• May 24th, 2019
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Vatungimo kava gwene simpu moyihwa yompongasano

Rundu - Vaporosi moKavango zoutekero moutatu una puko kavagwanekerere nombudi zondona omu kavagwene simpu somugara ana dogoroka ntani sina  zonauka unene, simpu esi kavasigwene vantu ava kavazire vakapapare nongombe dawo kadizumbanene mevango lya Mbeyo eli lyakara asi lyompongasano omu ava zangura yikaramo. Egwano lyosimpu esi kwahorkere mouvali koyiha yono vili 07h0. “ 


Mpungu villagers without water

RUNDU - Mpungu villagers in Mpungu Constituency in Kavango West are enduring a shortage of water. Their livestock are  also affected as their community borehole constantly breaks down and relies on dinging earth dams known as “matope.”


PDM to meet stakeholders over NSFAF

WINDHOEK - The country’s largest opposition party, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says it will not take lightly the announcement made by Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) that is only able to fund study loans of 2 925 new applicants, out of 24 739 applications.

Oshikoto supports removal of redline

OMUTHIYA - During a recent consultative meeting the Swapo Party leadership in Oshikoto Region added their voice to proponents for the removal of the veterinary cordon fence, also known as the redline, in an effort to unlock business opportunities for beef farmers north of the cordon fence.


NCT builds classroom for less privileged school

 KARIBIB – With the large number of school learners growing and the government struggling to build classrooms at marginalised schools, the Namibian Community Trust (NCT) built a classroom at one of the less privileged schools at Karibib in Erongo Region. 

Omuthiya protests against cannabis legalisation

OMUTHIYA - A group of about 20 people under Turning Point Namibia, staged a peaceful demonstration yesterday in Omuthiya where they handed over a petition to the Oshikoto governor, objecting to recent campaigns and protests calling for the legalisation of cannabis.

Schools advised to make suitable wintertime schedule

WINDHOEK - Education, Arts and Culture executive director Sanet Steenkamp has urged all regional directorates and schools to study their environment and demographic circumstances in order to make an informed arrangement on the official operational time of their respective schools during the winter season. 

//Kharas reaches out to its most vulnerable

KEETMANSHOOP - The //Kharas Regional Council has distributed 10 817 bags of 12.5kg maize meal to four drought-affected areas as part of the national Disaster Risk Management Programme set in motion by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

‘I am not above the law,’ Mushelenga tells Shuumbwa

WINDHOEK – Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga has hit back at Ondonga chieftainship throne claimant Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo, saying he is not above the law and can only act within the parameters of law, as he has taken an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution and laws of the country.

//Kharas boreholes drop below catch point

WINDHOEK- The water levels of many boreholes in //Kharas Region have dropped below catch point levels, resulting in many communities being placed on the tanker-water-supply services-a situation that has put a tremendous burden on the already under-resourced department of rural water supplies.

Hepatitis Es ge ǁkhawa ǀnî khoe-i ûiba go ū

ǂKHOANDAWES – Sîsenǀgaugu hîas ge ǂurusib departements tsî ­îs !âhuru-aon tsîna a ūs in Omaheke ǀkharib !nâ Hepatitis Es di khoraǂuisens tsî khoena ûiga ǂoa!nâsa ǁkhaes ge, ǁgausen-i rasa !oa sîsenǂuiba ūhâ tama hâ, nē ǀkharib !nâs

VGK church aims to bring dignified living for all

KEETMANSHOOP - The United Reformed Church (Verenigde  Gereformeerde Kerk) (VGK) in Krönlein, Keetmanshoop has been running a daily feeding programme for the past four years, caring for some elderly, vulnerable school children and impoverished members of the town’s community. 

Muuso ulifa likoloti zakwamasimu

WINDOKO – Kamulelo wakubata kukutiseza njimo sakata kwasimu aketalizoho, muuso noezize manyamenyame kulifa sikoloti sesibato fita kubolule babalalu (N$3 million), seo masimu nakolota kampani yehasanya mulilo wamagesi yezibahala hahulu ka Nored. Zeo kaufela litaha mazazinyana kasamulaho kampani ya Nored nekauhezi kuisa mulilo wamagesi,


ECN launches civil education campaign

WINDHOEK – The National Electoral Civil Education Campaign, aimed at this year’s Presidential and National Assembly elections of 27 November, was officially launched on Friday at a ceremony led by Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) chairperson, Notemba Tjipueja.


NCS to address UN on prison reforms

WINDHOEK - The Commissioner-General of the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) Raphael Tuhafeni Hamunyela, will be among hundreds of delegates from all over the world meeting in Vienna next week to participate in meetings and events related to the 28th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ).


Vessel owner to fork out for oil spill

WALVIS BAY - A tanker vessel will have be pay up for last weekend’s oil spill that occurred in the port of Walvis Bay.   It will also have to fork out for the clean-up of another oil spill that was detected at Longbeach Extension 1, north of Walvis Bay that was traced back to their vessel.

Katima's Hollard agents unhappy over pay

KATIMA MULILO – Employees at Hollard Insurance Katima branch which opened its doors in the north-eastern town in March, have accused the insurance company of not paying them their salaries for the past two months in breach of its contractual obligations. 

Over 500 retrenched in three months

WINDHOEK – About 514 workers were retrenched in various sectors of the economy in the fourth quarter of the 2017/18 financial year, with the construction sector accounting for the biggest number – 172 – of those laid off.


Businessman builds kindergarten for his community

WINDHOEK - Businessman Fulbertus Kwedhi with the help of his wife Lucia Shindume-Kwedhi built a kindergarten and also used his own money to build an office for Swapo Party in Okathitu Konkayi village in Omusati Region. The two projects cost the couple over N$300 000.


Hippos destroy villager’s crops

NKURENKURU - Whilst some residents of Kavango West Region have endured sleepless nights by the elephant raids, for 64-year-old resident of Marema village in Tondoro Constituency, nocturnal crop invasion on his field by hippos has become a handsome.


Governor Ipinge launches Tsumkwe Annual Trade Expo

OTJIWARONGO  - Otjozondjupa Governor Otto Ipinge during the launch of the annual Tsumkwe Trade Expo 2019 said the event will be a golden opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the region to expand their horizons to new openings and in the process securing new ventures by tapping into new markets and promoting sustainable development. 

Ondonga to resume with community court

ONGWEDIVA – The Ministry of Justice has directed the suspended faction of the Ondonga Traditional Authority councilors gazetted as justices and assessors to resume the community court proceedings which have been on hold following squabbles at the tribal authority.

Hepatitis E claims another life

GOBABIS- The measures put into place by the health department and its stakeholders to mitigate the Hepatitis E outbreak in Omaheke Region seems to be futile, as the confirmed cases of the disease and fatalities keep growing.


N$120 million allocated for resettlement

WINDHOEK - In its efforts to ensure equitable distribution and access to land to previously disadvantaged Namibians, the Ministry of Land Reform this financial year has put aside N$120 million to acquire resettlement farms for resettlement purposes. 

Omuthiya tables pro-poor budget

OMUTHIYA - Despite a reduction in the 2019/20 financial year budget that was reduced by 13.94 percent from N$59 million to N $50.8 million, Omuthiya Town Council in what it termed as a pro-poor budget has decided to maintain water tariffs at N$15 per cubic metres for low-income earners in Kaniita informal settlement and other low-income areas.

Mueteleli wanaha upatalaza nako yetata yalinanga

WINDOKO – Mueteleli wanaha viki yefelile nazibahalize linanga lacwale lelitaselize babañata mwanaha kaufela kakuba nako yetata yanaha. Kuzwa silimo sa 2013 nekubihilwe pula yelikani mwalibaka zeñata zanaha, kacwalo mafulisezo nasukehile mi nasina hande nako yakushoshomela. Patalazo yeo kiyabulalu mwalilimo zesilezi muuso inge uzibahaza nako yetata.

Otjiposa tjOtjitiro tjaarurakisiwa

OTJOMUISE- Ovakuramenepo vOvaherero nOvakwena Oritjavari otjivatjivisire kutja vayarurakisa otjiposa tjawo kunehi rOvandoitji mOtjombanguriro  Tjokombanda  Tjomayarurakisiro wOviposa tja New York mOmahi Omakutsanane wa America. 


Furniture maker joins charitable township project

SWAKOPMUND - At 57 years old, furniture maker Mary Murembe is inching her way closer to retirement, but before she retires, she still needs to keep the production rolling, even more so after being commissioned by a charity project to assemble dog houses for distribution in the informal settlements in Swakopmund.

Agribusdev refutes allegations 

WINDHOEK - Agricultural Business Development Agency (Agribusdev), Managing Director, Petrus Uugwanga, this week refuted allegations that he has failed to convene a meeting aimed at addressing the parastatal’s out-dated board of directors.

Operation Hornkranz ceases tomorrow

WINDHOEK - Namibian Police Force Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga has revealed ‘Operation Hornkranz’ will cease on Friday. However, another police-led law enforcement operation, code-named operation Kalahari Desert, will commence immediately thereafter nationwide. 

Youths to benefit from DBN’s lending facility

WINDHOEK –In line with stimulating youth entrepreneurship and addressing the constraint of access to finance, a skills-based lending facility has been introduced at Development Bank of Namibia (DBN). This is according to the Harambee Prosperity Plan progress report dated April 2019. 


#Khaxab Royal house wants Topnaar’s throne

WALVIS BAY - The #Khaxab Royal house of Chief Samuel #Khaxab says the Topnaar chieftaincy rightfully belongs to the #Khaxab and it should be restored as such by appointing him as the rightful person to take over from the late Chief Seth Kooitjie.


Container terminal set for commissioning

SWAKOPMUND - The new container terminal constructed at a cost of N$4 billion at Walvis Bay  will be commissioned within three months. Namport upon inquiry yesterday told New Era the new container terminal is currently 96 percent complete with only the final touches being added to the mega project.


The Life and Times of Dr Ngaruka: A Tribute

As fate would have it, my friend of close to fifty years, Kavazeua Ngaruka, passed on, on 28th March 2019 (that happens to be my wife’s birthday) and was laid to rest on 06th April 2019 (one day short of my birthday, which falls on 07th April).


InSight mission detects first Mars quake

WINDHOEK - Namibia’s very own Dr Japie van Zyl, a Solar System Exploration Director at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa), has reliably informed this publication that last month they detected the first Mars quake.


Masheleni akulwanisa linanga aekezwa

WINDOKO - Muuso uekelize musulo wakulwanisa linanga mwaofefi ya Ngambela wanaha kuzwa fabolule ba mashumi alobañwi (N$92.86 million) kuisa kubolule bamwanda kabamashumi amabeli (N$123.5 million). Namibia italimani nilinako

Katjavivi rebuts Venaani accusations

WINDHOEK – Speaker of the National Assembly Professor Peter Katjavivi has rebutted allegations by the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani that he cut him short during his contribution to the budget


Epukiro eetenga nambano mourunga wovinamwinyo

OTJOMUISE- Epukiro eetenga nambano mourunga wovinamwinyo mozoresevate zOrukondua  rOmatoororero rwa Maheke. Orata yOkarukondua kOmatoororero ka Pukiro, Vejamuavi Kanguatjivi matja nao tjaziririre kombongarero yotjiwana  okarukondua kukari nayo Oritjavari mOmauezonjanda pomberoo ye  okutara mourunga wovinamwinyo mokarukondua.

Onyaanya farmers adopt new practices

OMUTHIYA - There is an African proverb saying, “An environment must be suited to the age and men to their environment”. Putting the proverb into practice, a group of 40 farmers from the Onyaanya Constituency in the Oshikoto Region, gathered to deliberate on new farming methods to survive the current drought.

Cassinga survivor fights back dark memories

OSHAKATI - Cassinga day is a very emotional day for me, it is a difficult time and once I hear about Cassinga commemorations, I always cry because it is not an easy day for me,” 78-year-old Maria Nantanga from Omuthitugwalwani in Omusati Region, a Cassinga survivor said.

Accountability tracker: Assessing the Transport Infrastructure Development since the 2014 elections

Following the National and Presidential Elections in 2014, the Swapo Party election manifesto was adopted as government policy for the period 2015-2019. Subsequently, Cabinet by its decision No. 44/02.06/003 adopted the said manifesto and directed that all government offices, ministries and agencies, regional and local authority councils as well as State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) should incorporate the manifesto into their strategic and annual plans.

Build It aids shack-fire victims

OMUTHIYA -Build It in Omuthiya aided three shack-fire victims by providing building materials, after a thirteen year-old-girl last week set alight the shacks in what is believed to be a vengeful act. They are all in one house. 

Top academic achiever shares recipe for success

KEETMANSHOOP - Raised in a family where teaching runs in the blood, Shannen da Rocha – who walked away with four prestigious accolades qualifying her as the top performing Unam student for the 2019 academic year – shed more light on her journey leading to such outstanding achievements, in an exclusive interview with New Era.


NUNW: Proud history, uncertain future

WINDHOEK - Despite the prominent role played by Namibian trade unions in the country’s struggle for independence, and regardless of the fact that the labour movement is still among the strongest of Namibia’s ‘civil society’ organisations, trade


Youth unemployment on the rise - NSA

WINDHOEK – The 2018 National Labour Force Survey results point to an increased need to address youth unemployment, which is estimated to have increased from 43 percent in 2016 to 46 percent by 2018, while the net effect on the overall unemployment rate is assessed to be generally neutral.


Mushelenga to address Omuthiya over compensation

OMUTHIYA -The Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga has granted an audience with distressed community members of Omuthiya and surrounding villages who claim to have been robbed and unfairly compensated by the town council when they ceded their land to pave way for township development.


Omurari werikutjire komunane wawo

OTJOMINGONDO, OTJAUANA- Omurari wOndjivisiro Ombaranga omayuva womasuviro mare wOkambo Konÿiro were okuyekurikutjira komunane wawo Marina MaÞunÿu  nguri otjiuri tjawo pombakero yaina, Vinde Webb  ngwaÞire Oritjatatu ndazuko.


Ousted Rundu mayor rejects nomination

RUNDU - Rundu still needs a member of the council to be sworn in to complete its management in order to be fully functional, however the two Swapo councillors, former Rundu mayor Verna Sinimbo and former deputy mayor Ralf Ihemba say they are fine as ordinary members of council for now.

ECN to hire helicopters for elections

WINDHOEK- The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) will hire helicopters to be used specifically in Kunene and Zambezi regions during supplementary registration of voters, polling process and voter education due to the geographic nature of these two regions. 

Epangero kuna tura elikwamo lyomagwanekero komeho, yimo ana kutanta Nawatiseb

Rundu – Ruha ronombudi nomapukururo Ministeragona Engel Nawatiseb katente asi epangero kuna mosirugana mulyo gomagwanekero nokutara asi yinke nawa nawa yakaramo mokutara asi yikambekeko keekonomi lyosirongo nokovatungimo. Ruha our kuna tara asi dogoro papa yinke eyi vasikisamo ndi yaza mosirugana kutunda mo 1992, yimo ngoso ana kutanta murugani gwanare kosayitunga zaNew Era. 

Fair competition in electricity supply to be realised soon

WINDHOEK - Cabinet has approved the modified single buyer market model for the electricity supply industry, with effect from September 1 which will allow electricity consumers and independent power producers (IPPs) to transact with each other directly for the supply of electricity to allow for competition and to allow for private sector investment.

Cushy AU jobs beacon for Namibians

WINDHOEK- The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation has pledged to continue lobbying qualified Namibians to fill Namibia’s employment quota at the African Union (AU), which remains unoccupied. 


Resettled farmers venture into lucerne project

OPUWO – Governor of Kunene Region Marius Sheya together with Constituency Councillor Johannes Atsino and their team visited the Neumbo family on their government resettlement farm to assess the progress of the lucerne project, the only and first of its kind in Kunene.


Namibia opens visa-processing office in Lagos

WINDHOEK – The Namibian High Commission in Nigeria has resolved to open a Namibian Visa Processing desk in Lagos. The initiative is being implemented in partnership with Air Namibia as over 60 percent of travellers to Namibia reside in Lagos and surrounding states.


Local officials elected to Refela leadership

LÜDERITZ - The Refela chapter recently established in //Kharas Region elected Lüderitz mayor Hilaria Mukapuli as its regional commissioner, while Keetmanshoop  councillor Hilia Titus was elected vice-commissioner and   Aroab village councillor Annelien Vilander got the nod as its treasurer. 

Government sets target for fish value addition

SWAKOPMUND -  Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau says the government is keen to ensure that at least 340 000 metric tons (MT) of 550 000 MT fish landings is processed  on shore and exported as high valued products to markets worldwide by 2022.


Kavango learners arrive at Gobabeb for the 2019 YES

GOBABEB – The 2019 Youth Environment Summit (Yes), which is hosted by the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre (GRTC), kicked-off on the 12th of April and a total number of 29 learners from nine secondary schools in Kavango East and Kavango West are participating in the event.


Man ‘forced’ to drink poison in March dies

ONGWEDIVA – An employee of Ondonga Traditional Authority who was allegedly forced to drink poison by three men who broke into his room at Onethindi last month succumbed to his injuries on Sunday afternoon. His mother Tresia Shipanga confirmed the sad news to New Era.

Geingob thanks ‘great servant’ late Katjiteo 

WINDHOEK – President Hage Geingob on Saturday thanked late Ovambanderu Traditional Authority (OTA) senior councillor Mateus Karungaiva Katjiteo for working tirelessly to develop the Eiseb community through his involvement in several initiatives, including the repatriation of the Ovambanderu community from Botswana.

Elevator saga not reported to ACC

WINDHOEK – Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Director Paulus Noa said yesterday that the corruption watchdog has not received any formal complaints on the much-publicised ‘illegal installation’ of an elevator at a state-owned guesthouse occupied by former Vice-President Nicky Iyambo.


Pawo to the rescue of Kunene girl child

OPUWO – The Pan African Women Organisation (Pawo), in conjunction with  the Swapo Party Women’s Council (SPWC), last week assisted the girl child in the rural areas of Kunene Region by providing sanitary pads and other items to mostly disadvantaged learners at Otjiu Primary School and Musaso Combined School.


BoN expect economic growth of 0.3% in 2019

WINDHOEK – Bank of Namibia (BoN) Strategic Communication and Financial Sector Development Director Dr Emma Haiyambo said yesterday that country’s real GDP growth is projected to recover slightly to 0.3 percent in 2019, before improving to 1.9 percent in 2020.

Musali ubulaiwa kimilyani yanaka

WINDOKO – Musali walilimo zemashumi amane kazepeli (42), yalumelwa kuli naile kwañaka kuyo laula, kasamulaho akukula mwatoho, natimezi kasamulaho wakunwa mulyani wana filwe. Nakalile kutaza mi nashwezi onafo, mapokola


BoN declares Longrich illegal

WINDHOEK – The central bank, the Bank of Namibia, on Friday dropped the hammer on yet another online financial scheme operating in the country, this time declaring popular Longrich Bioscience an illegal financial scheme. 


New board advised to be analytical

WINDHOEK - Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa has called on the newly appointed Road Transportation Board to be analytical when executing their functions so as to make a meaning contribution to Namibia’s socio-economic development.


Kahimise seeks to quash Kanime charges

​​​​​​​WINDHOEK - City of Windhoek CEO Robert Kahimise has asked the city mayor and chairperson of council to convene a meeting to consider and resolve the withdrawal or quashing of the charges against the suspended City Police chief Abraham Kanime and investigations against himself (Kahimise).


LPM makes myriad of promises

KEETMANSHOOP - Clinton Bernadus Swartbooi, leader of the Landless People's Movement (LPM), has urged members to “join hands in a walk to transformation” during a mass rally in Keetmanshoop over the weekend.


Discounts galore for Keetmanshoop’s elderly

KEETMANSHOOP - As part of government’s continuous efforts to address the plight of senior citizens in the country, the council and management of Keetmanshoop municipality has introduced various measures aiming to benefit the elderly of the capital of the south.

Truant MPs are ‘dishonorable and dishonest’

WINDHOEK – Political Science lecturer at the University of Namibia, Ndumba Kamwanyah, has labeled lawmakers who abscond without reason from parliament-as well as those who merely show face and then disappear during proceedings- as “dishonest and dishonorable” individuals who must be recalled.

Nēpas ose! … ǂKhîo!nâsiba ǂkhawusa ǁkhāsiba ūhâ Braziliaba xu ra ǂgâxa-ūhe ani!ân ǂnamipe

!GOMENǁGAMS – ǁAma-aona ra ǂgaoǂgao!nâ Rob Parkeri ge ra mî, ǁaeb go a  ǁhâsa ǂhanub nî Namibiaǁîna ǁkhaubasa Brazila xu ra ǂ gâxa-ūhe ani!ân !oagu, nēs ge ǂurusib !harib ai ǀgui hâ tama hâ ǂganǀgaub tsîna !khōǂgā hâ. ǁÎb ge !gâi tama ǀgaub hîab Brazila ǂoaǂamsa !ân anin dina ū-oa tsî ani!aogu, aniǂaidi tsî ǀnî hâ ǁgaiǁgaibe !âna ra ǂgâxa-ūba ǀau tsî ra mî nēs ǁkhāti ǂurusiba ǁkhōǁkhōsasib !nâ mâis ǀguis ose xawe !hū!nāsi aniǂharuguga ra !gamsa. 


ACC receives N$61.6 million

WINDHOEK - The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) received N$61.6 million for the 2019/2020 financial year, which translates to 1.4 percent more than the previous year and totalling about N$184.8 million over the medium-term expenditure framework - an estimate of the budget over the next three years to support activities to fight against corruption. 


Namibia channels AfDB’s N$1 billion loan to logistics

WINDHOEK – A N$1.1 billion portion of the money advanced to Namibia by the African Development Bank (AfDB) will be – together with government’s own funding of N$831.9 million  - channelled towards logistics infrastructure, mainly rail and road, agricultural mechanisation and school infrastructure renovation. 

Myandanda batamelwa likwai zehanisizwe

WINDOKO – Bayahi banaha Namibia bazwelapili kuba falimu amukoloko wabatu babasebelisa likwai zehanisizwe, mi bayahi babafitelela myanda yemine, nebatamilwe kuzwa kweli ya Yenda mwasilimo sa 2017. Linombolo kuzwelela kwasipokola sanaha, libonisa kuli babanyazwa ba 572 neba tamilwe mi ba 455 neli bayahi banaha Namibia mwahala kweli ya Yenda ni Ñulule.


PDM wants 30% tenders reserved for youth

WINDHOEK- Parliamentarian and Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) leader, McHenry Venaani, says his party, when it takes over government, will enact a law that will reserve 30 percent of all government procurements for youth and women.


Call for dignified funeral for King Elifas

OMUTHIYA - Governor of the Oshikoto Region Henock Kankoshi has pleaded for sanity and level-headedness among the two fierce Ondonga Traditional Authority factions as the nation mourns the death of their revered king, Immanuel Kauluma Elifas. 


Nimt blasted for failing to submit report

SWAKOPMUND – The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief executive officer Paulus Noa says some board directors collect sitting fees but fail to carry out their full mandate especially when it comes to the investigation of corruption and other irregularities at their institution.


Ombara Munjuku III mariri ihe Ombara Kauluma

OTJOMUISE-Ombara yOvambanderu, Kilus Munjuku III Nguvauva werikutu kunontjikumutundu tjovanaruhoze mbumaveyandja ondozikiro kunguri ihe wina ombara Immanuel Kauluma Elifas okumuzemburukira kouharupu we  nomakwambero we wodunge mouzeu namoupupu.

ECN has N$80 million budget deficit

WINDHOEK – The Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) says the N$220 million allocated to it for the 2019/20 financial year is not sufficient to successfully cover the November Presidential and National Assembly elections.


Survival of wild horses put under microscope

LÜDERITZ - The chairperson of //Kharas Regional Council and !Nami#nus Constituency Council Jan Scholtz heaped praise on the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for over the years developing guidelines and action plans to ensure it preserves and cares for the country’s wild horses that generate revenue through tourism.

Köes residents bay for CEO’s head

KES - Concerned over what they claim is rampant embezzlement of the coffers of their village on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, residents of Köes early this week staged a peaceful demonstration demanding the immediate suspension of their CEO, Willy Humphries, for alleged complicity in fraud.


Omadhiya rejoices over piped water

OMUTHIYA - The recently completed 2.4-kilometre water pipeline has brought joy and relief to the drought-stricken community of Omadhiya in Oniipa Constituency, as the Rural and Water Supply Directorate opened the taps on Tuesday.

Namibia, Botswana border fence damaged

RUNDU - John Thighuru, who is the chairperson of the Kavango East Regional council and Regional Councillor for Mukwe Constituency that borders Botswana on the south, has revealed the fence between Namibia and Botswana has been laying damaged for some time with no effort to replace it. Mukwe Constituency is in Kavango East Region

SPYL to build hostel for learners

OMUTHIYA – Pained by the fate of learners at Iipindi Secondary School who for years have lived in squalid shacks that they rent in Oshikoto, the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) has embarked on a mission to construct a school hostel for the affected learners.

Mother accuses child of being demonic

WINDHOEK - A female congregant at a local church was admitted at a psychiatric unit yesterday, following reports she abused her nine-year-old daughter purportedly because the child is apparently ‘possessed by demons’ and the woman has also been making death threats towards her daughter.

Namibia, India strengthen military ties

WINDHOEK - Namibia together with other African nations across the region have opened a new chapter in their military cooperation with India, a step stretching the long-standing close relationship between the Asian giant and the African continent.

‘Sats ge ǁî kai ǂgaots rase ī ǁkhā’

ǀAEǁGAMS – Māsa ūhâ ǀgaipe-aos, Esperance Luvindaos ge ǀgaipetsana xoa-aosis !nâ 13 kurixas asa xu hâ. “Tita ge ti skolǂgâs !nâ ǁnāti ī skoli hîa kaise ǂhanu tsî ǂkhanuse !hoaǂharus ai ge !gao!gao hâ ib !nâ ge ǂgâ. Nē skoli ge ǁkhāti

Bipa reviewing Copyright Act

WINDHOEK - Business & Intellectual Property Authority (Bipa) is reviewing the Copyright Act, Act 6 of 1994 by engaging all its stakeholders in the creative industry in order to develop an all-inclusive law.

Intermittent rains pour on Windhoek

WINDHOEK - As the rainy season is coming to an end some areas in Windhoek received 48 hours of light to moderate rainfall that resulted in 70mm of rain, as well as over other parts of the central areas of Namibia over the past weekend. It was a question of too little too late, say weather forecasters.

Nampa board pocketed N$418 000 in 2016

WINDHOEK – The board of directors of the Namibia Press Agency (Nampa), the state-owned news agency, pocketed around N$418 000 in fourteen sittings in 2016, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Stanley Simataa revealed last week.

Government driver arrested for drunk driving

SWAKOPMUND - A government driver attached to the Office of the President was arrested early Friday morning in Swakopmund for drunk-driving, reckless or negligent driving, after he rammed the government vehicle into the wall of the Swakopmund Veterinary Clinic


MTC opens mobile home in Kunene

OPUWO – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) continued with its corporate mission to take services to the people by opening a new mobile shop to serve its clientele in Opuwo, the first such facility in Kunene Region.

Statutory rape suspect granted bail

SWAKOPMUND - A Walvis Bay resident arrested for the alleged statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl was ordered on Monday when he was granted bail of N$3 000, not to come in contact with the minor or commit a similar act.

Muuna ni musala ahae bayumba libyana zamadimona

ONGWEDIVA – Muuna ni musala ahae, ili babapila mwa Oshakati, nebakile bayo yumba libyana zabona, kakuli ‘nelina ni mioya yemaswe ni mibala yamioya yalififi’, neba bulelezi mapokola ni batu bane bambwetukile. Muuna ni musala ahae babasali babanca nebailo latela libyana zabona kwamayumbelo afumaneha mwa Ongwediva manzibuana Lasunda viki yefelile


Build It brings relief to Omuthiya

OMUTHIYA -Local people and from the surroundings of Omuthiya who previously procured most of their building materials from Ondangwa have welcomed the recent opening of Build It, a hardware store in Omuthiya, with the Vice-President Nangolo Mbumba saying the new venture will bring relief.

Plans to rezone Mangetti area

OMUTHIYA -The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry together with Meat Corporation (Meatco) is devising plans to extend the redline and rezone the Mangetti area in Oshikoto Region into a foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)-free zone. 

Nujoma declined state-funded birthday party - Hengari

WINDHOEK - State House has revealed despite a series of recent media reports that insinuated the Founding Father of the Nation Sam Nujoma benefitted illegally from a presidential housing scheme, Nujoma has a sense of frugality because he turned down a state-funded party for his 90th birthday.

Malicious social media post torments Avihe's family

WINDHOEK - “They keep tormenting me. Today is the 28th and [marks] seven months [since my daughter’s passing],”  said the  late Cheryl Avihe Ujaha’s mother about a post circulating on social media alleging that she has been arrested in connection with her death. 

Many GBV cases unsuccessfully prosecuted - Unicef

WINDHOEK - Although gender-based violence and violence against children is prevalent, only a fraction of these acts of violence are reported and of those cases reported to the police, many end up not being successfully prosecuted, says the Unicef country representative in Namibia.  


BoN undertakes to support NTA apprenticeship

WINDHOEK – The Bank of Namibia (BoN) and the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to support the NTA’s apprenticeship programme aimed at improving the quality of artisans emerging from the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector. 


Reparations campaign on course, lost track or derailed?

WINDHOEK - “It is fair to conclude that the efforts to have the German government recognise genocide and pay reparations has failed to produce the desired results thus far. This was to be expected. Despite the fevered rhetoric in Namibia around this issue,” says a retired eminent Namibian and a veteran politician in his own right. 

NCAs net importers of beef

OMUTHIYA - Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) are net importers of beef from south of the Veterinary Cordon Fence (VCF), despite a higher livestock population in the areas, says Meatco Foundation’s report on an overview of the market in the NCAs.


Not yet Uhuru, Venaani

WINDHOEK – Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani says Namibians can’t say they are independent when the majority of people live in poverty. 


Ohoromende maivatere ourumbu otjatjimaiyenene

OTJOMUISE- Nandarire kokutja mena rourumbu mbwahingi ozombura naupandjarisa ovaÞuta ovinamwinyo vyao navengundipara, ohoromende nandarire momaotaotero wayo tjinga aihina otjipwe notjipangise mena rongaro yombwiko ehi muriri, oyo momayandjerero wozomburo, okutuurungira mo ministeri ndjina otjiungura ihi, ndjiri o Ministeri yOtutumbo nOvikunwa, Omeva Nomahwa, maikondjo pumaiyenene okuvatera.

Nujoma’s inaugural speech inspired Kenyatta 

WINDHOEK - Visiting Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, speaking at the 29th anniversary of Namibia’s independence yesterday, heaped praises on Namibian Founding President Sam Nujoma, saying that his inaugural speech in 1990 inspired him and other African leaders. 

Nephew rapes aunt

WINDHOEK - A 52-year old woman was raped by her 36-year old nephew in Karasburg, //Kharas Region over the weekend. According to the crime report issued by Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi of the Namibian police, the woman was sleeping in her room when her nephew, without permission entered her room, strangled her and raped her. 

Skorpion Zinc confirms refinery closure due to strike

WINDHOEK – Skorpion Zinc has confirmed the temporary closure of its refinery for a period of five weeks, starting 15 March 2019. The decision to close the refinery follows the depletion of ore stocks as a result of an unprotected strike from February 22, 2019 until March 06, 2019 by employees of mining contractor, Basil Read.  


‘Buy local’ policy needed to curb high import bill – Tweya

WINDHOEK - Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Tjekero Tweya says to ensure effective reduction of the current high import bill, Namibia will have to institute a mandatory retail charter such as a ‘buy local’ policy, which will make it easier for small businesses to sell goods and services to government.

Good roads stimulate economic growth

SWAKOPMUND - Economic development and social transformation is only possible with a well-developed and maintained road infrastructure that is an enabler for economic growth and the smooth movement of goods and people.

Human wild-life conflict claims 370 cattle in Kunene

KHORIXAS - Communities in Khorixas continue to suffer the brunt of human-wildlife conflict in former Damaraland known as Kunene Region. During 2017 alone farmers lost 270 cattle, 350 donkeys, 247 goats and 46 sheep, according to the latest statistics from the far north-western region.

Keetmanshoop budgets for 240 toilets at Koes

AROAB - Elias !Kharuxab, Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor for the //Kharas Region has revealed in an interview with New Era that the regional council has made provision for the construction of 240 toilets at Köes of which 100 have been completed at a cost of N$1,5 million.

Luderitz without water since Monday

LÜDERITZ - Lüderitz residents have been without water since Monday evening due to the fact the town has been experiencing power outages on the main line powering NamWater boreholes and boosters which led to the water level in the Lüderitz Reservoir reduced to a paltry 21 percent.

ǁAnǂgāsaben !apuna ūhân !gôab g era ǂharo

   ǀAEǁGAMS – !Gôab ǂhanusi mā-ams ǀkha !apuna ūhâs dib ge Namibiab !nâ !kharu ge disi!nonaǀa kurigu !nâ ǀgaisase ǂharo hâ. !Nakaǂnôa Ministeri !Norasasib tsî ǁAwosasib dib ge a māǂui !gôagu ge ra ǁgau ǁnāpan 210 000 !apuna !hūb a ǂhabase

ǀHûhâsib hostels ge kharoga go !khō!oa

  KAKEKETES – Cocoma Junior ǂAm Skoli hîa Kakekete !garo!ās di kaise !nūse ǀgoms !nâ Ndiyona ǂGiǂgoǁhûi!nâǂharis !nâ ǁgoeb, ge kharona ge !khō!oa, !nubusib hîa ǁnā ǀhûhâsi hostels tawa hâba oe-ams ase. Skolǀgôan hîa ǁnā hostels hîa !naon


Indian trainees mark ITEC Day

WINDHOEK - Scores of Namibians who benefited from the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) last Friday marked one of the most successful south-south training programmes.


Commonwealth Day commemorated in Windhoek

WINDHOEK - Namibia joined other 52 Commonwealth countries around the world in commemorating the Commonwealth Day yesterday, marking the 70th anniversary of the London Declaration when nations of the Commonwealth agreed to move forward together as free and equal members. 

No Namibian was aboard crashed Ethiopian plane

WINDHOEK- International Relations and Cooperation Executive Director Selma Ashipala-Musavyi yesterday confirmed that no Namibian national was on board the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa ON Sunday.

Mu alafi wa matokwani upikela kwande

SWAKOPMUND – Muyahi wa tolopo ya Swakopmund, Cheryl Antoinette Green, walilimo zemashumi aketalizoho kaze supile (57), yana tamilwe liviki zepeli za kwamulaho kamulatu wa kufumanwa ni matokwani ane aize ki mulya, nalukuluzwi viki

NDP, CDP and NEFF call for economy indaba

WINDHOEK - National Democratic Party (NDP), Namibia Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) are calling on the Namibian nation and stakeholders to hold a national conference to find out a lasting solution to the deteriorating economy.

Raw timber exports irk Tweya

WINDHOEK - Following media reports over the escalation of Namibian timber exports to China in raw form, Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Tjekero Tweya, has expressed concern that the status quo should be reversed.

NCS has limits on babies in jail

WINDHOEK - The head of Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) Commissioner-General Raphael Tuafeni Hamunyela says the law only allows incarcerated mothers to be with their babies in prison until the age of two and from there the baby is either handed over to mother’s family or social workers to raise the child while the mother finishes her sentence.  

How Kamushinda and his cronies robbed SME Bank

WINDHOEK - In a detailed affidavit, Ian McLaren, one of the liquidators of the defunct SME Bank describes how an investigation unearthed the modus operandi used by the crippled bank’s senior Zimbabwean employees and directors to fleece the bank of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Geingob engages Ramaphosa in Durban

WINDHOEK- President Hage Geingob and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa had a private conversation on the margins of the launch of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Report of the Global Commission on the Future of Work of the report in Durban last week.


Katjavivi rebuts ‘impartiality’ claim

WINDHOEK - Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjivivi has rebutted claims of impartiality made by opposition PDM leader McHenry Venaani who also accused him for apparently overstepping boundaries. This happened when the Speaker praised President Hage Geingob on the role he has played in Africa and internationally during the opening of Parliament last month. 

Rwandese genocide survivor shares 1994 horror

WINDHOEK - Honore Gatera who survived the horrendous Rwandese genocide which took place from April - July 1994, has shared accounts of the Rwandan genocide in which between 500 000 to a million Tsusi were slaughtered by axe and machete-wielding Hutus over a 100-day period.

NCIS tries to ‘gag’ media through appeal

WINDHOEK - The Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) under the guise of an appeal against their failure to stop The Patriot newspaper from publishing details about two farms they are utilizing and a residence they own in Windhoek West are asking the Supreme Court to determine whether the media has the legal right to publish information that is prohibited.


Nudo dismisses claims of a tribal party

WINDHOEK - The recent National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) 3rd Extraordinary Congress that elected Utjiua Muinjangue as new president has generated a hot debate with socialists shouting for the immediate de-registration of the party, arguing it represents a symbol of tribal politics.

SPCA warns on rise in dog theft

SWAKOPMUND - An increase in stolen puppies, plus that of certain breeds of dog has given rise to new fears that underground dog fighting rings and dog thief syndicates have sprung up, with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) warning pet owners across the country to be vigilant with their animals. 

Shifeta warns illegal timber traders

OMATJETE - Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta has blasted agriculture, water and forestry officials for issuing permits to harvest timber in the northeast without obtaining environmental clearance certificates.

Omuthiya clamps down on illegal cattle posts 

OMUTHIYA -The Ondonga Traditional Authority through the Omuthiya district court together with various village headmen are working around the clock to enforce law and order at pastures at Okashana due to persistent lawlessness and illegal occupation by farmers. 

Revised Child Protection Act to save infants’ lives

WINDHOEK- A woman who brings her unwanted baby at place of safety such as a police station or hospital instead of dumping or killing the infant will not face criminal charges, states a new provision in the landmark revised Child Care and Protection Act that was unveiled yesterday. 


AR to march on 14 000 land applications

WINDHOEK - Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement alongside some Windhoek citizens will be marching to City of Windhoek (CoW) head office on March 18 to demand positive answers regarding 14 000 land applications submitted to their office four years ago by landless Windhoek residents.


Fitness requires, routine and discipline

WINDHOEK- Her name is Emily and her mission in life is to enhance the lives of her community through teaching them how to adopt a sustainable healthy practice that will help them achieve their fitness goal while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Vanona womomambo goruhepo kwatunda unene mosure momukunda gwaOmusati

Windhoek- Movanona wokusika ko ntantatu valitjangesa vakare mevango lyosure momukunda gwaOtamanzi momukunda horowero gwaOmusati vatano nare vana dukamo mosure ngesi kuna karamu tupu vatatu mosure. Murugani gomomberewa zaPresidente gona goruha romakuliko unene efiro sinka vanona wokutunda momambo goruhepo Senia Endjala kayitente eyi nkera.