• January 21st, 2020



Ray of hope for Mariental squatters

MARIENTAl - Residents living in informal areas in Mariental town will soon be moved on demarcated land with land titles as per the Flexible Land Tenure System, the Mariental Municipality has announced.

PDM, Nantu slam ‘poor education planning’

WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) says a lack of forward planning and an inability to implement the new high school curriculum by the ministry of education are among the factors underlining the chaos that engulfed schools and learners at the start of the 2020 school year.


Confusion over who can, can’t vote

WALVIS BAY – Confusion reigned yesterday at Walvis Bay where some residents had to be turned away from polling stations as they were not eligible to vote in the local by-election. Some were under the impression that voting was open to everyone. 


PDM youth league vows to tackle registration costs

WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) has promised to fight for the many prospective students who performed exceptionally well in Grade 12 during 2019 final exams and qualify for tertiary education, but are unable to afford the high registration fees required by local universities. 


The battle for control of Keetmans Urban

KEETMANSHOOP - Swapo, the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) and the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) will enter the political arena today when voting starts, to fill the vacant Keetmanshoop Urban constituency councillor position. 


Hardap Dam NamWater rumours quashed

MARIENTAL - Speculations that NamWater will stop providing water to irrigation schemes due to the low level of the Hardap Dam at the end of this month are not true, said Dawie de Klerk, Chairperson of the Hardap Farmers Association.

Daogu !norasasib danas ge koasa dā!harodi hîa ge daob !norasasiba !gâi!gâi!nâs !aroma a ūhedi ǂnamipe ge mā

ǀAEǁGAMS – Namibiab ǀAwa!namn Daob !Norasasib ǁGaraga Sîsenǂuis !âb !nakaǂnôa danas, Komesares Amalia Gawa!nas ge ǁnāpas ge ǀgaisa !khâikhomsa auto !nari-aona Hôasoreb !nâ sîǂuiba hâ is khao!gâ nēsi ge mî, daob sîsenū-aon di tanisens !kharu ge kaitsēdi ǁaeb !nâ ǂkhîǂkhîsase ge !gûǁnâsa, ai!â ge !kharu kurigu ǀkha i kara ǀgoweǀnōhe o.

10 500 xa a !nāsan ge universitaits ǂgaoǀkhādi ai go dīǀoaǀoa

ǀAEǁGAMS – 10 500 Xa a !nāsa ǀgôan ge ǁnāpa ge ǂoago kurib ǀams ai Namibiab Senior Sekondere Sertifikati ǁNaetisa !Harib (NSSC) Xrat 12 !âidi diba a xoa 24 932 ǀgôana xu, ǀgapi ǁkhāǁkhāsen!khaigu ai xratga ǁkhāǁkhāsens ǂgaoǀkhādi ai ge dīǀoaǀoa. Nē !gôab ge ǂkharirose a !gâi ǁnāpa i ga ai!â gere ǂoa kurib di 9 524 ǀgôan hîa ge !kharu hâ in di !gôab ǀkha nî ǀgoweǀnōhes karao. 


UNODC trainings to benefit women inmates

PRETORIA - The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has rolled out a series of trainings to build the capacity of penitentiaries from SADC Member States to uphold human rights and respond to HIV, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) that disproportionately affect women inmates.

Bafundoti bamiselo babilaela kwa muuso

KATIMA MULILO – Bafundoti bamiselo mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, babato fitisa lipilaelo zabona kwamuuso kuli utalime sililo sabona, kasamulaho liluko la njimo neli kwalile kuzwiswa kwa mango mwasikiliti sa Zambezi kuisa kwalibaka zeñwi zanaha ñohola.

Kavihuha slams ‘self-created mess’

WINDHOEK - The Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) secretary-general Mahongora Kavihuha has called on the education ministry to intervene and withdraw the statement by Omusati education directorate recalling all transferred grade 9 learners from grade 10.


Meatco slaughtered over 115 000 cattle in 2019

WINDHOEK - The Meat Corporation of Namibia (Meatco), the country’s biggest exporter of top quality natural beef products, last year slaughtered over 115 000 cattle. Outgoing board vice-chairperson Ronald Kubas made the announcement yesterday at a media briefing to introduce the new Meatco CEO Mushokabanji Mwilima. 

Capricorn Group treats homeless community

WINDHOEK – Capricorn Group took Windhoek by storm last week Friday with their Christmas on the Streets Initiative, to help the homeless community in the surrounding areas of their head office by giving them a fun-filled day they would never forget. 

Taapopi new Nanso president 

WINDHOEK - The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso), which convened its 16th Elective National Students Congress over the weekend in Otjiwarongo, elected its new executive committee members to serve for the next coming two years.

Fishrot scandal outrages ministers

WINDHOEK - Three Cabinet ministers have come out of their shells, joining public condemnation of the Fishrot scandal in which two Namibian politicians and their cronies allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for fishing quotas.

SADC has shortage of senior female jurists

WINDHOEK - Statistics indicate the  Southern African Development Community (SADC) has gender bias in the justice delivery system, with a low representation of women in management positions of the judiciary and those sitting on the bench. 


NHE to upgrade informal settlement housing

WINDHOEK - The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) has embarked on a pilot project to upgrade informal settlement housing by building eight houses for people who have land ownership but still live in shacks.  The eight houses will be built in Goreangab and Otjomuise.

Drought has devastating multi-sectoral effects

KEETMANSHOOP - The current drought in the south of Namibia does not only bring farmers to their knees, but in addition it also has a dreadful chain reaction from suppliers down to labourers and the general public at large, said Hansie Esterhuyse, the chairperson of the Karasberg Farmers Association and renowned expert in the agricultural/ farming sector.

Capricorns ge N$200 000 ǀkhurub di huib ase ge mā

ǀAEǁGAMS – Namibiab ǂhanub ge dī ǂgans ǀkhurub huib di māde mās aira ge Capricorn !Nans tsî Capricorns a ǀHonkhoe ai xūna Kō!gâs !nans hâra, nē !nans di kurisa ǂgaus, Bank Windhoeks di aiǁgausa sao tsî N$200 000 Dare to Care ǀKhurub Huib ǂGaes !nâ ge ǂgā. 


Cabinet authorise horses mackerel TAC

WINDHOEK - Minister of Information and Communication Technology (Mict) Stanley Simataa has announced the new total allowable catch (TAC) for commercial marine fishery for the new year starting from 1 January to 31 December 2020.

Babane batamelwa manaka a tou

RUNDU – Baana babane ili bayahi banaha Namibia, nebatamilwe viki yefelile mwataba yalifolofolo zesilelelizwe. Mapokola babulela kuli bababeli nebatamilwe kimapokola kwa Omega kabaka lakuzuma tou nikuzwisa manaka ayona. Babañwi bababeli nebatamilwe kasamulaho akufumanwa nimanaka atou amane.

Muyaho waimululo hala muunda utaha kwa Lusese

WINDOKO – Katengo kakabona zapuluko amali asilalanda mwa Namibia, mwatasa Liluko la Silalanda nekabile nikushaba kwasibaka samayahelo amuyaho wababatibiswanga kimezi amuunda kwa sibaka sapabalelo yalifolofolo kwa Lusese. Muyaho wamakopanelo ili teñi babatibiswa kimezi amuunda bakana bayo tibelela kwateñi, ukafukuza nitaba yakukatazwa kikucinca kwamayemo alifasi.


Hompa to be interred on Saturday

KADEDERE - The traditional leader of the VaGciriku traditional community Hompa Kassian Shiyambi, who died on 17 November will be laid to rest on Saturday at Mamono village in Ndonga Linena constituency after requiem mass in the Catholic Church at Nyangana.

Namibian diplomats to learn in India

WINDHOEK - The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) of India in collaboration with the ministry of international relations is embarking on a project to send 20 Namibian diplomats within the ministry on a two-week special course beginning 1 December 2019, to Delhi.


Dysfunctional EVMs delayed voting

WINDHOEK – Incidents of dysfunctional electronic voting machines (EVMs) including flat EVM batteries delayed voting in Windhoek in the general election on Wednesday, which compounded the long queues at polling stations.

Nzira zaLuhonono tazikapwa mwaDecember 2020

Luhonono – Etungo nzira ezi zina kupura nomiliyuna daNamibia zokutunda ko Namalubi-Isize -Luhonono kuna kugendapo nawa eyi yatwaredera asi yirugana kuna kugendapo nawa kutwaredera asi nzira ezi zikapwe moomu vayigazarera ezi vana kumona asi tazi kagwanekedesa nonzira edi adi hanzere.


Flood relief centre for Lusese

windhoek - The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the flood relief centre in Lusese conservancy.

Orderly voting impresses PM

WINDHOEK - Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila who was one of the first political office bearers to vote in the Windhoek East constituency for the presidential and legislative elections described the process as generally smooth. 

Inmates want long-term sentences slashed

WINDHOEK - Inmates who voted at the Windhoek correctional facility yesterday have called on the High Court to correct the unconstitutional long-term sentences imposed on inmates, taking into consideration the Supreme Court judgement earlier this year that ruled jail terms exceeding the expected lifespan of long-term prisoners are unconstitutional in Namibia.  

Daogu ai ra tsūke!gân ge daoba ra sîsenū khoen xa ra !aromahe - awa!nam-i

AE GAMS – Major-Xenerali, Namibiab ǀAwa!namn ǀHûs dib Oscar Embubulub, ge ǂhanusi ǀhui-ams !khūb!naes ǁaeb kaitsēdi dib di daob !norasasib ǂgaoǂgao!nâs ǁaxasib tawa ǀAeǁgams !nâ, ai!â gere ǂoa wekheb ai ge mî, ǁnā ǀgapi !gôab tsūke!gân dib hîa daogu ai ra hân ra !aromahesa daoba ra sîsenū khoen xa. Embubulub ge ge mî nē kurib !Khanna xu nēsis kōsen 2 643 tsūke!gân daogu ai ge hâna xoamâihe hâsa.

Hepatitis khorauisens awosase ansa !gôab ge 1 600 ai mâ

ONGWEDIVAS – Hepatitis di khoraǂuisens ge !kharu ge kurigu !nâ ǀgaisase ge ǂharo, ǂurusib mâisan ge 10 ǀHōǂgaeb nē kurib dis ai ǁîn di xoamâisa !gôaba 1 635 ai mâse a ǂan!gâse. Hepatitis Es khoraǂuisens ge 56 khoen ûiga ge ū tsîn ge 6 672 !nae!khaide ge !nurihe nē ǁōs ge Hôasoreb 2017 dis ai a ǂanhes khao!gâ.

Rural school gets new classroom

OMUTHIYA – Omukwaniilwa Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo last Friday officiated at the inaguration of a classroom at Shuumbwa Combined School where he personally pledged to improve the condition of the school, including ensuring that it was electrified in the coming years.

Maswaniso a Lukato ahalifisa lubasi

KATIMA MULILO – Lubasi lolu fumaneha kwa Sachinga mwasilalanda sa Sibbinda, luhalifile kasamulaho muetapili wakopano ya National Democratic Party (NDP) Martin Lukato, nasebelisize mukiti wabona waku amuhela muhabo bona yanali kwa Dukwe, kubabaza kopano yahae ya NDP. 

Lubasi lwa balishumi lufumana ndu kwa Bukalo

BUKALO – Lubasi lwa balishumi, ili lwa babahulu baketalizoho ni banana baketalizoho, ili bane bapila mwandu yakumateha, sebakona kukatuluha kasamulaho, muetapili walubasi Chuma Likando, nafumani ndu kakuba neulo yene izwelela kwa Liluko Lakufelisa Bunjebwe, ni Pabalelo ya Sicaba, hala mulelo waliluko wakubata kutusa babashebile mwanaha Namibia.

Opinion: The well-orchestrated deception

In the 16th century political treatise, The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli postulates that, “Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.” 


UNODC delivers clinic to over 2 000 inmates

HARARE - A call has been made for judicial officers to revisit custodial sentences and use alternative, non-custodial penalties for petty crimes amid growing concern over a ballooning prison population jinxing efforts to provide equitable healthcare to people in incarceration.


Govt committed to tackling unemployment

WINDHOEK - The Namibian government remains committed to accelerating its interventions aimed at unlocking investment opportunities, growing the economy and creating much-needed jobs, International Relations and Cooperation Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah has said.


NQA appoints acting CEO

WINDHOEK – The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) has appointed Asnath Kaperu as acting CEO. Kaperu, who is the deputy CEO at the institution, was appointed in the place of CEO Frans Gertze, who is currently facing a charge of attempted murder.


Finally a place to call home

BUKALO – A family of ten who previously lived in deplorable conditions can now breathe a sigh of relief after government through the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Child Welfare handed them a two-bedroom house.

SMEs get a shot in the arm

OMUTHIYA - In a quest to boost business and promote self-reliance among entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare on Wednesday handed over equipment to nine small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at Omuthiya. 


Destitute families get decent shelter

OMUTHIYA – The Omuthiya town council through the mayor’s office has erected decent shacks to house three destitute families who lived in their own makeshift structures of discarded cardboard boxes at Kaniita informal settlement.


Buy local to support job creation - WAD

ROSH PINAH - Women’s Action for Development (WAD) executive director Salatiel Shinedima has urged Namibians to support local businesses, especially those run by young people, to help reduce high unemployment among the youth.

Road accidents caused by road users – police

WINDHOEK – Major-General of the Namibian Police Force Oscar Embubulu said at the launch of the 2019/2020 festive season road safety campaign in Windhoek earlier this week that the high motor accident rate in the country can be attributed to road users. 


Integrate road safety into curriculum – NRSC

WINDHOEK – The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) and National Institute for Educational Development (NIED) in conjunction with Road Traffic Management Services (RTMS) held a road safety education training workshop last Friday at Emmanuel Shifidi Secondary School.

Man runs amok, beats boy to death

OMUTHIYA – A two-year-old boy died instantly on Saturday after a 50-year-old man allegedly beat him with a spade all over his body, while a second victim, a girl aged three, is fighting for her life at Onandjokwe hospital where she was admitted in a critical condition.


Namibians demonstrate against corruption

WINDHOEK – The air was thick with emotions and weariness as citizens from all walks of life including prominent members from the law fraternity took to the streets of Windhoek on Friday in a peaceful demonstration against corruption. 

I will not embolden violence - Itula

ROSH PINAH – Independent presidential candidate Dr Panduleni Itula has urged his loyalists not to get involved in violence, saying he will never encourage violence because he wants peace to prevail in the country.

Muzeko wapulao ushimbululelwa kwa khuta ya sikiliti

WINDOKO – Baana babane babanyazwa mwapulao ya Alex Maluli Mushe mwakweli ya Lungu 2017, baka zekiswa mwakhuta yasikiliti mwa Windoko isaho. Babanyazwa ki Kleopas Malima walilimo ze 24, Kenibirth Ashipala walilimo ze 25, Nande Malima walilimo ze 23, ni Robert Shikongo walilimo ze 25. 

Balwanisi bataba yakupuma sikiliti banyaza bakwenuheli

KATIMA MULILO – Sikwata sene sipangilwe cwalecwale ili sesibata kulwanisa milelo yakubata kupuma sikiliti sa Zambezi kwanaha Namibia, sinyazize likezo zalikwata zena ni maikuto abukwenuheli mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, sihulu sikwata sa Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG), ni sikwata sababalehi bane bakutile kuzwa kwa Dukwe, sesili mwatasa kopano yehanisizwe ya UDP.

Otuyano two ngutukiro hapo twa yenenekwa? Itula

Otjomuise-Ozombura ape o 30 kombunda yo zo mbanga¿e oku ri punguha ovengi mu va tatumisiwa kotutu, poo ave paterwa mot jo vakamburwa mena ro ku rwira ongutukiro, omerinaneno no me kurisiro wombwiro no mbwiko, oruveze rwahoro ro ku pura kutja tjii hapo otuyano two ngutukiro twa yenenekwa. 

Ondimwa yo zo ngunÿe omitanda- APP

Otjomuise- O All People’s Party (APP) maitja ondimwa yo zo ngunde zayo mo ma toorore inga omitanda kutja no mu tima auhe itare mo ku hina oviungura kwavyo no ku tungurura mo me kurisiro iho tjiwana atjihe tja Namibia.

Anti-secessionist group condemn separatists

KATIMA MULILO – The recently formed Namibians Against Secessionism in Zambezi Region group has condemned the activities of pro-secessionist activists in Zambezi, particularly by the Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) and ex-Dukwe refugees under the umbrella of the banned UDP.


LPM promises to change Namibia

WALVIS BAY – Landless People’s Movement (LPM) leader Bernadus Swartbooi has urged supporters to vote for change in this month’s general election, saying Namibians should not vote out of loyalty.

Act against corruption - Shipena 

OTJIWARONGO - Integrity committee members from the Kavango East, Kavango West, Zambezi and Otjozondjupa regional councils gathered Monday in Otjiwarongo for training on ethics and integrity awareness and anti-corruption measures. 

Vandalism of water infrastructure costly

ONANKALI – The Directorate of Rural Water Supply in Oshikoto region says the vandalism of infrastructure continues to be a major hurdle in government’s efforts to provide uninterrupted water supply.  It claims some community members have been vandalising property and fencing off road paths, making it difficult for government officials to access certain areas. 


UDF advocates skills training

WINDHOEK - United Democratic Front of Namibia (UDF) leader Apius !Auchab has vowed to establish a skills development and vocational training agency, once elected into power. !Auchab is one of the presidential candidates contesting for election this month. 


RP pushes for ex-Koevoet recognition

WINDHOEK – President of the Republican Party Henk Mudge has vowed to continue fighting for the recognition of former Koevoet members and the South West African Territorial Force (SWATF) war veterans. Mudge said many of these officers who served in those units were suffering today.

NDP iamuhela limembala zenca kwa Sikubi

KATIMA MULILO – Muetapili wakopano ya NDP Martin Lukato, naize na amuhezi limembala zenca ze 84 viki yefelile. Lukato naize limembala ze 56 neba amuhezwi kwa Sikubi mwasilalanda sa Sibbinda mwasikiliti sa Zambezi, mi limembala ba 29 neba amuhezwi kwa Silumbi mwa Katima ya Matakanyani. Lukato naize hana kuyema mwaliketisa zakuketa mueteleli wanaha, kono uka yema hala liketisa zakuketa limembala ze 96 zandu yamilao, bao baketwa kakulatelela mukoloko ozwelela kwalikopano, mi basebeza limo zeketalizoho mwandu yamilao. 

Lipumulelo la muuso la Katima limwa mayemo maswe

KATIMA MULILO – Lipumulelo la sipatela sa muuso sa Katima Mulilo, linze lili mwamayemo maswe kalikweli zebalwa. Kamukwa ocwalo babalatehelwa kibalatiwa babona bahapelezwa kuisa litupu kwalipumulelo zakwamukunda, ili kobayo lifiswa masheleñi amañata. Bakeñisa kuli hakibatu kaufela babakona kulifa litifo zetomwa kibalipumulelo zakwa mukunda, litupu zeñwi zasinyehanga, mi sicaba sibilaezi zamuunko ozwelela kwalipumulelo, ko mayemo amakete atepelezi, mi sabeya makete abatu mwakozi. Mubihi yo, ulemuhile kuli libatisezo zeñwi zalitupu halibeleki, kacwalo litupu haliba zeñata kutaha butata.


N$23m logistics hub for Arandis

ARANDIS - An ambitious logistics hub and truck port project that will capitalise on the increased cargo destined for the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) via the port of Walvis Bay was launched on Friday in Arandis.


NPF to fight for ex-SWATF members 

RUNDU - National Patriotic Front of Namibia (NPF) on Friday launched its election campaign in Rundu, saying they will mobilise former South West Africa Territorial Force (SWATF) members to vote for the party. NPF will contest the National Assembly election later this month.


MICT implements austerity measures

RUNDU - The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) has resolved to suspend the provision of all government public address systems services, recording studios, video coverage and production after hours, during weekends and public holidays countrywide.

Ehi mari yaruka kovandu- NUDO

Otjomuise- O National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO), tji yeya komananeo wo horomende ya Namibia ma i yarura ehi kovandu tjinga ama ivepe ozomburo zo tjimariva okuranda nazo ehi. 


Daniel Kavezemba Kariko mazemburukwa

Otjomuise- Otjiwa¿a tja Tjohorongo na Matjete kutjo ku ma kuri kwamba otjkumutundu atjihe tje paha ra Tjiute indi nda hupa kondjembo ya Katjivitjouanga, omayuva wo ma suviro inga ma tji Þumunikire ko Tjohorongo.

Ombatero yourumbu ekwiya monyama

Otjomuise- Ombatero yohoromende yo mo ruveze ro u rumbu otja tjiya tjiukisiwa iyo tjiuru tjehi na iyauzwa iyo o Ministera Ondenga mo mweze outjatano, kapena pwii zemburuka ombatero kovakune motukondwa two ma kunino.

Learners rescue baby from pit latrine

WINDHOEK – A newly born baby, who was allegedly dumped by her mother in a pit latrine of a local school, is recovering well in the Outapi District Hospital. Learners at Ombundamuti Combined School made the shocking discovery at around 15h00. It appears the baby was dumped around 06h00 in the morning.

Lightning strikes girl at Eenhana

WINDHOEK - An eight-year-old girl died instantly after she was struck by lightning at Omulondo village in Eenhana on Sunday afternoon. In the weekend crime report issued by the police, the girl is identified as Ndamononghenda Sambezu. 

Report on Chinese taking over parks refuted

WINDHOEK – The ministry of environment has dismissed as baseless allegations made by an unknown person in an audio recording circulating on social media that the ministry is allowing Chinese to drive vehicles patrolling the national parks. 

Opinion: Is South-South cooperation an antidote to the realisation of Agenda 2063

In today’s turbulent world, a lot has changed as a result of technology that has globalised the world. The demand for healthy living, equal distribution of the resources, sharing of technology, skills, knowledge has risen and become an integral determinant in international relations. Such resources are unevenly distributed between developed and developing countries with a better endowment in the developed world.

Leonardville records successful fish harvest

LEONARDVILLE - Omaheke is renowned for cattle farming but the fishing sector is slowly making significant strides, and its presence in the cattle territory is being felt as could be manifested by last week’s fish harvest in Leonardville, where the region’s only fish farm is situated. 

Pirate taxis a headache for Windhoek

WINDHOEK - City police spokesperson sergeant Fabian Amukwelele has expressed concern over unregistered pirate taxis operating in the City with impunity stealing passengers and eroding the profits of registered taxis. Pirate taxis are also involved in criminal activities.

Dogs maul toddler to death

TSUMEB - A toddler was mauled to death by dogs on Tuesday at Oniihandi village near Oniipa. The Oshikoto police have opened an inquest into the death of the toddler who was allegedly mauled by dogs.

Opinion: The Namibian generational election curse

Namibia is going to the polls on 27 November 2019 to elect both the president and members of parliament. The nation will be dragging along its generational election curse of bloated party lists, ten presidential hopefuls in a population of less than 3 million and chains of political and financial scandals.


Hungary eager to assist Namibia

BUDAPEST, Hungary - Speaker of the Hungarian parliament, László Kövér, says Namibia is one of his country’s long-standing friends and that Hungary has started to heighten that friendship through its policy of “opening to the South strategy” which entails increasing economic ties with the African continent and Latin America. 


Find ways for cheaper electricity

SWAKOPMUND – Regional electricity distributor, Erongo Red, according to the governor of the region, Cleophas Mutjavikua, now has the opportunity to source and negotiate cheaper electricity from independent power producers for their customers.


NCS takes the lead in launching Corrections Women’s Network

OTJIWARONGO – Namibia, through the Namibian Correctional Service (NCS), has become the first Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Member State to launch a country-specific Corrections or Prisons Women’s Network as the region acts to better appreciate the role of women officers in ensuring peace and stability.

Ohangwena probes human trafficking of Angolan child

ONGWEDIVA - Police investigators in Ohangwena region have swung into action, investigating a case of suspected human trafficking involving a minor child who was allegedly smuggled into Namibia from Angola to engage in “slave like” child labour, which is a commonplace in northern Namibia.

Vote Swapo to maintain peace - Nujoma

WINDHOEK - Founding father of the nation, Sam Nujoma on Saturday encouraged electorates to vote for Swapo and its candidate President Hage Geingob in order to maintain peace, stability and above all, continuity to consolidate the gains the country has made during the past 29 years.  

ǂKhuwixa shibindi tsēdi ge ra toa

ǀAEǁGAMS – ǀAeǁgams !Ā!khōmais Senior Superintendenti Gerry Shikeshob ge ge mî, ǁnā shibindi hîa !nākorobe ǂkhuwib !aroma ra !nurihe tsî !khâikhomde !khō!oadi, ǁîdi di !ā!khōmais ǁgaragu ai dīǀoaǀoas

Taba yamubu yatalimwa mwa Katima Mulilo

OMUTHIYA – Muzamaisi wakatengo katolopo ya Katima Mulilo, Raphael Liswaniso, ubulela kuli kalulo yabatu babapila basina litokwahalo sakata kiya swalelele. Kalulo yamubu ise ifitile famayemo amatuna, kuli mane batu sebasweli kuiswalela mubu, kamaikuto akuli katengo katolopo kasweli kupalelwa kutatulula litokwahalo zabona.

Baituti mwa Zambezi bakafumana malambi

WINDOKO – Baituti babalikana mwanda kamashumi aketalizoho, bakafumana malambi asebelisa mulilo walizazi yona sola, kakuba kalulo yaneulo yakatengo ka Legal Assistance Centre (LAC), mwakusileleza simbule ni silalanda. Malambi naneuzwi kwakatengo ka LAC ki kampani ya Nampower viki yefelile.


Venaani blasts Swapo over EVMs

SWAKOPMUND - Popular Democratic Movement president McHenry Venaani says the missing electronic voting machines that were loaned to Swapo cast serious doubts on the integrity of the Electoral Commission of Namibia and compromises the upcoming general elections. 

Mbanga zonondja zaya zayasiki moSwakop

Konyara vantu wokusika ko 174 vatunga moSwakopmund nekoro lyawo nkera kavagwene nondja edi dakara asi demelikwamo lyepangero lyonondja. Sinzi sovantu kavagwene uwa wangoso kavakere womorukanda rwa DRC mo Swakopmund. Ano ava 38 nawo vamwe ngava gwana nondja edi momukunda gwa Karibib.


Student bodies challenge Nsfaf

WINDHOEK - The Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) has expressed disappointment towards the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (Nsfaf) for allegedly delaying payments of non-tuition of N$21 600 to continuing students. 


Namibia reforming insolvency legal framework

WINDHOEK - Namibia is in the process of reforming her insolvency legal framework in an effort to ensure that the liquidation and dissolution of insolvent entities will be dealt with speedily and efficiently, Minister of Justice Sacky Shanghala has said.


Family donates to school

OKASHANA KOOMANYA - Oomanya Combined School yesterday received 100 chairs and desks valued at N$86 000 from the Gwanyena family, which hails from Okashana Koomanya, an area in which the school is situated.


Opinion: Why Turkey took the fight to Syria

ANKARA - It is dismaying that Turkey’s military operation in northeastern Syria is being spun in the American news media as an attack on Kurds, as weakening the fight against the remnants of Daesh (or the so-called Islamic State) and hurting America’s credibility with its allies. 

Omuthiya bigwigs accused of nepotism

OMUTHIYAGWIIPUNDI - Local authority councillors of Omuthiya Town Council are once again implicated in allegations of nepotism, following their alleged involvement in the recruitment of a human resources practitioner and an environmental health inspector.


Katima addressing land issue

OMUTHIYAGWIIPUNDI - The CEO of Katima Mulilo town council, Raphael Liswaniso, has described the situation of community members living in deplorable conditions without basic services as temporary.

Parking changes at Hosea Kutako 

WINDHOEK - Motorists making use of the Hosea Kutako International Airport have been advised to use the temporary public parking space as an alternative drop-off zone. This is because the drop-off lane at the