• March 27th, 2019
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Reparations campaign on course, lost track or derailed?

WINDHOEK - “It is fair to conclude that the efforts to have the German government recognise genocide and pay reparations has failed to produce the desired results thus far. This was to be expected. Despite the fevered rhetoric in Namibia around this issue,” says a retired eminent Namibian and a veteran politician in his own right. 

NCAs net importers of beef

OMUTHIYA - Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) are net importers of beef from south of the Veterinary Cordon Fence (VCF), despite a higher livestock population in the areas, says Meatco Foundation’s report on an overview of the market in the NCAs.


Not yet Uhuru, Venaani

WINDHOEK – Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) president McHenry Venaani says Namibians can’t say they are independent when the majority of people live in poverty. 


Ohoromende maivatere ourumbu otjatjimaiyenene

OTJOMUISE- Nandarire kokutja mena rourumbu mbwahingi ozombura naupandjarisa ovaÞuta ovinamwinyo vyao navengundipara, ohoromende nandarire momaotaotero wayo tjinga aihina otjipwe notjipangise mena rongaro yombwiko ehi muriri, oyo momayandjerero wozomburo, okutuurungira mo ministeri ndjina otjiungura ihi, ndjiri o Ministeri yOtutumbo nOvikunwa, Omeva Nomahwa, maikondjo pumaiyenene okuvatera.

Nujoma’s inaugural speech inspired Kenyatta 

WINDHOEK - Visiting Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, speaking at the 29th anniversary of Namibia’s independence yesterday, heaped praises on Namibian Founding President Sam Nujoma, saying that his inaugural speech in 1990 inspired him and other African leaders. 

Nephew rapes aunt

WINDHOEK - A 52-year old woman was raped by her 36-year old nephew in Karasburg, //Kharas Region over the weekend. According to the crime report issued by Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi of the Namibian police, the woman was sleeping in her room when her nephew, without permission entered her room, strangled her and raped her. 

Skorpion Zinc confirms refinery closure due to strike

WINDHOEK – Skorpion Zinc has confirmed the temporary closure of its refinery for a period of five weeks, starting 15 March 2019. The decision to close the refinery follows the depletion of ore stocks as a result of an unprotected strike from February 22, 2019 until March 06, 2019 by employees of mining contractor, Basil Read.  


‘Buy local’ policy needed to curb high import bill – Tweya

WINDHOEK - Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development Tjekero Tweya says to ensure effective reduction of the current high import bill, Namibia will have to institute a mandatory retail charter such as a ‘buy local’ policy, which will make it easier for small businesses to sell goods and services to government.

Good roads stimulate economic growth

SWAKOPMUND - Economic development and social transformation is only possible with a well-developed and maintained road infrastructure that is an enabler for economic growth and the smooth movement of goods and people.

Human wild-life conflict claims 370 cattle in Kunene

KHORIXAS - Communities in Khorixas continue to suffer the brunt of human-wildlife conflict in former Damaraland known as Kunene Region. During 2017 alone farmers lost 270 cattle, 350 donkeys, 247 goats and 46 sheep, according to the latest statistics from the far north-western region.

Keetmanshoop budgets for 240 toilets at Koes

AROAB - Elias !Kharuxab, Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councillor for the //Kharas Region has revealed in an interview with New Era that the regional council has made provision for the construction of 240 toilets at Köes of which 100 have been completed at a cost of N$1,5 million.

Luderitz without water since Monday

LÜDERITZ - Lüderitz residents have been without water since Monday evening due to the fact the town has been experiencing power outages on the main line powering NamWater boreholes and boosters which led to the water level in the Lüderitz Reservoir reduced to a paltry 21 percent.

ǁAnǂgāsaben !apuna ūhân !gôab g era ǂharo

   ǀAEǁGAMS – !Gôab ǂhanusi mā-ams ǀkha !apuna ūhâs dib ge Namibiab !nâ !kharu ge disi!nonaǀa kurigu !nâ ǀgaisase ǂharo hâ. !Nakaǂnôa Ministeri !Norasasib tsî ǁAwosasib dib ge a māǂui !gôagu ge ra ǁgau ǁnāpan 210 000 !apuna !hūb a ǂhabase

ǀHûhâsib hostels ge kharoga go !khō!oa

  KAKEKETES – Cocoma Junior ǂAm Skoli hîa Kakekete !garo!ās di kaise !nūse ǀgoms !nâ Ndiyona ǂGiǂgoǁhûi!nâǂharis !nâ ǁgoeb, ge kharona ge !khō!oa, !nubusib hîa ǁnā ǀhûhâsi hostels tawa hâba oe-ams ase. Skolǀgôan hîa ǁnā hostels hîa !naon


Indian trainees mark ITEC Day

WINDHOEK - Scores of Namibians who benefited from the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC) last Friday marked one of the most successful south-south training programmes.


Commonwealth Day commemorated in Windhoek

WINDHOEK - Namibia joined other 52 Commonwealth countries around the world in commemorating the Commonwealth Day yesterday, marking the 70th anniversary of the London Declaration when nations of the Commonwealth agreed to move forward together as free and equal members. 

Mu alafi wa matokwani upikela kwande

SWAKOPMUND – Muyahi wa tolopo ya Swakopmund, Cheryl Antoinette Green, walilimo zemashumi aketalizoho kaze supile (57), yana tamilwe liviki zepeli za kwamulaho kamulatu wa kufumanwa ni matokwani ane aize ki mulya, nalukuluzwi viki

NDP, CDP and NEFF call for economy indaba

WINDHOEK - National Democratic Party (NDP), Namibia Christian Democratic Party (CDP) and Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) are calling on the Namibian nation and stakeholders to hold a national conference to find out a lasting solution to the deteriorating economy.

Raw timber exports irk Tweya

WINDHOEK - Following media reports over the escalation of Namibian timber exports to China in raw form, Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Tjekero Tweya, has expressed concern that the status quo should be reversed.

NCS has limits on babies in jail

WINDHOEK - The head of Namibian Correctional Service (NCS) Commissioner-General Raphael Tuafeni Hamunyela says the law only allows incarcerated mothers to be with their babies in prison until the age of two and from there the baby is either handed over to mother’s family or social workers to raise the child while the mother finishes her sentence.  

How Kamushinda and his cronies robbed SME Bank

WINDHOEK - In a detailed affidavit, Ian McLaren, one of the liquidators of the defunct SME Bank describes how an investigation unearthed the modus operandi used by the crippled bank’s senior Zimbabwean employees and directors to fleece the bank of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dual carriageway to be completed by 2022

WINDHOEK - Roads Authority (RA), says 37 kilometres of the Windhoek - Okahandja dual carriageway will be completed by September this year and the remaining 21 kilometres stretching towards Okahandja to be completed by 2022. 


Geingob engages Ramaphosa in Durban

WINDHOEK- President Hage Geingob and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa had a private conversation on the margins of the launch of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Report of the Global Commission on the Future of Work of the report in Durban last week.


Katjavivi rebuts ‘impartiality’ claim

WINDHOEK - Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjivivi has rebutted claims of impartiality made by opposition PDM leader McHenry Venaani who also accused him for apparently overstepping boundaries. This happened when the Speaker praised President Hage Geingob on the role he has played in Africa and internationally during the opening of Parliament last month. 

Rwandese genocide survivor shares 1994 horror

WINDHOEK - Honore Gatera who survived the horrendous Rwandese genocide which took place from April - July 1994, has shared accounts of the Rwandan genocide in which between 500 000 to a million Tsusi were slaughtered by axe and machete-wielding Hutus over a 100-day period.

NCIS tries to ‘gag’ media through appeal

WINDHOEK - The Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) under the guise of an appeal against their failure to stop The Patriot newspaper from publishing details about two farms they are utilizing and a residence they own in Windhoek West are asking the Supreme Court to determine whether the media has the legal right to publish information that is prohibited.


Nudo dismisses claims of a tribal party

WINDHOEK - The recent National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) 3rd Extraordinary Congress that elected Utjiua Muinjangue as new president has generated a hot debate with socialists shouting for the immediate de-registration of the party, arguing it represents a symbol of tribal politics.

SPCA warns on rise in dog theft

SWAKOPMUND - An increase in stolen puppies, plus that of certain breeds of dog has given rise to new fears that underground dog fighting rings and dog thief syndicates have sprung up, with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) warning pet owners across the country to be vigilant with their animals. 

Shifeta warns illegal timber traders

OMATJETE - Minister of Environment and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta has blasted agriculture, water and forestry officials for issuing permits to harvest timber in the northeast without obtaining environmental clearance certificates.

Omuthiya clamps down on illegal cattle posts 

OMUTHIYA -The Ondonga Traditional Authority through the Omuthiya district court together with various village headmen are working around the clock to enforce law and order at pastures at Okashana due to persistent lawlessness and illegal occupation by farmers. 

Revised Child Protection Act to save infants’ lives

WINDHOEK- A woman who brings her unwanted baby at place of safety such as a police station or hospital instead of dumping or killing the infant will not face criminal charges, states a new provision in the landmark revised Child Care and Protection Act that was unveiled yesterday. 


AR to march on 14 000 land applications

WINDHOEK - Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement alongside some Windhoek citizens will be marching to City of Windhoek (CoW) head office on March 18 to demand positive answers regarding 14 000 land applications submitted to their office four years ago by landless Windhoek residents.


Fitness requires, routine and discipline

WINDHOEK- Her name is Emily and her mission in life is to enhance the lives of her community through teaching them how to adopt a sustainable healthy practice that will help them achieve their fitness goal while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Vanona womomambo goruhepo kwatunda unene mosure momukunda gwaOmusati

Windhoek- Movanona wokusika ko ntantatu valitjangesa vakare mevango lyosure momukunda gwaOtamanzi momukunda horowero gwaOmusati vatano nare vana dukamo mosure ngesi kuna karamu tupu vatatu mosure. Murugani gomomberewa zaPresidente gona goruha romakuliko unene efiro sinka vanona wokutunda momambo goruhepo Senia Endjala kayitente eyi nkera. 


Mixed reactions over SG cartoon

WINDHOEK -The cartoon of the naked Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa which was a hot topic for discussion has been received with mixed reactions, with some quarters describing it is as distasteful while some say it is part of democracy and freedom of speech. 


Ithete enlightens Kunene on Procurement Act

OPUWO - The Deputy Minister of Finance Natangue Ithete on Tuesday conducted a one-day information sharing session with members of different procurement committees and regional councillors, to clarify issues pertaining to the Procurement Act of 2015, in Opuwo in Kunene Region.

Lack of info compounds spread of hepatitis E

OUTAPI - While measures are in place to control the spread of hepatitis E, research done by the University of Namibia (Unam) in  collaboration with UK-based Cardiff University in Omusati Region have proven preventative information has not reached everyone in the community.

Kavetuna urges  staff to reduce wastage of resources

WINDHOEK - The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Juliet Kavetuna has urged the health staff and all the other role players in health care provision and services in Namibia, to strengthen the general coordination to avoid duplications and wastage of resources that are diminishing day by day.

Kafidi heads for graceful retirement

OMUTHIYA - The Director of Education, Arts and Culture for Oshikoto Region, Lameck Kafidi who will be retiring next month bade farewell to the educational fraternity on Friday as he handed down awards of excellence to hundreds of learners and teachers.

Zambezi farmers face fall armyworm outbreak

RUNDU - The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has confirmed there is an outbreak of fall armyworms in the Zambezi Region after it was reported on February 14 to have attacked crops in various areas – and considering the poor rain prospects this will affect the harvest immensely. According to the ministry the outbreak poses a significant threat to smallholder farmers, mainly maize farmers. and has become a threat to food security. 


Mukolo wa Kapelwa Kabajani uka kala kumata

Katima Mulilo – Bayahi ba silalanda sa Kabbe ya Mbowela niya Mutulo, ili bao batibelwanga nako yapula mwalilalo zabona, kwamukulela wanuka ya Lyambai, bakona kukatuluha kasamulaho kamaiso ya sikiliti nezibahalize kuli ika zusulusa nzila ya


N$15 million needed for Outjo VTC 

WINDHOEK - Outjo Mayor Samuel !Oe-Amseb said the town council would continue its search for N$15 million to help establish a vocational training centre at the town, which would boost its economic value through job opportunities. 

Swapo, ozorata vazuvasana

OTJOMUISE- Omutjangerepo Omunene wo Swapo Sophia Shaningwa Oritjatatu watjere ozondiero zokunanununa ozorata zotjihuro tja Mbuenge na Kahandja, ozo nai otjiveke ihi ndayarurirwe ombunda kombunda yombongarero onde yotjira,


Makwengo bapilela famiselo mwa Zambezi

WINDOKO – kutokwa lico sakata sekutisize kuli mabasi amañwi amakwengo mwasikiliti sa Zambezi bakale kupilela fakuca miselo. Libaka zeñwi mwa sikiliti sa Zambezi litaselizwe ki linanga ili kalulo yepalelisizwe buñata bwa batu kulima masimu


Resilient IT graduate makes a living from writing CVs

WINDHOEK – Twenty-four-year old Erich Haihambo, a business information honours degree holder and founder of Quality Assurance IT Solutions, an information technology business, is making a living writing curricula vitae (CVs) or résumés, this after a year of frustration of being unemployed. 


IUM to help students acquire experience

NKURENKURU - Chairman of the International University of Management (IUM) Governing Council Dr David Namwandi says IUM intends to employ some of its students who are still studying in order for them to acquire the requisite working experience being demanded by employers.

Desert Lager spat set to spill over

ONGWEDIVA – Desert Lager Namibia will continue to promote and distribute their beer unhindered contrary to a notice from Namibia Breweries Ltd instructing the owners HP97 to immediately cease sales, production and marketing effective from January 28 this year.

Farmers unsure over government advise to ‘destock’

KATIMA MULILO - Livestock farmers in the Zambezi Region have questioned government’s advice to communal farmers to take necessary precautions which include selling off their livestock while they are still in good condition as a mitigation against the looming drought - they say there is no market.

Health officials in fraud case out on bail

WINDHOEK - Two senior employees at the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Otjiwarongo who stand accused of having used their positions to defraud the ministry of an amount in excess of N$1,37 million, were granted bail last Friday. 

Supply and distribution of pharmaceuticals crowded

WINDHOEK – The acquisition, distribution and dispensing of medicine and other pharmaceuticals are fraught with logistic challenges because there are too many players along the supply chain, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula said yesterday. 

Unam to operationalise its new IT system

WINDHOEK - The University of Namibia (Unam) Vice-Chancellor, Kenneth Matengu says upon completion of the 2019 academic registration, the university is migrating data to integrator 4.1 (the latest version of Adapt IT system) which should be fully operational and stable by June this year.


Bird flu in penguins brought under control

LÜDERITZ - The swab samples collected last week on penguins at Halifax Island in Lüderitz and tested by the Central Veterinary Laboratory tested positive of Avian Influenza H5N8 though the situation is under control, says the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.


Namibia, Iran striving for South-South co-op

WINDHOEK – Iran and Namibia are both members  of the Non-Aligned Movement, sharing the same aspiration for South-South Cooperation and Triangular Development aimed at skills transfer in order to achieve a higher quality of life for their peoples, says Dr Jerobeam Shaanika, former Namibian ambassador to the Republic of Cuba.


#Aonin urged to unite, elect successor

SOUTRIVIER - Chief of the Kai-||Khaun Nama tribe, Petrus Simon Kooper, is urging the #Aonin (Topnaars) to unite and continue building on the legacy of the late Chief Seth Madawa Kooitjie, who was laid to rest at the cemetery here on Saturday afternoon.


Ombara Kooitjie masuvisiwa muhuka

OTJOMUISE- Omuhaamsie wOvihavero vyEhika rOvanane Vombazu Vovakwena, Seth Kooitjie, masuvisiwa mofarama indji o Soutriviera, ape ozokirometa 30 okuza mongwa ye ya Homeb ohumburukon ape nozokirometa o 95 na zOrongondo muhuka.


Leadership guru inspires NEPC staff

WINDHOEK – Well-known leadership guru and author Sacky Nikodemus has encouraged staff at New Era that work should not be a burden but a place where people deploy skills, qualifications, experiences and strive to make change.


Swapo has no agenda for change - Venaani

WINDHOEK - The leader of the official opposition PDM, McHenry Venaani, on Wednesday said the ruling party Swapo does not have an agenda to change the country because there is just a continuation of bills from the previous year that are being brought to the house.


Market expansion could reduce unemployment – Namwandi

WINDHOEK - The founder of the International University of Management (IUM), Dr David Namwandi, says contrary to recent sentiments linking unemployment to wrong career choices he feels expanding Namibia’s job market could create more jobs that could absorb unemployed university graduates.

Muhakuli gependa kapoperere mukeke gokuvera koruhanzo

WalvisBay – Muhakuli gomosipangero sepangero moKeetmnshoop noupenda kazire momvhura zina kuroka zonene noruhanzo, mankumpi gomanene negano eli kakerev nalyo asi gahepa kukapopera mukake ogu gomakwedi 11 vamurete kosipangero sepangero moKeetmanshoop omu kakere asi ana pumbwa uhaku pangenderera momapeu kagapwelireko. 


Otjozondjupa cops promoted at ceremony

OTJIWARONGO - Over one hundred long-serving members of the police in Otjozondjupa received medals for long service. These officers have served in the force for periods ranging between ten and twenty years. At the ceremony the promotions of 42 policewomen and 78 policemen were also announced.

12 years for cannabis peddling

OSHAKATI - The Oshakati Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday sent to jail for 12 years a 38-year-old Angolan convicted of dealing in cannabis, illegal entry into Namibia and money laundering.


Angra Pequena receives N$20 000 from Old Mutual

LÜDERITZ - Angra Pequena Senior Secondary School in Lüderitz got N$20 000 from Old Mutual for an outstanding performance that culminated in the school emerge top in the 2018 Namibian Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary levels (NSSCO) in //Kharas Region.


Orange-Senqu River agreement revised

WINDHOEK - Cabinet has authorised the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to sign on behalf of Namibia the revised Orange-Senqu Watercourse Commission (Orasecom) Agreement and to subsequently table the agreement in Parliament for ratification.

Namibia explores PPP for Namport

SWAKOPMUND - Namport CEO Bisey /Uirab says government and the institution is currently exploring the possibility of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to maximise benefits for the Port of Walvis Bay, as the new container terminal is expected to be completed within the next two months.


Insight on highlights ahead of parliamentary opening

WINDHOEK - The Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi highlighted some of the achievements of the National Assembly and reminded the public about the mandate of the legislature when he held a press briefing yesterday ahead of the official opening of Parliament.


Omuthiya to start impounding stray cattle

OMUTHIYA - Farmers from the areas surrounding Omuthiya are being warned to keep their animals out of town lands, ahead of the operationalisation of an impounding kraal to be used for keeping stray animals that have been seized from the central business district.

Geingob mourns Swapo stalwart Hanno Rumpf

WINDHOEK - President Hage Geingob joined the masses, the diplomats and those in government in expressing his sadness and sorrow at the passing away of Swapo stalwart and former Namibian ambassador to Germany and the Benelux countries, Hanno Rumpf. 

Haufiku to coordinate Hepatitis E response

WINDHOEK - The former Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Bernard Haufiku, who is now the special advisor on health in the office of the vice-president, has been assigned to coordinate the hepatitis E response campaign among stakeholders. 

Dam levels drying at alarming rate

WINDHOEK - Water levels in the three dams that supply Windhoek and neigbouring towns does not look promising as the water-level has been decreasing because the inflow is very low from the erratic rainfall that could result in yet another crippling drought across the country. 

!Naruseb to brief Cabinet on severity of drought

WINDHOEK - Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry  Alpheus !Naruseb is expected to formally inform Cabinet about the severity of the drought ravaging many parts of the country after receiving the details of a joint  drought action plan during a meeting with the presidents of the Namibian Agriculture Union (NAU) and the Namibian Emerging Commercial Farmers Union (NECFU) last week.


Ozondekurona zOtjitiro zenombongarero ohonge

OTJOMUISE- Ondanda ya Europa yOmausemba wOngundeveta nOwomundu puna Orutu rOtjitiro Otjindjandja tjOvaherero nOvambanderu mazesembamisa ombongarero ohonge ondenga mo Namibia yovatjiwe ongondoroka noveta youye otja tjimaitjama nOtjitiro Otjindjandja kombunda yohuurire.


Parliament 2019 set for grand opening

WINDHOEK - The Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi yesterday revealed the theme for the opening of the 2019 parliamentary session that is set to open next Wednesday as “Promoting Integrity, Accountability and Professionalism.” 


Guinas to get own constituency office

OMUTHIYA -The Oshikoto Regional Council says plans are underway to construct an administrative  office at Tsintsabis for Guinas Constituency, whose staff has been without an office for the past several years compelling them to operate from a settlement office.


Govt lifts ban on harvested timber

RUNDU - The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry has given traders of timber in Kavango East, Kavango West and Zambezi regions permission to resume the transportation of timber to the market but the ministry says only timber that was already chopped down before the recent ban.

More funds for research, innovation - Geingos

WINDHOEK - Deputy permanent delegate of Namibia to Unesco Immolatrix Geingos has urged President Hage Geingob and members of his Cabinet to consider the plight of the research, science, and technology and innovation community for more and sustained funding.

ǂHanub ge skolgu hostel ǀorosiba nî kō!â - PM

ǀAEǁGAMS – ǂHôaǂkhanigu !nâ gere !nurihes !oagun ge ǂauna skolǀgôana skolgu hosteldi !nâ hâ!khaina a hōǁoa, hâ a !nubusib !aroma. Nēti ī ǀgôan ge ǀnî skolgu ǀgūse hâ tsî ra mātare tsîb ge ǂhanuba nē mâsibab nî kō!gâ tsî oresa !nubusib

US ambassador inspires young women

WINDHOEK - The Ambassador of the United States of America to Namibia, Lisa Johnson recently inspired young women to realise their full potential through the Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-Free Mentored and Safe (Dreams) project, an evidence-based programme intended to reduce new HIV infections among teens and young women. 

Conviction overturned for lack of evidence

WINDHOEK – The judgment of a man convicted of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft at the Outapi Magistrates’ Court was overturned and his four-year imprisonment sentence set aside by two judges of the Oshakati High Court.


N$1.2 million compensation for Hangana seamen

WALVIS BAY - Hangana Seafood has awarded compensation worth N$1.2 million to 150 seamen, backdated from February 1, 2017 to January 1, 2019 in the company’s quest to provide better working conditions for its employees, especially those at sea.  

More sleeping on empty stomachs in Ruacana

WINDHOEK - The councillor of Ruacana Constituency in the Omusati Region, Andreas Shintama says although the initiative of collecting mahangu from community members to help the constituency’s most hungry residents has helped, the reserves have already dried up.


Treasury avails N$360 million to settle 2018 tuition fees

WINDHOEK - Following the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso)’s high level engagement with higher education stakeholders recently, the Ministry of Finance has availed N$360 million to the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) in order to settle and pay out all 2018 outstanding tuition and non-tuition fees, for students at all tertiary institutions.

Food bank goods not imported by choice

WINDHOEK  - The Executive Director at the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Esther Lusepani said the importation of food by the ministry to be distributed by government to needy households is not by choice but by design.


Rape victim sets house alight, killing rapist

LÜDERITZ - A 21-year-old rape victim in what is seen as a revenge crime set alight a house in which two of her alleged attackers were sleeping early on Tuesday morning in Area 2 settlement of Lüderitz, burning to death one, while the other rape suspect is in a critical condition.


Optimal budget utilisation enhances service - Kandjoze

OPUWO - The Minister of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Obeth Kandjoze has made an impassioned appeal to government officials to optimally utilise the developmental budgets allocated to their ministries as this will enhance service delivery to the inhabitants of the regions.

Unam changes its registration model

WINDHOEK - In an attempt to make its debt recovery process smooth, the University of Namibia (Unam) will as of this year require students to register twice unlike in the past when they only registered at the beginning of an academic year.

Nipam executives meet home affairs minister

WINDHOEK - The executive director of the Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam), Maria Ndatiwelao Nangolo and her team on Monday had a meeting in Windhoek with the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Frans Kapofi.


Wrong career choices contribute to unemployment

WINDHOEK – The Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation, Dr Itah Kandji-Murangi has said the unemployment of graduates mainly is due to a wrong choice of career, adding that if guided well on careers, learners will know which fields are saturated and which fields are much sought after.


Shack with the interior of a mansion

RUNDU - Somewhere in Ndama settlement some 100 metres north of the Trans-Zambezi Highway is a corrugated iron sheet shack partitioned with a brick wall, boards and once you open the door you are greeted with a truly amazing interior decor and designs that can make your jaw drop.

Hornkranz sîsenǀgaub ge !gâna ge sī!nâ - ǀawa!namn

ǀAEǁGAMS – Nausan ge ǁnāpa !gâi tama sîsengu ǂnamipe ǀnî ǁhôade xu ǂkhîo!nâsibib ǁgâiǂuisende Hornkranz ǁNāǂamdi ǂnamipe hâ i, xaweb ge nē ǂkhawadība ǁkhaubas sîsenǀgaub hîa ǀawa!namn tsî ǁkhaubas mâisan ǀhûǁare hâse sîsens diba, kaise ǂauna !gôab di !hūǁîn xa ge ǁkhoreǁharehe tib ge Namibiab ǀAwa!namn ǀHûs !Nakaǂnôa Inspekter-Xenerali


NCCI blast contractors for inflating tenders

SWAKOPMUND - The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Walvis Bay branch says contractors and engineers should also play their part to address the shortage of classrooms, instead of looting from government through inflated prices when awarded tenders. 

Woman raped, hacked to death

OMUTHIYA -A 49-year-old woman was on Friday night viciously chopped to death with a panga by a man who also allegedly earlier raped her. The incident happened around 22h00 at nearby Shebeens of Emanya village in Oshikoto Region. 


Woman overcomes odds to acquire doctorate degree

LÜDERITZ - Born at Ekamba village in Oshigambo in Oshikoto Region, Theopolina Anna Ndahekelekwa Mushelenga - Negumbo was raised by her paternal grandmother’s sister  “kuku Nakambale” at Omundingilo village in Oshigambo. Despite her humble beginnings, she did not give up her dream to acquire a doctoral degree. 

Govt to evict intruding farmers at Ondera

ONDERA - For the past years, Ondera, a government resettlement farm allocated to marginalised community has seen an increase in overnight farmers illegally occupying land, a move that irked the indigenous people who want government to intervene to arrest the situation.

Sikolo sa Isize sifumana maino akwa sikolo

Isize – Sina likolo zeñata zefumaneha mwa libaka zamatakanyani mwa sikiliti sa Zambezi, baituti kuzwelela sikolo sa Isize mwasilalanda sa Kabbe ya Mutulo, neba talimana ni matata akupila mabapa ni sikolo ili teñi nebana ni kubapula matente kuli babe mabapa ni sikolo. Kwanda kutokwa limbuzi banana ba, nebasina hande maino sakata kakuli nebana nikubapula matente alekiwanga mwalintolo zama China. Kono pabalelo yabona nesina sepiso kakuli matente awo haisepiswi.


Liluko lifa mamela yalinanga kwabalimi

ONGWENDIVA – Liluko la Njimo, Mezi ni Mishitu lielelize balimi mwa Mutulo wanaha Namibia kuli baitukiseze kakuli kaswana kuba ni linanga bakeñisa pula yelikani silimo se. Yabona zamayemo alihalimu mwa liluko, Leonard Hango naize, naha Namibia ika amuhela pula yelikani kuisa licika mwa silimo sa 2019, bakeñisa kucinca kwamayemo alihalimu.

Balimi ba Zambezi ba amuhela pula yelikani

WINDOKO– Mubusisi wa sikiliti sa Zambezi Lawrence Sampofu naize balimi mwasikiliti bainzi mwa sabo yakuli kukaba ni linanga silimo se kakuli pula isweli kunela feela hainyani mwa sikiliti. Taba yetuna kiya kuli balimi habazibi hande kapa kuna ni pula kapa awa. Baikalezwi kuli kukaba ni linanga hape. Kono buñata balimile mi basa sweli kulima, nabulelezi ba New Era.

Unam’s IT system in a mess

WINDHOEK - Some senior students at the University of Namibia (Unam) who are registering for the 2019 academic year are disappointed with the university’s IT system, saying it is in a mess.  

Isize school gets community hostel

ISIZE - Just like many rural schools in the Zambezi Region, learners from Isize Combined School in Kabbe North Constituency for many years had to endure hardships of living at the school surroundings, where they had to pitch tents in order for them to be closer to school.

IUM ready for new academic year

WINDHOEK - Namibia’s largest and most successful privately-owned institution of higher learning the International University of Management (IUM) is ready to roll for the new academic year with the introduction of numerous post-graduate courses.

Lightning strike disrupts Rundu water supply

RUNDU – The breakdown of three of the main water pumps of NamWater at Nkarapamwe, supplying water to Rundu, a town with 85 000 inhabitants, that became dysfunctional after being struck by lightning has directly affected the town’s water supply to several residential areas such as Millennium, Ndama and Kaisosi.

Oshikuku to get facelift

ONGWEDIVA - Oshikuku is expected to get a facelift after the site to construct houses and a mall were recently handed over to the contractor to commence the actual work.

Bullying reported at Ondangwa school

ONGWEDIVA - Parents of learners attending school for the first time at Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Secondary School in Ondangwa claims their children are being intimidated and robbed of their belongings within the school premises.

Lawyer withdraws from child murder trial

WINDHOEK - The legal aid lawyer of the man accused of killing a four-year-old boy he cared for as his own son after he heard rumours that he is not the biological father withdrew from the trial on Monday citing conflicting instructions. 

ǁGoaǂuixa kurib ge !hū-omkhâisa !âu hâ

ǀAEǁGAMS – ǂGarib tsî !hanaǂgās !âb ge 2018ǁî kuriba kai îganǀ ge !kharu, xawe !goaxa a ǀ ǁhûidi tsî ǀkhurib di mâsib ha ra ai!gûb xa ǀasa kuriba kai ǁgoaǂuis kha ra !gûǂgâ!nâ. Dr Theo de Jageri, !Hūbaib ǂGari-aon !Nans di presidenti  ge ǂoago wekheb ai ge mî, kaise kai xūn ǁgoaǂuide !khōǂgā hân ǂgarib tsî !hanaǂgās !âba !âu hâsa. Nau ǀkhāb aib ge Michael

ǁGûn di ǁhaos ǁgau!nâs !nâs ge kaise ǂhâǂhâsa !âsa ra ǀhuru

ǀAEǁGAMS – Rocky Crest ǂAmskoli ǀAeǁgams di Rocky Crest ǁanǁguib !nâ mâb di skoldanab, Buks Platti ge ǂoago wekheb Wunstaxtsēs ai ge mî, ǁgûn di ǁîn di ǀoasa ǂkhâ!nâsa ôasan ǁgau!nâs !nâ mās kaise a ǂhâǂhâsa !khaisa ǂguin nēpa xu ra domdore amaga. Buks Platti hîa a nē skoli di danab 201oǁî kurib nē skoli ge ǂguro !nās ase ǁîb daode ǁgau!nâs !aroma a

Operation Hornkranz had an impact – police

WINDHOEK - Although there was criticism about Operation Hornkranz from some quarters, the joint police/army operation has been welcomed by a significant number of citizens as an initiative worth maintaining, said Namibian Police Force Deputy Inspector-General for Operations Oscar Peter Embubulu.

SDFN constructs hundreds of houses in Kunene

KHORIXAS - Juliane /Uxams, the regional facilitator in Kunene for the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN), has entered into agreements with several municipalities, village councils and town councils for SDFN to build over one hundred low-cost houses in Kunene Region.


Zambezi farmers experience sporadic rains

WINDHOEK - Zambezi regional governor Lawrence Sampofu says farmers in the region fear that this year might bring another dry spell and the possibility of food shortages due to the sporadic rainfall being experienced in the region.

Nanso introduces free transport for Unam students

WINDHOEK - As part of its new academic operation called ‘The Access Campaign,’ the Namibia National Student’s Organisation (Nanso) has come up with an initiative for students commuting to and from the University of Namibia (Unam) to have free transport during the registration process. 


Cancer centre to open in Rehoboth today

MARIENTAL - The first of its kind cancer centre in Hardap Region is expected to officially open today in Rehoboth. The centre, christened the Hardap Cancer Centre (HCC), is said to will target hundreds of cancer victims in Hardap. 


Farmers engage govt on suspended timber trade

RUNDU - Chairperson of the Kavango East Regional Farmers Union (KERFU) Adolf Muremi says they have been engaging with the Office of the Environmental Commissioner and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to find an amicable solution to the resumption of trade in timber.

Mix a hotbed of grinding poverty

WINDHOEK - Residents of Mix informal settlement in Windhoek Rural Constituency continue to bemoan the lack of basic services such as electricity, ablution facilities and the high unemployment rates.

Former senior cop apologises to family of deceased

WINDHOEK - A former senior Namibian police officer convicted of murder for fatally shooting an 18-year-old apologised to the family of his victim when he testified in mitigation of sentence in the Windhoek High Court at the Windhoek Prison Facility before Judge Dinnah  Usiku.


Vehicles donated for nature conservation

WINDHOEK- Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), Namibia’s pioneering non-governmental organisation in the national Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) programme, on Friday received a donation of 11 brand-new vehicles.

Ruacana craves second fuel station

OSHIFO – The lack of serviced land in Oshifo at Ruacana town in the Omusati Region delays the chances of a fuel station being constructed there. Currently, there is only one filling station situated at Ruacana Extension 2, formerly known as Ruacana Town, which is located about three kilometres west of Oshifo.

NDF evicted from private shooting range

The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) has been ordered to vacate a private shooting range in the district of Rehoboth after the lawful owners approached the Windhoek High Court on an urgent basis to evict them from the premises they unlawfully occupied.

Baoki batiba mwalisa la bakuli

WINDOKO – Bakuli babafitelela 781 713 neba bonwi mwalipatela zeshelashelana mwa Windoko kuzwa kweli ya Liatamani 2017 kutisa Lungu ñohola, ili nombolo yebato fita faku minahanya palo yabatu baba pila mwamuleneñi ili baba eza 410 918.


Mpacha Airport in bad shape

WINDHOEK - A Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security has concluded that Mpacha Airport in Katima Mulilo is in a bad shape, especially its runway. 

Emotionally-fit society key to development

WALVIS BAY - Addressing social challenges in communities through proper counselling will not only root out social evils such as domestic violence and teenage pregnancies but will ensure an emotionally-healthy society, a psychologist says.


The Church and the Gay

WINDHOEK - Namibian Christendom is for the first time confronted by a topic that, until now, as far as the Namibian church establishment is concerned, has always been a straightforward matter: the Namibian Constitution does not guarantee marriage for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons. 


Namibia lost a great strategist - Mumbala

KEETMANSHOOP - Swapo //Kharas Regional Coordinator Matheus Mumbala says Namibia has lost a man whose mobilisation skills and tactics is second to none, in reference to the late pioneer trade unionist, freedom fighter, political detainee and deputy defence minister Petrus Ilonga.

Woman discovered dead in riverbed

WINDHOEK- A lifeless body of a woman was discovered in a riverbed of Omukwanagobe area at Ombili informal settlement yesterday morning.  The body was discovered around 09H00 by a woman who was going to relieve herself in the bush.  

Scholtz foresees a positive 2019 

KEETMANSHOOP - //Kharas Regional Council Chairperson Jan Scholtz says 2018 has been a tough year for the region and he is therefore pleased that it is finally coming to an end and he is positive the year 2019 will be better in terms of service provision.

MPs advised to adhere to speed limit

WINDHOEK - In a rare move, as the National Council adjourned Thursday for the festive season, its chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams encouraged the Members of Parliament to take the lead by being safe drivers, and obey the rules of the road, most especially the speed limit. 


Otjinene treated to the governor’s Christmas charity

OTJINENE - The Omaheke Governor, Festus Ueitele took this year’s Christmas initiative to Otjinene, where he treated the elderly people and some residents to a lunch and some clothes. Aimed at encouraging the spirit of Ubuntu during the festive season, the charity event attracted a large crowd of residents who had to endure the day’s heat and fill the community hall to its capacity on Wednesday afternoon.


Construction of Ehenge road commissioned

ONGWEDIVA – The Ongwediva Town Council on Thursday commissioned the construction of the much awaited 1.6 km Ehenge road. The road will be upgraded from gravel to bitumen standard by Kambwa Trading at a cost of N$12.6 million. The groundworks, which already commenced late November, is envisaged to be completed June next year.


Drug dealing suspects deny guilt

WINDHOEK – A group that was arrested in July with various illegal drugs worth more than N$200 000 have denied any wrong doing when they took their preliminary plea in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court yesterday. 

!Naruseb shares  update on redline    

WINDHOEK - The shifting of the Veterinary Cordon Fence (VCF) or the Red Line requires clear minds and a very well thought-out strategic approach, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Alpheus !Naruseb has said.