


Veterans urged to pursue long-term projects

Veterans of the liberation struggle, successfully running their businesses in the form of individual veterans projects (IVPs), are encouraging those advocating for their IVPs to be paid in cash instead of funding the business models of their choice, to think about their immediate families and surrounding communities, whom they said will greatly benefit from the IVPs once they have taken root.

Drought hit communities receive fish

KEETMANSHOOP – Nexus fishing company, as a means of contributing towards addressing the plight of drought stricken //Kharas region residents earlier this week donated tinned fish worth over N$200 000, that will benefit residents of Berseba and Karasburg East constituencies

Keetmans makes U-turn on street vendors

KEETMANSHOOP - The Keetmanshoop municipality has resolved that it will allow street vendors to continue operating amid the Covid-19 outbreak, as it is unable to make up for the losses they will incur if they stop working.

Walvis to erect 150-bed virus isolation facility

WALVIS BAY - Stakeholders at the harbour town, including the Walvis Bay Urban constituency risk disaster management team in collaboration with the Welwitschia private hospital and the business community, have pooled resources together to set up a 150-bed facility to be used to treat potential coronavirus patients.


Unam formulates locally made sanitiser

The University of Namibia (Unam)’s Faculty of Science and School of Pharmacy has manufactured a hand sanitiser for the University community, with limited ingredients, to restrict possible coronavirus infection on campuses, stated the in-house Forum Online run by Unam.

Muinjangue kuna kukarugnena mbunga politika zendi

Ogu kavapere sinkwa ntani sirugana souministeragona woukanguki noukali nawa Utjiua Muinjangue katente asi age takatwikira kuruganena mbunga politika zendi mombongarero zanavenye ano simpe taka ruganesa nonkondo dedi asi munisteragona goukkanguki noukali nawa mokuruganena vaNamibia navenye.”Ame kuna gusa posa ezi ngomuNamibia ogu ana hara kukambekako keparu lyovaNamibia; eyi kapi yina kara asi morwa upolitika wange oku nahamena. 

We Are In It Together!

New Era Publication Corporation would like to assure all our readers that we will continue sharing information on all our platforms, including social media and website, on a daily basis amidst the coronavirus outbreak challenges.


Coronavirus wrecks kapana business

The market for fresh, wood-roasted beef popularly known as ‘kapana’ at the Single Quarters in Katutura is usually a beehive of activity frequented by locals and occasionally European tourists in search of exotic African cuisine.

Word On The Block by the Namibian Police - Understanding public gathering and the law

In as much as the nation is cognisant of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, Article 21, Fundamental Freedoms, Sub-article (1) (a), (d) and (e), we should also be mindful of the same Article, sub-article 2. This sub-article states that such fundamental freedoms referred to shall be exercised subject to the law of Namibia, and in so far as, such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the rights and freedoms conferred by the said sub-article. Peaceful public gatherings are recognised in democracies worldwide as being important and acceptable form of public expression. However, such exercise shall be conducted within the reasonable restriction of the law.


Entrepreneur speaks on humble beginnings

KEETMANSHOOP – From humble beginnings, including starting as a street vendor, businessman Henry Jongwe has made a name for himself in the business sector. Jongwe owns Hennima Investments, which includes various companies, such as a garment and textile business. 

Chineseǁî aitsama ǂharugu-aos ge !gâiaǂgaoba ǀhûhâsib hostels tawa ge hā-ū

NKURENKURUS - ǁNāpas ge dâb di ǀhâimâiǀomsa Sikarosompo ǂAm skoli, Kavango Huriǂoas dib tawa ge hâ i, ǁnāpab ge skola ǁaerob ǀgaiban a huisenū ǁkhāse, xūna sâu!nâs !khaib tsî ǂûsâi!nâ!nā-oms tsîna ǀkhomxa!nâ khoera hîa ge skolǀgôan di ǀkhomaǂgansa ǁnâu tsî a oe-amra xu a !khō!oas khao!gâ. Nē kurib di tsoatsoasa xun ge skoli di ǁgau!nâ-aona ǁîn di ǁom!khaide ǀgôan ǀkha gere ǀgoragu, ǀgôan hâ!khaib ge ǀnanub xa ǂkhôahes khao!gâ tsîn ǀnî ǁom!nâ!khaina ge ǀkhai i amaga.


A new chapter for the 30-year China-Namibia relations

2020 is an important year in the history of China-Namibia bilateral relations. It marks the 30th anniversary of the independence of Namibia and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. It is also a crucial year for China to reach the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and eradicate absolute poverty.


Gochas yearns for development

The lack of road infrastructure in Gochas in the Hardap region is hampering tourism activity in the small village. The village, situated about 100 kilometres south-east of Mariental, is the gateway to the Mata Mata border post. However, 30 years after independence, major road infrastructure is still lacking in the sleepy village that has about 500 inhabitants. 

Lodge to slash wages due  to Covid-19

The Namibian hospitality industry, particularly lodges, are highly vulnerable and will be hard hit by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic after Namibia has recorded the third case of Covid-19 last week. Many lodges are trying to reduce and cut costs as the industry faces cancellations from foreign tourists who are the life-blood of this key sector of the economy.

Kavango regions set measures to contain Covid-19

RUNDU – Kavango East and West regions have put preventive measures in place, as well as trained health workers and support staff in hospitals and districts as measures to combat coronavirus. This was revealed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services chief medical officer (CMO) for the two Kavango regions, Dr Abiola Adesina.


US ambassador congratulates Geingob

The US ambassador to Namibia, Lisa Johnson, has congratulated President Hage Geingob and the people of Namibia on the 30th anniversary of Namibia’s independence that was celebrated Saturday across the diamond-rich country. 

Do our words hide the truth? … a challenge to transform

Writing legibly has never been one of my strongest points. I have often wondered whether exasperated examiners passed me at school and university on the assumption that one so lacking in handwriting skills must obviously have used his time to soak up the more important facts of the subject matter being examined.

Corona exposes health inequities and the marginalisation of the poor

THE government has gone into overdrive in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus since two Romanian tourists tested positive for the virus after landing in the country on Wednesday, the 11 March 2020. The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, which has since been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a cause for concern for all humanity.

Govt tightens quarantine on arrivals from Europe

Government has started rolling out increased measures to contain the growing coronavirus outbreak by quarantining 35 Namibian citizens who were trapped in Europe. The 35 arrived in the country on Saturday morning and were immediately whisked away to the Greiters conference centre on the outskirts of Windhoek for a mandatory quarantine of 14 days.


Xi sends salutations to Geingob

WINDHOEK – Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Namibia celebrating its 30 years of independence and statehood, has reaffirmed his country’s excellent diplomatic relations, tracing back to when Namibia was still ruled by the apartheid South African minority regime.

Wabulalu uswalelwa Corona mwa Namibia

WINDOKO – Liluko la Makete viki yefelile neli zibahalize kuli lipatisiso lizwelapili, kasamulaho muyahi wanaha Germany naswalezwi kakokwani ka Corona, ili kutalusa kuli babase baswalezwi butuku bwa Corona mwanaha seli babalalu.

Tekisano yalitapi ikwaluzwi  mwa Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO – Kukwaliwa kwalitapi ili kezahalo yakamita mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, kone kukalile mwakweli ya Ñulule, kakuba nzila yeñwi yakufa litapi nako yakuzwala nekufelisizwe la 1 Lyatamani. Kukwaliwa kwatekisano yalitapi kutahanga ili kuli litapi lisilelezwe, mwasikiliti mo litapi kizabutokwa mwakumatafaza mubili.

Keto yamakwambuyu itokwisa Geingob buloko

WINDOKO – Mueteleli wanaha Hage Geingob ubonisize kuli hana kuketa limembala zalikopano zelwanisana hala makwambuyu bahae, mi kanako yeswana napatuluzi kuli kumubela tata kuketa baeteleli balilimo liketalizoho zetaha. Nihakulicwalo Geingob viki yefelile nakutiselize falitulo Nangolo Mbumba kuba mubakweli wahae, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila kuba ngambela, ni likwambuyu walitaba zakwanda naha Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah kuba mubakweli ku ngambela.


The relevance of student leadership in Namibia

After 30 years of independence, student leaders in the country continue to fight for the rights and the wellness of the Namibian students. New Era sat down with a few student leaders in the country to get their take on the status of student leadership. 


Mission to mend broken hearts… up close and personal with

One of the toughest aspects to deal with, as a practising heart surgeon, is the emotional and psychological toll experienced when a patient dies. This is according to Namibia’s first black heart surgeon, Dr Jones Nghaamwa, who says even as a professional he has not yet learnt how to deal with the devastation and anguish of the grieving process.


Trade unions need self introspection, renewal

There is no doubt that trade unions play an important role in the country’s body politic in their efforts to be a voice for the growing numbers of unorganised and marginalised workers in Namibia. But are our local trade unions relevant given the fast-changing union politics?

Negligent parents to be arrested 

OMUTHIYA – The police in Oshikoto has vowed to take drastic action against parents who deliberately leave minors alone without any adult supervision, saying this has been a cause of concern leading to the death of many toddlers because of the lack of parental care.

Shark Island’s heritage status reasserted

KEETMANSHOOP – The Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Anna Nghipondoka has reiterated that government regards heritage preservation very seriously, knowing that every epoch in the walk to freedom was a building bridge to nationhood. 


Trump congratulates Geingob, hails Namibia

On the eve of Namibia’s 30th independence anniversary, US President Donald Trump has sent a congratulatory message to President Hage Geingob and the Namibian people and also hailed Namibia’s strong democratic tradition, which he said was evident in last year’s free and fair general election.


Saga Seafood employees sign retrenchment packages

WALVIS BAY – The 210 employees of the Saga and Geysir trawlers, who were retrenched earlier this month, will receive a month and a half’s salary, severance pay of 1.5 weeks as well as a bonus of N$10 000. Saga Seafood made the announcement that the retrenched employees will also be paid two days of accrued leave per month. 

19 who met infected couple test negative

Nineteen out of twenty-five people who came into contact with the Romanian couple who tested positive for coronavirus in Namibia were traced, contacted and tested for Covid-19, and the health and social services minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula said no secondary transmission was observed.  “Appropriate measures were taken which included isolation and monitoring,” Shangula informed a media briefing yesterday.  


Opinion - Thank you UNTAG, happy birthday Namibia

Firstly, as Namibia commemorates its 30 years of independence, we must pause and salute those whose blood waters our freedom. Equally, we must pay tribute to the former United Nations (UN) Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, who died on 4 March 2020 in Lima, Peru, at the age of 100. Mr Perez de Cuellar was the face of the UN when the door for Namibia’s independence was being opened. 


Build It Omuthiya commits to assisting schools

OMUTHIYA – Hardware retailer Build It Omuthiya has signalled its firm commitment in assisting the education sector in Oshikoto region, said business owner Herman Nekomba in remarks delivered on his behalf by store manager Lebeus Petrus during the handover of building material to the Omuthiyagwiipundi Secondary School.

ǀGôahō ǁoas ǀkha !nōb !nâ !gomma tsâs

ǂOago wekheb Wunstaxtsēs ais ge 38 kurixa khoesa ǁîs di tsâb tsî tsûb ǀgôa-e hōǁoas diba tsûsase gere ǁgae. Nē khoes ge mîs geresa !oa ǀgamǀkhās khao!gâ ǀgôan xa ǁgôa!nāhe tsî nēsi haka kuriga !gameb âs !nâ ǀgôa-e noxopa hō tama hâ. Linda Haiduwas, ǂurusib mâxōǀkhā-ao sîsenaos, Odibos hîa Ohangwena ǀkharib

Namcols ge 2019 !nâ 5.5 persentgu ǂharosa !âidi !nâ ge ǁgau

Direkteri, Namibiab ǁKhāǁkhāsen!khaib !Augaba xu hâ ǁkhāǁkhāsendi dib (Namcol) Harold Murangib ge ge mî, 2019ǁî kurib di ǀuni !nurigu ra ǁgausa, D simbolsa xu ǀgapise hâ simboldi ge 5.5 persentgu ǀkha a khâisa, ǁîn ge 20,6 persentga 2017 !nâ ūhâ i tsî 25.1 persentgu kōse 2019 !nâ a sīs khao!gâ. 

Dana!ās ge ǂnaumâiǁanǁguigu omǀhonkhoena ra xoakhâi

ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ge ǁnāti ī ǀaweǁguiba go sîsenxa kai, ǂan!gâsa tamase ǂnaumâiǁanǁguigu !nân ǁîna omari-i ǀhonkhoese hâ khoena xoakhâis ǀkha. Nē xoakhâis di !aromas ge in ǁîna ǀhonkhoesis ǂan!gâs ǂhawega !khō!oa. ǂOago kurib !nâs ge ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais ǀAwemā!nansa ǀnai omkhâisens tsî !gâi!gâi!nâs

Shock over school principal’s suicide

A 38-year-old school principal from Onambaladi Primary School committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope in his bedroom on Sunday. The deceased has been identified as Philipus Sheehama. According to this week’s Namibian Police crime report, no suicide note was found. His next of kin were informed.

Fishing sector assures workers on corona

SWAKOPMUND – Chairperson of the confederation of Namibian fishing industries Matti Amukwa, says the fishing industry is safe for now in terms of the Coronavirus, recently declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Muunda utibisa upa wasikiliti sa Zambezi

LUHONONO – Bayahi basikiliti sa Zambezi babafumaneha mwalibaka zetibiswa kimezi amuunda zecwale ka Luhonono, ili yene zibahala sapili ka Schuckmannsburg, bakauhezwi kwasikiliti kaufela kamukwakwa wa Namalubi-Luhonono, bakeñisa kunanuha kwamezi mwanuka ya Lyambai.

Nored ifa neulo ya N$160 000 kwaliluko la tuto

ONGWEDIVA – Kampani yebona zamulilo wamagesi mwamutulo wanaha (Nored), netambekile masheleñi alikana N$160 000 kwaliluko la tuto viki yefelile. Neulo kikalulo yatumelelano yatuso yamasheleñi yalilimo zetalu, yene nyatezwi mwasilimo sa 2017, hala Nored nimitayi yalituto mwalikiliti moifumaneha Nored.

Coronavirus to hit local tourism hard

The local tourism industry is one of the sectors that are hard hit by the global outbreak of the coronavirus. The Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) says the pandemic has resulted in major cancellations, especially business meetings and conferencing. 


Passenger liners suspend port calls

WALVIS BAY – As the world continues to battle the growing number of coronavirus infections, at least eight passenger liners that were expected to dock at the Port of Walvis Bay suspended all activities around the world.


IUM Nkurenkuru campus opens 2020 academic year

NKURENKURU – Professor David Namwandi the founder of Namibia’s largest privately-owned institution of higher learning, the International University of Management (IUM), on Tuesday officiated at the opening of its 2020 academic year at Nkurenkuru campus in Kavango West.

Two perish in road accident

OMUTHIYA – Two people died on Monday evening when the vehicles they were travelling in collided head-on between Onathinge and Onyaanya, while others are fighting for their lives at Onandjokwe state hospital where they were admitted in a critical condition. 

Rundu mayor sworn in amidst Swapo bickering

RUNDU – Rundu magistrate Hellen Olaiya who was invited by the Rundu Town Council to swear in the mayor and management only managed to install Isak Kandingu who retained his position as mayor, but the swearing-in ceremony of the town’s management was postponed.

Granite miners endure harsh conditions

SWAKOPMUND – Namibians working at Dreamland Investments and its sister companies, Ewe Granite Manufacturing and Ekungungu Trading are underpaid and work under deplorable conditions, exposing them to health and safety risks.

UNFPA donates dignity kits

EENHANA – The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has donated food and other items to people living with disabilities, expectant women, schoolgoing adolescent girls and teen club members in the Ohangwena region. 


Onyuulaye top performers recognised

The Onyuulaye circuit in Oshikoto region recently celebrated outstanding learners and teachers with an award ceremony. Omutse Combined School and Ndjukuma Primary School walked away with most individual awards, proving not only to have some of the best performing learners, but the best teachers in the circuit.


Ueitele pledges support to vocational education

GOBABIS – As the governor of a region having the highest unemployment level and widespread poverty, and also one that has the largest number of marginalised communities, the Omaheke Governor Festus Ueitele has pledged to support the advancement of vocational education.

Baby girl drowns in a pond

A three-year-old baby drowned in a pond while fetching water on Saturday evening at Eembidi village in Ohangwena region. In this week’s crime report issued by Namibian police, it is alleged that the infant, Sirkka Naveuye Hamunyela, was with another child fetching water from a pond situated near their house.

Rundu swearing-in of councillors in limbo

RUNDU – Swapo district executives last Friday attempted to halt the swearing-in ceremony of the Rundu Town Council at the Rundu Magistrate’s Court, saying the councillors on the Swapo party ticket did not get their blessings for the council to continue with the ceremony.

Erongo residents empowered with goats

In its drive to improve the livelihood of the rural communities and to contribute to food and nutrition security, the government handed over 20 does and one buck each to 20 selected beneficiaries in Daweb West of the Erongo region. 

Katima border post receives new office

KATIMA MULILO – Katima Mulilo Border Post has received a new office container from Van Der Walt Transport. The new office will go a long way to decongest clearing commercial tracks entering and leaving the country. The customised container office has a fitted air-con, computers and it is fully furnished.

Hopes to find missing captain dashed

SWAKOPMUND – Hangana Seafood has ruled out any reasonable prospect to find the missing captain Carlo Gordon alive or recover his body from the wreck at sea. Gordon went missing on 18 February, a day after he led his 26 crew members to the fishing grounds on the hake-catching vessel.

Nossobville concerned group demand land

KEETMANSHOOP – Members of the Nossobville Housing and Multipurpose Development Club in Gobabis are legally challenging the Gobabis municipality’s intentions to remove them from a piece of land they currently occupy. 


LPM promises to lead with love and honesty

KEETMANSHOOP - Sebeteus !Guiteb, the Landless People’s Movement candidate for the upcoming by-election in Otjiwarongo, says the political party has been observing for too long how nepotism and political patronage have led to many Namibians being sidelined and excluded.


Skills upgrade

Speaker of the National Assembly Prof. Peter Katjavivi (centre, seated) poses for a group photo with parliamentary staff, KAS staff and German experts from the Bundestag at the end of a research training workshop.

Defaulting Endombo residents face eviction

OMUTHIYA – About 20 tenants of Endombo compound in Tsumeb were on Tuesday served with eviction notices under heavy police presence for failure to pay rent since 2017. Earlier reports suggested the number to be close to 300, but this figure was denied by the property owner, Christo Groenwald. 

NSFAFs ge !aromade ra mā tare-i !aromas kaiǀoa hân !âba xu ra ǂgâxa studentna marisihuiba ra māsa

Namibiab Studentn Marisi Mâxōǀkhās ǂGaes (NSFAF) ge ra ǂnoabasen ǁnā mîǁguib hîas ge a ū in ǁnā studentn hîa kaiǀoa hân tsî !âidi !nâ-ū ge !kharu tsî ǂhanub xa marisise ra mâ!gâhe ǀgapi ǁkhāǁkhāsen!khaigu tawa ra ǁkhāǁkhāsenn ǀguina ra hui tsî ǁnān hîa aitsama mâbasen ǀgapi ǁkhā­ǁkhāsern!khaigu tawa ra ǁkhā­ǁkhāsena marisise hui tamas ǂnamipe. 

Chinese embassy donates 635 school bags

KAMANJAB – The China Foundation for Poverty Eradication through the local Chinese embassy donated 635 panda school bags packed with school stationery and 10 computers to the D.F Uirab Primary School in Kamanjab.  The school has a population of about 640 pupils. 


Oshikoto top performers awarded

OMUTHIYA – Despite challenges faced by the education sector in Namibia, well determined teachers and school principals remain consistent and dedicated to their duties to ensure that learners are equipped with necessary skills. 

Close to N$5m for boreholes unaccounted

The Omaheke Regional Council is yet to make a final resolution on how best to deal with a contractor who was reportedly paid an amount of N$4,9 million for the rehabilitation and drilling of boreholes in the region but failed to deliver. 

Parliamentary staff undertake research training

Parliament staff, who participated in the research training sponsored by the Konrad Adeneur Stiftung and facilitated by German experts from the Bundestag, have hailed the initiative and were recently awarded certificates after completing the intensive exercise that covered a myriad of lessons, including researching for parliamentary work and bill summaries.

Tichele wa muituti uneula libuka

Maili 10 – Muituti yasali mwasilimo sabune kwasikolo sesipahami sa Unam, na neuzi libuka zatuto zelikana 173, ili zeka sebeliswa kilitopa zeshelashelana, kwasikolo sa Gcagcu kwamunzi wa Maili 10, kwamukulela wamukwakwa wa Rundu-Grootfontein mwa Kavango ya Wiko.

NaTIS centre opens its doors in Divundu

Transport minister John Mutorwa officially opened the new NaTIS office on Thursday in Divundu. The inauguration of this office came at a time when residents of Divundu used to travel about 200km to Rundu to access vehicle registration and learner’s licensing services. 

Nudo praises ACC for ‘renewed aggression’

National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) Secretary General Josef Kauandenge has hailed the country’s anti-graft agency for its “renewed aggression” after serving a summons to South African lawyer Tembeka Ngcukaitobi to explain the N$50 000 that was paid to him in October 2018 from National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor). 


//Kharas promotes open door policy

AROAB – A collective governing approach involving all relevant stakeholders is of paramount importance since this is the gateway to prosperity in any given structure said Megameno Shikongo, Deputy Director for the Directorate Planning and Development Services at //Kharas Regional Council.


Topnaars get bigger clinic

UTUSEB – The Topnaar people living in the Kuiseb valley, situated about 70 kilometres on the outskirts of Walvis Bay, will no longer need to travel to the harbour town to access full healthcare.


Ngwangwama set to become NWR MD

Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) acting managing director Matthias Ngwangwama is set to be unveiled as the substantive head after line minister Pohamba Shifeta gave his blessings for his appointment.


Parliament explores areas of cooperation with Russia

The two presiding officers of the Namibian parliament, speaker of the National Assembly Peter Katjavivi and chairperson of the National Council Bernard Sibalatani have praised the long-standing relations between Namibia and Russia, further adding that inter-parliamentary cooperation has the potential to improve the work of the legislature. 


Councillor urges improved service delivery

AROAB – Keetmanshoop Rural constituency Councillor Elias !Kharuxab said there is a compelling call for all stakeholders to deliberately and collaboratively make a positive and sustained difference in the lives of those around them. 


NaTIS opens shop at Divundu

RUNDU - The Roads Authority (RA) has started with services at Divundu, which has brought relief to inhabitants of the village council and surrounding areas, who, over the years, travelled more than 200km to Rundu for vehicle registration, and learner and driver’s licence testing. 

Bayahi ba Windoko baelezwa hala kutala kwamilapo

WINDOKO – Kasamulaho aviki yakunela kwapula, Sipokola sa Muleneñi sifile mamela kwasicaba kuambuka kusila milapo yetezi mezi. Sibuabui wa Sipokola sa Muleneñi Fabian Amukwelele, naelelize hape sicaba kuli basike batoma miyaho yesika lumelelwa, sihulu mwamilapo. 

Ba Kabbe ya Mbowela balibelela muunda

WINDOKO – Nuka ya Lyambai izwelapili kunanuha kabubebe, ili mayemo awo mubusisi wasikiliti sa Zambezi Lawrence Sampofu, naize abilaeza kwabatu babafumaneha mwalibaka zeli mwasilalanda sa Kabbe ya Mbowela, ili sesitiswa kimezi amuunda silimo ni silimo.


If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

A few days before the Chinese Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP, or COVID-19) emerged in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei Province of China, and spread to the whole nation. Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government promptly established a national framework of comprehensive and inter-agency response and took the most comprehensive, stringent and thorough measures to contain the epidemic.

Endombo owner wants fair compensation

OMUTHIYA - The owner of Endombo compound in Tsumeb, Cristo Groenewald, says if the government is willing to offer him a good price, he can let go of the property and halt plans to execute the eviction order as granted by the court. 


Fishcor workers demand board removal

Workers at the embattled National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) are demanding the immediate removal of the current board to allow for the appointment of persons with similar powers and functions as curators until such time that the due process of the recruitment of regular directors has been completed as required by the Public Enterprises Governance Act. 


Govt praises buy-a-brick initiative

ARANOS – Urban and rural development deputy minister Derek Klazen has commended the Standard Bank Namibia buy-a-brick initiative, describing it as a “game changer” that has already transformed the lives of poor Namibians.


Siguruguru school faces closure

Over 230 learners from Siguruguru Junior Primary School face an uncertain future after an application to establish a temporary school in Rundu’s Tumweneni informal settlement was put on hold by the directorate of education in the region.

Sikunino sompongasano kuna kugendapo nawa moGoreangab

Mukevereli gevango vana kutumbura asi Olof Palme zompongasano ruha rosikunino kevango lyaGoreangab, Nestor Kalola, kahundilire sitata saVenduka mokuvapa evhu lyenzi kovatungimo, nokutanta asi ngano elikwamo eli nalivatera eparu lyovantu vatunga momavango gene vatura asi gokutunga. 

Heavy rain causes road damage 

OMUTHIYA – Heavy rain has caused extensive damage to the main gravel road of Onyati-Onkumbula in the Oshikoto region. The road is a vital link as it connects places in Okankolo and Onyuulaye. 


Cheating students face expulsion 

The University of Namibia says it will impose serious consequences for exam cheaters. Students involved in cheating will face expulsion and be de-registered from the university, vice-chancellor Kenneth Matengu warned this week. 

Swapo: Neka wants intergenerational dialogue

The Namibian Exile Kids Association (Neka) says the time is ripe for honest and open engagement between generations in order to help move Swapo Party forward. They are also calling on party elders to consider ideas on succession planning when it comes to its top leadership. 


Govt targets 100% ART coverage 

OSHAKATI - Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said the government has intensified its fight against HIV/Aids with the aim to reach 100% of reported and known HIV patients on anti-retroviral treatment (ART). 


Job portal: N$20 000 for non-compliance

SWAKOMUND – A senior employment officer at the labour ministry says employers who do not comply with all aspects of the Employment Service Act and the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS) could be fined up to N$20 000 in the near future. 

Liluko la Mabasi libatisisa manyalo alishano

WINDOKO – Liluko la Mabasi, liezize lipatisiso hala manyalo angiwa kuli kiatumelelano amashumi asupile, mubakweli likwambuyu wa liluko la mabasi Maureen Hinda-Mbuende nabulezi viki yefelile. Manyalo alishano kamita kuiputezi basali ili bayahi banaha Namibia, babanyalwa kwa baana bamazwazule katumelelano yakufiwa masheleñi. Kasamulaho mazwahule bafumana mapampili akuba bayahi banaha kamanyalo atumelelano.

Baituti babata kukuta kwahae

BEIJING – Buñata bwa baituti banaha Namibia babali mwanaha China baikutwa kuli muuso ubakungulezi kwatuko, linaha zeñwi halinze lizwisa baituti bazona mwatolopo ya Wuhan ili yetaselizwe kibutuku bwa corona.


Tweya praises SME development in //Kharas

KEETMANSHOOP – An industrial structure that had been gathering dust for quite sometime has now prospered into the establishment of a state-of-the-art garment factory at !Homs Ai centre in Keetmanshoop, answering to President Hage Geingob’s call for it to become operational said Tjekero Tweya, Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development.

ECN dumps EVMs for now

The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) said it would do away with electoral voting machines (EVMs) in favour of ballot papers for next month’s by-elections in Opuwo and Otjiwarongo.


//Kharas urged to intensify war on cybercrime

KEETMANSHOOP – Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi says decision makers should ensure there are opportunities in the curriculum of children to learn more about online safety through effective child protection strategies.


Konigstein introduces smart farming to Mashare 

RUNDU – A local company Konigstein Capital, which has a 25-year lease agreement to operate at the Mashare irrigation scheme, has installed a smart system at the farm to control centre pivots with a computer or on an iPad without physically being in the field.


Ngandu Festival returns this Easter

RUNDU - The Ngandu Festival, which debuted last year, will once again return this Easter weekend.  Event organiser Andreas Gustav said during the launch last week that the festival aims to create a network for exhibitors and artists. 

Okankolo grapples with network challenges

OKANKOLO – Although MTC is working tirelessly to ensure that everyone has access to communication and has built network towers to ensure connections are made easier in different parts of the country, some areas seem still to be lagging behind. 

!Namiǂnûs ǁanǂgāsaben ge Åhuuhubusenxūna !khamǂuis Åkha a ǁaxa

ǂNÛǂGOAES - !Namiǂnûs di ǁanǂgāsaben ge Ågui amsa xu ra mî, ǁîn a ǂhomisasa ÅhubuÅhubusenxūn sîsenūsa ǁnā !āsa xu Åariǂuisa. Nē mâsib xa ra ǂâiǂhansen ǁanǂgāsaben, Åawa!namn tsî !kharaga !âÅhuru-aon tsîn ge Ågūǁae ge Åhao hâ i, in danade ǂnûiÅhao tsî kō mâtin oresa nē !khāǂoa ra sîsenūs ÅhubuÅhubusenxūn disa !Namiǂnûs !nâ nî !khamǂuisa. 

Mooted reservoir can ease water woes

OMUTHIYA – Water utility NamWater and the Omuthiya Town Council are planning to set up an additional reservoir that will be dedicated to serving the town in order to ease the water woes that has plagued the area for many years. 

Mukwakwa wa Zambia ufilikanya bakwaezi ba Namibia

WINDOKO – Libyana zelongwa halizwelapili kuekezeha mwamukwakwa wa Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lumbumbashi, bakwaezi balimbayambaya zelonga libyana bazwelapili kutalimana nimaswenyeho habakena kwalineku la Zambia, kakuli mukwakwa ozwa Sesheke kuya Livingstone hamoho cwalo ni Lusaka, mane kuyoli tii kwa museto wanaha DRC, usiala mwamayemo maswe. 


Hardap Dam crisis laid bare

MARIENTAL - Stakeholders in the Hardap region, including farmers affected by the closing of the sluices of the Hardap Dam to the irrigation schemes, recently held a meeting with the agriculture, water and forestry minister, Alpheus !Naruseb, in Mariental to discuss ways on how to mitigate the effects it will have on their crop production.

WRP, Swanu in new poll challenge

The Workers Revolutionary Party (WRP) and Swanu of Namibia are throwing their spanner into the works of trying to have the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections declared null and void in the electoral court. 

Ozomahina zo ma toorore no kuhina ouvapira opendje noveta

Otjomuise- Otjombongariro Tjokombanda Mbanda tjo ma yarurakisiro woviposa mo Namibia, matji tja tjari nousemba wo ku tara motjiposa o mu rikuramenenepo, Panduleni Itula, novakwao vovira ovipirure vyo porotika, mu varwe ovengi, tji va hungamisire o Minister yo Mekurisiro Wovihuro Nokozombanda, Ohahende yOhoromende nOtjirata Tjomatoororero tja Namibia.


Sorry Ngo: Coronavirus and Valentine's things...

Aweeh, how have you been? Since I jika-jika-ed out, so many things have happened in the Land of the Brave, but many a Namibian have a very short memory span. Do you still remember the outbreak of anthrax and Ebola, and how everyone went berserk with theories in their heads about these dreadful, dangerous diseases?


Mbumba to stand in for Geingob at AU

President Hage Geingob has delegated Vice-President Nangolo Mbumba to represent him at the 33rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, which starts this weekend in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

Mushemi, yanyazwa niyena basiala mwasitokisi

Windoko – Basali bababeli, hamoho cwalo nimushemi wamusali, baba nyazwa kakubulaya nikuyo yumba situpu sa mwanana wamusizana walilimo zelobañwi, neba bonahalile lwapili mwakhuta yamuatuli yomunyini mwa Windoko, fapila muatuli yomunyinyani Ndepewa Amadhila.

Baetapili baba balehi kwa Dukwi baka kutiswa 

WINDOKO – Lingambolo linze liezahala mwahala naha Namibia ni Botswana, kukutisa yanali muetapili yatumile hahulu wabane babalehezi kwa Dukwi, Felix Kakula, nibabañwi babane kuli bato ikalabela hala papali yene babapalile, mwakubata kukeyula Mutayi wa Caprivi kwanaha Namibia kasilimo sa 1999.

Kröhne lobbies for business support

KEETMANSHOOP – Despite the //Kharas region having a wealth of minerals and marine resources its residents are living under the poorest of circumstances, said Keetmanshoop mayor Gaudentia Kröhne.

Labour officials in firing line

WALVIS BAY - National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) vice president Phillip Munenguni has lashed out at labour ministry officials, accusing them of being mere “salary collectors” while turning a blind eye to the suffering of workers employed in the fishing and mining industries.


Determined boy uses mouth to write

WINDHOEK – Meet nine-year-old Peter Nsamba who writes with his mouth. Nsamba has a disability and is unable to use his hands or walk. He relies on his parents to feed and assist him in other ways as well.

Oshana police probe attempted murder cases

ONGWEDIVA – The police in Oshana region are investigating two cases of attempted murder following gruesome attacks on Tuesday. In one incident, two security guards aged 42 and 44 were arrested after attacking a taxi driver at Gwashamba Mall in Ondangwa.

Talks to extradite ex-Dukwi leaders underway

WINDHOEK – Talks are underway between Namibia and Botswana to extradite ex-Dukwi refugee prominent leader, Felix Kakula, and four others to answer questions on their involvement in the secessionist attempt to secede the former Caprivi Strip from Namibia in 1999.

500 unemployed women aspire to drive taxis

WINDHOEK – About 500 women across Windhoek who two weeks ago submitted their CVs to Monica Gender-Based Violence Solution Centre have shown interest to obtain driving licences to enable them to start driving taxis in order to uplift their lives.

Kandorozu, Jahanika to be hauled before Nudo DC

WINDHOEK – The National Unity Democratic Organisation’s (Nudo) top leadership last weekend opted to shelve plans to suspend its long-serving Okakarara constituency councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu and former secretary general Meundju Jahanika from the party.