Chairman Mao’s statue unveiled

Chairman Mao’s statue unveiled

Deputy Prime Minister John Mutorwa has implored the National Heritage Council of Namibia to consider granting the Mao Zedong statue the status of Namibian and Chinese Heritage.

 Mutorwa, in a speech read on his behalf during the unveiling of the Mao Zedong statue at Chairman Mao Zedong High School in Windhoek last week, said heritage is a key element of understanding the values of tradition, regionalism and identity that connect people to the

 He said through innovation, creativity and technology, they can preserve their heritage, and amplify its social and economic benefits.

 Moreover, heritage enables people to understand the development of common human practices, monuments, nature and the social and economic impacts they bring to their world.

 “Preserving heritage is rooted in the belief that it creates a better life for all, whether socially or economically. It brings benefits such as tourism, participation in traditional events, and the consumption of local gastronomy and art,” he said.

 Mutorwa said the Chairman Mao Zedong statue symbolises the enduring friendship and collaboration between Namibia and China.

 Furthermore, Namibia and China share a long-standing tradition of friendship that dates back to the 60s, when China provided political, moral and material support to the Namibian people during the struggle for independence.

 Moreover, China became the first country to establish diplomatic relations with Namibia.

 Mutorwa indicated that the statue should serve as a reminder of the strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between Namibia and China.

 “Together, we can continue to build a brighter future for our nations, rooted in mutual respect, understanding and shared heritage,” he added. -Nampa