• December 12th, 2018
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KMTC, Napwu avert crippling strike

KATIMA MULILO - Employees of the Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC), who on Monday downed tools over a nine percent salary increment, yesterday returned to work after the Council and Namibia Public Workers’ Union (Napwu) signed a salary hike agreement.

Babeleki bakatengo katolopo ya Katima bacaula

KATIMA MULILO – Babeleki bakatengo katolopo ya Katima Mulilo, babonisize kuli habana kusebeza kukala kachenu, kasamulaho akupalelwa kufita fatumelelano hala kekezo ya 9 pesenti. Ba New Era nebabulelezwi kuli Katengo Katolopo nekasatabeli kufa kekezo kwa bababeleki bakona, kono kasamulaho wakusundwa kikatengo kaka yemela babeleki ka


Kalulo yakuhola lico ikataha mwa Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO – Liluko lelibona zakulwanisa Bunjebwe ni Pabalelo ya Sicaba, likaisa taba yakuholisa lico mwa Katima Mulilo mwa sikiliti sa Zambezi, mi mwakubata kutaleleza mulelo wo, balobañwi babakana baholisa lico nebafumani lituto mwaliviki zefelile.


Venaani vows to fight tribalism in Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO - The leader of the official opposition party PDM, McHenry Venaani, vowed that he will work tirelessly to fight tribalism in Zambezi, which he say paints a bad image of the region. Venaani made these remarks when he officially opened a capacity building workshop, for the regional leaders from the eight north and northeast regions in Katima Mulilo last Friday.

Food bank to be introduced in Katima

KATIMA MULILO - The Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare will soon introduce the food bank initiative in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region and to fulfil this undertaking it last week trained nine members of the street committee who will distribute food.


Witnesses unhappy with Katima CEO’s return to office

KATIMA MULILO  - State witnesses expected to testify in the case of alleged corruption of the CEO of the Katima Mulilo Town Council, Raphael Liswaniso, are unhappy that the CEO was recently allowed to return to work after his bail conditions which prevented him from going near the council premises were relaxed by the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court.

Youth organisations receive PEPFAR grants

KATIMA MULILO – Three community based youth organisations in the region of  Zambezi and the two Kavango regions supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Services by offering HIV/AIDS services have been awarded grants by PEPFAR. The handvover took place in Katima Mulilo on Thursday.


Zambezi floods compound human- wildlife conflict mitigation efforts

The scourge of human-wildlife conflict that has befallen the Namibian nation has triggered a debate and every Namibian should be at liberty to make a contribution to this narrative. It is a conflict that is fought in so many fronts, and in so many ways depending on the part of the country from which one hails. It is a conflict that tests how much of their country


Zambezi residents stampede for free buffalo meat

KABULABULA - Hordes of government officials sneaked out of their offices at Katima Mulilo and joined the multitudes of people who headed to Kabulabula where some of the people individually grabbed dozens of the over 400 buffaloes that died in a mass drowning while escaping from a pride of lions.


Sampofu calls on youth to study agriculture

KATIMA MULILO - Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu has called on young people from the region and the country at large to enrol for agriculture courses, so that they can be educated on the best agricultural practices required to maintain food security in the country.


Uncollected Katima rubbish a health hazard

KATIMA MULILO - Uncollected piles of rubbish continues to pose a health hazard in Katima Mulilo after the town council nullified the refuse collection tender early last month, after it was ordered to re-advertise the rubbish tender by the Procurement Review Panel.


Bazumi bahanelwa kupikela tolongo kwande

KATIMA MULILO – Baana babalalu babakulubelwa kuli ki bazumi baba zuma isi kamulao nebahanezwi kulifa masheleñi, akupikela tolongo kwande hane babonahalile fapila muatuli yomunyinyani Boyd Namushinga, mwa khuta ya Katima Mulilo,


KAZA TFCA urged to strengthen fish preservation

KATIMA MULILO – Fisheries and marine resources permanent secretary, Dr Moses Maurihungirire has called on member countries of the Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) to strengthen cross border participation in the management of fish resources, by involving riparian and floodplain communities.

MICT ikayaha ofesi yenca mwa Zambezi

Katima Mulilo – Liluko la Mañusa ni Zwelopili Yakuambola (MICT) lika tateka kuyaha ofesi yenca yasikiliti sa Zambezi kasamulaho akutambeka sibaka samayahelo aofesi kumuyahi viki yefelile. Muyaho wasinyehelo yefitelela bolule bamashumi amabeli ukaba ni maofesi asilezi, sibaka sakubuluka libuka, intaneti, nindu yakuhatisa lipina hala zeñwi cwalo.

Chunga implicated in attempted murder case

KATIMA MULILO - The councillor of Sibbinda Constituency Ignatius Chunga made a brief but hushed appearance before magistrate Jo-rina Jagger in the Katima Mulilo Regional Court yesterday, after his gun was used in a case of attempted murder involving his cattle herder from Zambia.

Sibaka salindiala sa Mafuta sifumana neulo yalitapi

Katima Mulilo – Sibaka sa Mafuta sifumaneha libima zelishumi kuzwa mwatolopo ya Katima Mulilo, mi teñi sibaka sapabalelo yalindiala nibanana sesibizwa kalibizo la silalanda, sibabalela banana balindiala kuzwelela mwasilalanda nikwaminzi yeli bukaufi ya Musanga ni Chefuzwe.

Purojekiti yakuitekela mezi imwasimbwi mwa Katima

Katima Mulilo – Bukamuso bwa purojekiti yakuitekela mezi ili yene bonahala kuba yakukayekwa bayahi batolopo ya Katima Mulilo ki katengo katolopo habuzibwi, kasamulaho mubusisi wa sikiliti sa Zambezi Lawrence Sampofu nalaezi katengo katolopo kuli kabone kuli bayahi batolopo bakena mwatumelelano.

KMTC ordered to close dumpsite

KATIMA MULILO - The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has ordered the Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC) to close its waste disposal site with immediate effect after the town council failed to enforce a mandatory compliance order dating back to August 2016.

Mafuta orphanage receives fish donation

KATIMA MULILO - Situated about 10 kilometres from Katima Mulilo at Mafuta, the orphanage and day care centre named after the settlement takes care of orphans within the area and from the surrounding villages of Musanga and Chefuzwe.

Katima water metres project remains in limbo

KATIMA MULILO - The future of the pre-paid water metres project seemingly foisted on residents of Katima Mulilo by the town council remains unknown, after the Zambezi regional governor Lawrence Sampofu halted the project in June and ordered the council to ensure residents are consulted.


Chief Mayuni condemns secessionist group

CHOI - Leader of the Mashi Traditional Authority at Choi, Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni has expressed concern about the pro-secessionist Caprivi Concerned Group saying their activities are a major source of instability in the Zambezi that in 1998 was rocked by a secessionist uprising.


The secessionists in the Zambezi lack an internalised foe

This article is meant to present my contribution to the prickly debate that is underway on Facebook, especially among the residents of the Zambezi Region. It is my desire to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy embedded in the contributions made by the sympathisers of the secessionists, as these individuals seem to be motivated by nothing else but family loyalism, and utter indiscretion. It is quite irritating when the residents of this region are again and again drawn back to the debate of an issue that exists in the minds of individuals who failed in their pursuit of different careers. These individuals have used their failure, and the bad experience associated with it, to justify the secession of the Zambezi Region from Namibia. It is so sad that these individuals have won sympathisers among innocent fellows who have failed to rise above imaginary tribal boundaries either due to sheer absurdity, or little education.