• November 15th, 2018
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Ondjungulume named after Chief of Uukwambi

ONGWEDIVA – The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture – through its Friends of Education in Namibia Special Initiative (FENSI) – has named the Ondjungulume Primary School in Omusati Region after Chief Herman Ndilimani Iipumbu of Uukwambi Traditional Authority.


Walvis' ill drug suspect rushed to Windhoek

WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay businessman Louis Nasilowski who was arrested on Friday afternoon for being in possession of the illegal stimulant amphetamine, which he allegedly sold over the counter at his video shop, was rushed to Windhoek on Saturday after he fell ill while in police custody.


ǀKhurub ge 300 xa !nāsa ûitsamaxūna Aminuis !nâ ge !gam

ǀAEǁGAMS – Ai!gû ra ǀgaisa ǀkhurub mâsib Aminuis ǁHûi!nâǂharis hîa Omaheke ǀKharib !nâ ǁgoes !nân ge 300 xa a !nāsa ǀui!nūǀgoana ǁōǂoa hâ, ǂgari-aon huiose ra !gawa nē !nae!khaisa hîa. Nē khao-oa ra mâsib ge ǂgui ǂgari-aona ge ǁgari in ǁîn !gau hâ ûitsamaxūna nau !âgu tsî ǀkhariga !oa doe-ū, !gōsase Otjozondjupa ǀkhariba, !gâi !û-aib !aroma. ǂOago wekheb Wunstaxtsēs aib ge New Erab ǂhôare-ao-i ǀkha ūhâ i dî!nâǁgamǁares !nâb ge Aminuis ǁHûi!nâǂharis di ǂGiǂgosi ǀAwemā-aob, Peter Kazongominjaba nē !huri!hurixa !gôagu mā tsî ge mî nē ǂkhawusa mâsib ûitsamaxūn hâ!nâb ge nē kurib di !Khanǀgôaba xu îbe-îbe a khao-oasa ǀnanuba ǀkhais xa. ǁÎb ge !aruǀî nē ǂhôare-ao-e ge mîba, 17 000 xa a !nāsa ûitsamaxūn ge Aminuisa xu nau !âga !oa a doebē-ūhesa !aruǀî hâ ǂoa!nâde ǁkhaes !aroma. 

ǀAwa!namn ge ra ǀaweǁgui mâǂoa hâ 176 709 ǁhōna dītoasa

ǀAEǁGAMS – Namibiab ǀAwa!namn ǀHûs (Nampol)  di koro kuriga !khōǂgā hâ ǀaweǁguib ge a hui ǁkhā in mâǂoa hâ ôa!nâs ǁhōna !hūb a ǂhabase dītoa. Nēs ge ǀaweǁguib 2017ǁî kuriba xu 2022ǁî kurib kōse a ǂgaekhâisab tsî !Oabahe ra Khoen Sîsenǁguiǂuib hâra hîa ge ǂhanusise Daniel Kashikolab, !Nakaǂnôa Ministeri !Norasasib tsî ǁAwosasib Ministeris dib xa ǀgūǁae a mâi-ai!âs !oagusa. Kashikolab gere ǁgui!āsa !oan ge ôa!gaohe nîse ī ǁhōna ǀgam !âkha !nâ nî ǀgoraǂgāhe, ǂgaiǀons ai ǀasase ra !nurihe ǁhōn tsî mâǂoa hâ ǀoro ǁhōn ǁaegu. Nēs ge nî īǁkhā kai !kharaga ǁhōna mîǁguisa ǁaeb !nâ dītoasa.


Levy on plastic bag use to be gazetted

WINDHOEK – Following a number of consultations held on the modalities of the levy on plastic bags with the Namibia Trade Forum, retailers and industry as well as the Cabinet Committee on Trade and Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta revealed they will finish the process by the end of the month before giving due notice in the government gazette.

Christians urged to make noise about GBV

WINDHOEK – The Alliance of Churches and Ministries in Namibia (ACM) is of the view that Christians can no longer afford to be silent on rape, gender-based violence and murder that are frequent occurrences in Namibia at the moment. 

Toddler dies at neighbour’s homestead

NKURENKURU - Police in Kavango West are awaiting post-mortem results to ascertain the cause of death of a two-year-old girl who was found dead on Wednesday afternoon at the neighbour’s homestead where she was left by her mother to play with other young children.


Fresh produce needs established supply chain

SIKONDO - Sikondo green scheme project assistant manager Maxwell Nghidinwa says in order for the fresh produce market to be sustainable there is a need to have a supply chain where there are producers, wholesalers, retailers and for that supply chain to be respected for everyone to benefit.

SADC needs a united front against malaria - Haufiku

KAYENGONA - The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Bernhard Haufiku says although the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region is united and determined to end the scourge of malaria, there is a need for member states to work together and network.

Former senior MICT employee Simasiku dies

KATIMA MULILO – A former Chief Information Officer in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Fredrick ‘Kachilichili” Simasiku passed on at the age of 68 in a Windhoek Hospital on Saturday after a long illness, several sources confirmed his death. 

Oceana Group invests N$2.9m  to retain jobs

SWAKOPMUND - The Oceana Group, of which Etosha Fishing and Erongo Marine Enterprise are a part, has invested N$2.9 million into a fish packaging plant to prevent job losses in a sector that has not been spared from the ravages of a shrinking economy. 


SSC, Unam to collaborate

WINDHOEK – The Social Security Commission (SSC) and the University of Namibia (Unam) on Wednesday signed a five-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will make collaboration in areas of mutual cooperation in academic, technical, social, cultural, economic and environmental fields. 


Zambezi residents stampede for free buffalo meat

KABULABULA - Hordes of government officials sneaked out of their offices at Katima Mulilo and joined the multitudes of people who headed to Kabulabula where some of the people individually grabbed dozens of the over 400 buffaloes that died in a mass drowning while escaping from a pride of lions.

Strong murder case set for 2019

WINDHOEK – The Katutura Magistrate’s Court postponed to 2019 the case of a 55-year-old man who is in police custody on suspicion he fatally stabbed his live-in girlfriend last year at the home they co-habited in Katutura.

Govt funding benefits 765 marginalised learners

ONGWEDIVA - In its quest to uplift the marginalised communities, the Division of the Marginalised Communities within the Office of the Vice-President has schooled about 765 students through its Education Support Programme at various local tertiary institutions since 2005.

Shaningwa halts office bearers’ elections

KHORIXAS -Swapo Secretary-General, Sophia Shaningwa yesterday issued a directive to all Swapo regional coordinators across the country stating no elections are to take place for local authority office bearers, namely; the mayor, deputy mayor and members of the management committee.

Coastal women stressed by maintenance dodgers

SWAKOPMUND - Tracing men who are in arrears for child maintenance and holding them accountable still remains a challenge for many heartbroken coastal mothers who feel the justice system is too lenient on these fathers who impregnate women and then vanish.


Katjavivi signs MoU with KAS

WINDHOEK - Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi last week signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the global chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Professor Norbert Lammert, at a ceremony in Windhoek.


Pupils clean up Kaisosi 

RUNDU - Friday was a good day in the streets of the recently formalised Kaisosi location as PSI Praktische Solidaritat International (PSI) Kaisosi branch collaborated with learners from Kaisosi Combined School, Sarusungu Combined and Wazungu High School in a clean-up campaign.


Learners resort to open defecation

KHORIXAS - T.H.F !Gaeb Primary School pupils in Khorixas have for the past three years been using the riverbed to relieve themselves that is also a haven for dagga smokers, because their school does not have toilets.


SADC meeting starts on slow note

WINDHOEK - The meeting of the SADC Ministers responsible for Health and HIV/AIDS yesterday started on a rather slow note in Windhoek with the gathering of permanent secretaries and senior officials from SADC countries failing to meet the quorum of eleven members. 

Mbututu walikweli zene watiba kwa Muzii

MUZII – Mbututu walikweli zene natibile kwa Muzii mwasilalanda sa Kabbe ya Mbowela mwasikiliti sa Zambezi viki yefelile. Mbututu nali ni bashemi bahae hane balika kusila nuka kuya mwa Zambia kuti kwakuyo leka lico, mukolo wabona walikonde

Musali wabitelelwa ni kubulawa mwa Kavango

NKURENKURU – Musali wa lilimo zemashumi amane kasilisiñwi (41) uakalezwa kuli nabitelezwi nikubulawa ki muuna walilimo zemashumi amabeli kazelobañwi (29) kwamunzi wa Wini, mbowela wa Nkurenkuru mwasikiliti sa Kavango ya Wiko.

NDTC highlights its care for the elderly

WINDHOEK – In the spirit of giving and caring for the elderly, Namibian Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) on Friday organised an early Christmas lunch for the elders and staff from Katutura Old Age Home where they also handed over gifts consisting of cosmetic bags, sets of towels and other goodies. 


Swartbooi blames government for Tses standoff

TSES - Landless People’s Movement (KPL) leader Bernardus Swartbooi says government is to blame for the confrontation that erupted at Tses village last week, where the community opposed the recruitment of a ‘struggle kid’ as a cleaner at a local school.


Hanse-Himarwa trial taking a break

WINDHOEK - The corruption trial of former governor of the Hardap Region and current education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, 51, is taking a break for a week and will resume on Monday, November 12, with Merrow Thaniseb, the deputy director of housing in the Ministry of Urban Rural Development being the last witness in this session before Windhoek High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg. 

Ministry freezes capital projects

WINDHOEK – The mid-year budget cuts tabled by treasury last week has forced the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to freeze all its capital projects whose implementation has not yet commenced.

Cleaner’s job sparks protest at Tses

KEETMANSHOOP - Residents of Tses village locked the gates to Nowak Primary School out of frustration after a ‘struggle kid’ was apparently hired as a cleaner by the school while the vacancy was allegedly not advertised to also give locals a chance to apply.

Mugazarerwa kudipaga kapi kava mupulisilire alifutiremo

Rundu - Mangastrata gompanguro zaRundu, moutatu kaupwireko kanyokere kupulisira mugazarerwa gonomvhura 24 Henog Dihako gomomukundagona gwaMushashani momukunda horowero gwaMukwe ogu vana kugazarere asi yige gadipaga, kukwatera kononkondo ntani kuruganesa veta momukaro dona, omu gadipaga mukadona gwendi kumwe nokumuvhumbika montoko zonunu. Konyima tupu apa gamukwaterere gononkondo nokumudipaga age makura yiyo gamuvhumbikire poDivundu pepi nevango eli vakara vanadorongo.

Hompa Kaundu katambwireko silika sokukadana ezuva lyondja mouzuni

Kapako – Mpitisili gorudi rovaMbunza, Hompa Alfons Kaundu katambwireko mbudi apa tupu kavazigeve woministeli zono ndima, mema nonsitwe, omu kavatente asi mukundagona kwaBunya gwakara momukunda horowero gwaKapako moKavango zoutokero yigo mukunda nagukara nosilika sokudana ezuva eli moyirongo yaAfrika zoutokero vadane ezuva lyonondja mouzuni.

Suspended APP youth leaders remain defiant

KHORIXAS - Hendrick Haikera, spokesperson for the suspended All People’s Party (APP) youth leaders, says they will not defect to another political party as they are not “political prostitutes” even if they are expelled from their party.

Unam strike enters fourth day

WINHDOEK/KEETMANSHOOP - Employees of the University of Namibia (Unam) who on Monday embarked on a nationwide strike at the institution’s 12 campuses by yesterday persisted with the industrial action saying they will continue until their demands for a six percent wage increase back dated to January are met.

Namibian children born in Zambia denied documents

LUHONONO - Residents of Luhonono in Kabbe North Constituency are unhappy that their children who had to be born in Zambia because Luhonono does not have a maternity ward are being denied birth certificates by officials at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.


Achieving an HIV-free generation

WINDHOEK - The rate of HIV infection from mother to baby is hitting a record low in Namibia. Health facilities across Namibia are celebrating zero new infant infections. This means that Namibia is on course to eliminate mother-to-child transmission over the next few years.  

Husab mine fatality investigated

WALVIS BAY - The Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Namibian Police at Walvis Bay will conduct a formal investigation into the death of an employee of Husab Uranium mine who died on Monday afternoon in an accident at the mine.


Tsumeb braces itself for Copper Festival

OMUTHIYA - It was a blissful and glamourous weekend for Tsumeb residents as the municipality organised a gospel evening, a beauty pageant and a sports fun day, to mark the start of the 16th annual Copper Festival, which will officially start tomorrow.

APP to hold hearings for suspended youth leaders

KHORIXAS - Disciplinary committee members were chosen last Saturday by the All People’s Party (APP) management committee to decide the fate of its suspended youth leaders accused of labelling the party’s leader Ignatius Shixwameni as ‘useless and for being too radical’ this year. 


Marble factory workers want improved conditions

WALVIS BAY - Workers at Best Cheer Stone Products, a marble stone processing factory situated outside Walvis Bay, are concerned over the hazardous and high-risk working environment at the factory that is allegedly putting their lives at risk on a daily basis.

Regional newsletter undergoes reconstruction

KHORIXAS - The Savanna - a bi- monthly sub regional newsletter in Erongo region founded by Dirck Julius Kuzaitjike, is currently on hold for reconstruction. The newsletter was printed by the Kuzaitjike couple themselves in A4 booklet size and operated from their home, 678 Uibasen Street in Ozondje, Omaruru.


Surgeon charged for unprofessional conduct

WINDHOEK – A Windhoek-based specialist surgeon last week appeared before an inquiry of the Health Professions Council Conduct Committee on charges of unprofessional conduct regarding the death of a patient that was under his care. 

Four-month old baby drowns at Muzii

MUZII – A four-month old baby drowned in the Zambezi River at Muzii in Kabbe South of the Zambezi Region last week. The baby was with her parents when they were trying to cross into neighbouring Zambia, reportedly to go and buy food, when their banana boat capsized.


PDM want free tertiary education

OSHAKATI – The leader of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM), McHenry Venaani announced his party will this week table a motion in parliament to open a debate on the provision of free education for undergraduate courses.


Air Namibia resumes Zim flights

WINDHOEK - Following a Zimbabwe High Court judgement granting the lifting of the attachment of Air Namibia aircraft in Zimbabwe, in the ongoing case between the airline and a Zimbabwean family, the national carrier yesterday resumed its flight operations to Harare and Victoria Falls. 


Chief Kaundu welcomes World Food Day event

KAPAKO - Leader of the Mbunza Traditional Authority, Chief Alfons Kaundu has welcomed the announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, that Bunya village in the Kapako Constituency in Kavango West will host SADC commemorations for this year’s World Food Day.

Judgment day for Gobabis frenzied knife killer

WINDHOEK - The Gobabis resident who admitted he killed the mother of his three children by stabbing her at least 16 times in a frenzied knife attack is expected to be sentenced today by Windhoek High Court Judge Dinnah Usiku at the High Court situated at the Windhoek Correctional Facility.

Ndango zodoropa zaRundu ngesi kwato yimaliwa, vatungimo vafute mavango vatunga

RUNDU - Mukwatelimo pamberewa modoropa zaRundu, Sikongo Haihambo, katente asi doropa zaRundu kapi taziretesapo marunduruko nepu asi kapi pana kara nonkambadaro dononene yipo asi vawapukurure nonzira, kudamuna yiahando, ntani udigu nye ou wakahurako wokupira kuvhura kuranda mema gomanzi kwaNamwater morwa sikesa sawo ngesi kuna kara sahana yimaliwa, ano ndango ngesi kuna kara asi awo kuna kara noudigu mokuretesapo mawapukururo.


RA, Otesa set good example

AMUTANGA - Otesa Engineering (Pty) Limited, a company contracted by the Roads Authority (RA) to construct the MR12 road project, has set a good example for other companies involved in pit burrowing by rehabilitating several earth dams in Okatana Constituency that were dug for the construction of the road.


Witness derails Nikodemus’ defence

WINDHOEK - Abisai Sebele, the man Lukas Nepela Nikodemus claims borrowed his car on the day he allegedly shot two women to death and burned their bodies at a dumpsite near Pionierspark in Windhoek gave a complete different version to what Nikodemus narrated in his bail application when he testified before Windhoek High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg on Monday.

Man jailed for threatening his parents

RUNDU - Taking a cue from the Ndama massacre that claimed five lives after police officers failed to act following a complaint, the magistrate at Rundu meted out a three-year jail sentence on 29-year-old Johannes Hamutenya from Safari location in the town for threatening to harm his family members.


Neckartal ǁKhaeb ge go kurutoahe

ǀAEǁGAMS- ǁKharas ǀKharib !nâ ǁgoe Neckartal ǁKhaeb ge ǁaupexa N$5.7 biljun maris ai go dītoahe, tib ge Minister Alpheus !Naruseb, Ministeris !Hanaǂgās, ǁGam-i tsî Haiǂgās diba ge ǂanǂan. !Naruseb ge nē ǂanǂansa ǂoago wekheb di Fraitaxtsēs

!Anu ǁgam-e mās ge ǀaena ra ǁkhauba - Kaiyamos

ǀAEǁGAMS – Kai ǂhâsib ge hâ !gao!gao tsî ǂhâǂhâsa !oabadi !ā!khōmais ra mādi, aiǁgause ǁgam-i tsî ǂkhari-omn tsîna hoa ǂhâsigu xa ra mâǂoase ǁgaumâisa tsî nēs !nâ-ū hepatitis Es khoraǂuisensa ǁkhaesa ǂgui ǁanǂgāsaben nēs xa ǀgaisase ra tsâkhāhe xui-ao. ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais di ǂgiǂgosi ǀawemā-aos, Loide Kaiyamos ge ǁnāpas ge !onkhao hâse gere tsēdīhe Hoa !Hūbaisi Tsēs !omna ǁās dis di gowaǀîsas gere  Goreangab ǂnaumâiǁanǁguib !nâ mā soab ai ǂoago wekheb


Visually impaired feel sidelined

OMUTHIYA -The director of Namibia Federation for Visually Impaired Moses Nghipandulwa is concerned that little effort has been made to assist and address the needs and aspirations of those living with hearing-impairment disabilities.


Cops urge tourists to be vigilant

WINHDOEK - Namibian Police Force Chief Inspector Kaunapawa Shikwambi said the police prioritise cases in which tourists are the victims by arranging with the courts to allow visiting tourists to testify before departing for their countries.

Dining Walvis toddler chokes to death

SWAKOPMUND - A toddler tragically choked to death on Saturday evening while having dinner with her family in Walvis Bay. According to the police weekend crime report, Lonia Naloliwa Shihepo, 4, died Saturday evening despite desperate attempts by medical personnel at the Walvis Bay hospital to save her.


Mbumba ukupa pukelezo yamusebezi

Katima Mulilo – Mubakweli ku Mueteleli wa naha Nangolo Mbumba ukupile tutengo twa muuso ni twa kwamukunda mwa Namibia, kubona kuli hakuna sialuluti habasebeleza sicaba. Mbumba nabulezi manzwi awo kanako yakukwalula muyahoi omunca, wa Katengo Kasikiliti sa Zambezi Labulalu, ili one uyahilwe fasinyehelo yamali afitelela bolule bamwanda ka

Bunya bwa zwelopli kwa Bukalo bulimbwa bayemeli

Bukalo – Likwambuyu wa Zwelopili ya Libaka za Litolopo ni Matakanyani, Peya Mushelenga, ukupile kamaiso ya Katengo ka Munzi wa Bukalo kuambuka kuitwanisa nikuli bakumalele kulwanela kutisa zwelopili kwa Bukalo, ili teñi likwambuyu nanyazize bayemeli kakusatisa zwelopili. Nabulezi manzwi awo kanako yakukwalula simubuso ofesi ya munzi wa Bukalo. “Ki kwabutokwa kuli luzwiseza pata kozo kakuba bayemeli ni babeleki, ili kuli lusike lwatepelela mwa milelo yaluna yakusebeleza sicaba. Luswanezi kuambuka kuitwanisa mi lubone kuli lueza misebezi yaluna,” nekubulezi Mushelenga.

RA, Otesa exemplary

Amutanga-Otesa Engineering (Pty) Ltd, a company contracted by the Roads Authority to work on the MR 12 road project, has rehabilitated several earth dams in Okatana Constituency that were dug for the construction of the road.

PEPFAR funds ten ART clinics 

ONAKAMWANDI – To make primary health care services accessible to the community, the Ministry of Health and Social Services has inaugurated two of the ten community-based antiretroviral therapy (ART) clinics at Akutsima and Onakwamwandi in Omusati and Oshana regions.

Rundu coffers dry, residents to pay for erven

RUNDU - The acting CEO of Rundu Town Council, Sikongo Haihambo says Rundu cannot adequately remedy a raft of challenges such as its poor road network, overwhelmed waste management and is unable to buy bulk water as its coffers are dry and the town is struggling to diversify its revenue stream.


Jobless graduates venture into entrepreneurship 

WINDHOEK - Two unemployed graduates Linda Ndakolo and John Laudika from Onamafipa-Oikokola village in Omusati Region whose job hunts could not yield the desired results last week visited the Office of the Founding Father Sam Nujoma to showcase a locally produced dishwashing liquid that they have produced.

Keetmans denies tampering with mass housing list

KEETMANSHOOP - The Keetmanshoop municipality has rejected claims in a recent news article that accused its officials of having tampered with the mass housing beneficiary list in which some residents were apparently accidentally declared as ‘dead’ while they are still alive.

BoN undertakes clean-up campaign

WINDHOEK - The Bank of Namibia (BoN) last Friday spearheaded a clean-up campaign saying the initiative that involved 120 of its staff and benefited Otjomuise and 8ste Land is in line with its corporate social responsibility.

Nghixulifa loses bid to have charges quashed

WINDHOEK - Windhoek High Court Judge Christi Liebenberg yesterday rejected an application by former CEO of the Roads Contractor Company (RCC), Kelly Nghixulifa to quash counts 1, 5, 6, 9 and 10 in the indictment he faces in relation to charges of fraud and contravening the ACC Act and the amendment of counts 2, 7 and 11 by deleting a section of the Criminal Procedure Act.

Unruly children spike parents’ tea

KHORIXAS - Shocking revelations were made on Monday by a community member Rosa !Ganes who said some children at the north-western town of Khorixas spike their unsuspecting parents’ drinks to make them sleepy and go to bed early to enable these children to sneak out of their parents’ houses at night unnoticed.


Mushelenga reappoints NHE Board

WINDHOEK - The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Peya Mushelenga, yesterday reappointed the Board of Directors for the National Housing Enterprise for the period October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2021.

Maamberua calls for genocide conference

WINDHOEK- Swa n u parliamentarian says time  is now for Namibia to start planning for a genocide conference to iron out existing issues on reparations. Tens of thousands of Herero and Nama people were killed by the so-called “protective troops” or died in concentration camps in the years a$er the 1904 battle. 

Rundu, Armstrong settle over botched housing deal

RUNDU – Court mediation has culminated in the Rundu Town Council reaching a settlement with property developer Armstrong Construction to cancel a soured PPP deal that would have resulted in the developer constructing 600 residential houses to alleviate the housing shortage at the river town.

ǂNaumaidi ge khoesiba ra !gôaǁnâ - Geingob

ǀAEǁGAMS – Kai!ādi !nâ hâ !hū!âdi hîa ai!gû ra ǂâiǂhansens ase ǂhanuba ības soab aib ge !Hūb di ǁÛba ge mî, mâsib mā-ams ose hâ ǂnaumâiǁanǁguigu dib nēsi ǀgaisase khoesiba ra tsâǀkhā ǁkhōǁkhōsasib ase īsa tsîb nē mâsiba ǂōǂōsib ase nî !gawaǀîhesa. 


Learner initiates sanitary pads project

WINDHOEK - The Drop a Pad campaign, the brainchild of a Grade 7 learner Sherry Muchaka, last week donated more than 500 sanitary pads to four schools in the Otjozondjupa Region in her quest to keep the girl-child in school. 

Nkurenkuru, DBN to enter into PPP

NKURENKURU - The Nkurenkuru Town Council is awaiting for the attorney general’s approval to enable it to enter into a private-public partnership (PPP) with the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) to service 333 residential plots for the eventual construction of housing units.

Rossing gets new MD

SWAKOPMUND - Rössing Uranium Limited, one of the oldest uranium mines in the world has appointed Richard Storrie as the new Managing Director. 


47 schoolgirls impregnated in Kunene

KHORIXAS - The Kunene school counselor Aini Hoaebs has made a bombshell revelation that 47 schoolgirls are pregnant in the Kunene region and the majority of pregnancies are attributed to learners engaged in unprotected skin-to-skin sex after they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


Bazumi bahanelwa kupikela tolongo kwande

KATIMA MULILO – Baana babalalu babakulubelwa kuli ki bazumi baba zuma isi kamulao nebahanezwi kulifa masheleñi, akupikela tolongo kwande hane babonahalile fapila muatuli yomunyinyani Boyd Namushinga, mwa khuta ya Katima Mulilo,


Young man thrives in the nail-do industry

SHIPEPE - Driven by the passion to fight poverty and create an income for himself, 27-year-old Angolan-born Sergio Manuela da Silva has breached the stereotypical view that the nail-do is a women’s job and now successfully runs a door-to-door beauty parlour in the northern towns.