Cigarettes worth N$19,6 m seized

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By Nuusita Ashipala

ONGWEDIVA – The Oshana Regional Police dealt a major blow to organized crime when they seized cigarettes worth N$19,6 million on Monday.

The seizure occurred at a residence called Forever Electrical at Ekuku location in Oshakati West.

Oshana Police Deputy Commissioner Rauha Amwele said the police seized 446 boxes of Dunhill and 220 boxes of mixed Chinese cigarettes after a member of the community tipped them off.

“We were told there were bulk packs of cigarettes at a warehouse at the said residence,” said Amwele.

According to Amwele the cigarettes did not have valid purchase documents.

 “We visited the place but when we contacted the owner he informed us that he was in Zambia. When we questioned him about the cigarettes in the warehouse he said the goods belonged to a tenant,” said Amwele.

 “The windows of the warehouse were covered with newspapers, but some newspapers had fallen off hence we were able to see the boxes,” said Amwele.

“After seeing the boxes we informed the owner that we were going to open the building and that he has the right to claim his goods if he has the proper certification.” Amwele said a case was opened.

Amwele praised the community for working hand in hand with the police to combat crime.