Coastal pensioners swindled of N$320 000

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Coastal pensioners swindled of N$320 000

Eveline de Klerk

WALVIS BAY – Five pensioners at the coast have lost a total of over N$320 000 at the hands of criminals through scams. These criminals are allegedly targeting mostly German-speaking pensioners.

Community affairs commander for the Namibian Police, Ileni Shapumba said at least five cases have been registered in January alone. He said the criminals use the same modus operandi whereby the victims are called and instructed to follow instructions sometimes for verification purposes or to improve services.

“One of the pensioners lost N$99 650 while another lost N$119 000 through these scams,” he said. According to Shapumba, the pensioners, through the fraudulent instructions, somehow end up sending money to the suspects without noticing it at that time.

“In one particular case, a caller identified himself as a Telecom employee who was working on improving the institution’s system and services offered to the victim. Later on, the caller suggested that the issues are banking related and in the process asked the pensioner to follow instructions,” Shapumba
said. He added that the pensioner was provided with instructions he carried out. In the process, his money was withdrawn and the number to which the money was sent was switched off. New Era understands that all the victims used the same bank.

He added that the police have launched an investigation to track down the suspects. 

In the meantime, residents are urged to be vigilant and not reveal any critical information over the phone but rather visit such facilities for verification.